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And today...


What!? Wait, wait. Okay, so the devil did it or no, it was Jesus. No wait - it was Jesus, because someone thought Satan was that one , but really - he was that one. See, that one switched bodies with that one, then - no not that one - the other one.

Oh, some things are meant to be taken seriously, however, some things - well - it'll happen exactly the way it's meant to happen and that my friends is good news.

Here's to love and all things worked to advantage of all of us.

What!? I'm not allowed to talk to the universe and be a fan of God! Oh well, too late - I already did it.

ps- my dirty mind is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Thank you

Peace to all of us.

No, I Don’t Think You Really DO Want To know

November 26, 2013

11/26/13 – Auto spell check doesn’t know what it’s doing, so sometimes, the mistakes in my posts come from some automated pile of BS that doesn’t know the different between “write” and “right”. Learn how to spell auto-correct will ya. Sh$#!!!! Screw it people – you know what I mean. If you don’t, consult with a friend or something. Oh yeah, modern technology – it’s all so very helpful. Yeah and I’m an alien working for the CIA on a top secret mission to find out the Colonel’s “secret recipe”. 

There have been some people who have communicated to me in one form another that I should write a book about my life. I’ve had someone tell me I should write children’s books. Someone else also suggested I write a book about resilience.

They all plausible and I’ve given a great deal of consideration to writing a book about my life. My life is still going on, so I do that as time permits. Right now, I will state rather bluntly that I am fully aware some of things I’d share about my life will burst some bubbles. There will be a lot of burst bubbles. My parents were who they were for the reasons they came to be that way. Some may have only seen the good a great parts of my family, while others only saw the not good and great parts of my family. I was adopted, but that means zero to me in long run. Family is family and that’s that.

It will take careful thought and preparation to show all sides of my family in as fair and balanced way as I can, so I’m not going to rush through that process of actually doing and getting it published. I had some friends when I was younger who nicknamed my mother, “Satan.” There were others, however, who, even as I type this would think that’s the most ridiculous statement ever. My parents did, in fact, use sleep deprivation as a method of punishment when I was in middle school and that is looked upon by the Geneva Convention itself these days as cruel and inhumane. I then had to go to school and mingle with everyone who, odds would likely show, weren’t forced to stay awake for days at a time.

It is that kind of information that some distant relatives, friends and co-workers of my parents will find very hard to take and I am aware of that. It is just in me as a person to understand that some would simply like to remember all the good things about someone when they have passed away. It is also important for those of us who’ve been through things in our lives, we’d not like to happen to anyone else, to share openly so that those who might be feeling as though they are alone or do not understand what can happen in families, communities, teams, work place and yes, even places of worship, know that there is always a way to heal and get beyond them.

I told a former co-worker a few years ago, after doing an office-wide seminar on resilience, that “it is not just surviving a difficult, it is surviving it well.

In writing a book about my life, I will do so patiently and do my very best to share the many good parts as well as the parts that others, depending on their perspectives and experience in life up to the point when they read the book may consider to be not so good parts. No one’s paying my bills or keeping me all comfortable in a comfy work space as yet either, so unless you plan on doing that, my rather interesting, compelling and I’m sure shockingly entertaining, hard hitting, yet gentle wonder filled life story will happen when it happens, or not. You can change that.

I will share my thoughts about something in particular that has a little to do with my personal perspective at this point in my life. Last year I wrote a certain blog post. Yes, indeed, I surely did. Oh, but I did. That blog post was all about me telling God I had no problem standing before him in judgement. It may or or may not be visible to you, depending on a few factors which involve an UNINVITED outsider who likes to get into people’s business without permission. No matter. Certain events happened after that post was written. When I use the word “children”, in general, I mean children of all people of the world. I mean children are children. It matters to me ZERO percent what they look like or where they were born. I happily tell all you nit-picking, judjey, mcjudgertons of the world that you now know, right out here in the open of the internet, that until you go through something like that, I’d like you to simply accept me for the human being I am and if you do approach me as such, I will gladly do the same in kind.

I can drive soberly and safely. I can support my hockey team and friends and family the best way I know how. I can do my best to be understanding and a good listener. I can make some people laugh now and again. I can be mindful at all times that I’m sharing the planet, not only with other humans, but with all kinds of other life. At this point in my life, however, I will tell anyone, and I do mean anyone, that unless you are paying my way through life, as long as I am a single woman in America with no ring on my finger – none of you have any right to tell me, an adult, who has been dealing with REAL LIFE, adult issues since she was a child. ESPECIALLY if you are doing from a location that is not in my physically present environment, in person. I, my friends, deal with REAL. If it isn’t real, in the flesh, genuine  – then it isn’t for real right NOW. I live in the now. Unlike many others, as some would have people believe, I am not in the slightest afraid of change. I’m very good at making command decisions. I will know what a good, happy home is like in this lifetime and I will be getting paid to do the things I do, because I am very good at them. I don’t need to be coddled. I’m a natural born goalie who has been raped and tortured in her lifetime, so it stands to reason, I’m not one to be hemming and hawing, waiting around for something that may or may not happen, just sitting around not living. It’s not my style. I’m all about quality and I’m not all that complicated. I share my life with real people who I can hug and kiss and tickle and give the old fist bump to and if that’s something that doesn’t interest you, then just keep walking pal. Keep walking. If it does interest you, it’s not like I’m hiding or anything. My email address hasn’t changed and neither has my phone number.

I just like people in general. We are all on the same planet aren’t we. I can’t stand-up and say, “Hey world, I made this planet.” Can you? I can however, just put out that I appreciate I have a place to live and everyday I open my eyes and am still breathing is a pretty good day right from the start. I may not be running about thumping other people with text from holy books, but I have faith and faith is just plain faith.

As long as I just continue to be me, the interesting, hockey loving, woman who CARES simply because that’s who I am, but who DOESN’T CARE if my face and my name is known simply because I want every-freakin’-body else see me doing it, well, heaven, hell, limbo, or just dead as a human and that’s it will be as it is at exactly the time it happens. If I am meant to be famous, I will be famous. If I am meant to write a book about my life, it will happen. I really only know a few things for sure, in all confidence. One, I will get a job with an NHL organization, because I’m meant to get a job with an NHL organization. I have the kind of qualities and true love of the sport of ice hockey to be a great asset in helping to grow the game and helping to get some of the bad wrap the NHL gets for being too “violent.” That I can do and I’ll earn a living doing just that. Two, I’m only interested in being in a committed relationship with a man who is also only interested in the same and plans to get married. I’m 41, and thought I’m  not out on the hunt to nab me a man just for the sake of nabbing me a man, I just know I’m not looking to get involved with anyone who is “playing the field” 0r might possibly, one day, perhaps, think about marriage as one of a few options looking to the future.

I also know I’m not the only person who likes the smell of fresh ice and there just has got to be at least a few other people out there somewhere who also know that some guitars smell differently than some other guitars. There’s just got to be!

I’ll be thanking the mysterious powers of love in the Universe,that some call God, for my frozen Swanson turkey dinner with all the fixings, yup, even cranberry sauce and for the hockey game that’ll be on NBC this Thursday. I’ll do that by eating the frozen turkey dinner while watching hockey and having a good time making comments to the TV, perhaps chirping a goalie here and there and knowing that I’ll be alone in physical, but I’ll be sharing a hockey game with an assortment of hockey lovers just like me. Some of the  American hockey fans will likely be eating our Thanksgiving dinners at the same time (I hope you have your own cranberry sauce though – I get all “goalie stingy” about the cranberry sauce, so eyes on your own plate my hockey loving friends – eyes on your plate ;-D ). I’ll be in some pretty good company I’m sure.

Peace – mia – Ice hockey goalies have bigger, well, you know…uh….um…yeah….uh…STICKS. There’s a musical guitarist who also sings out there in the world who I think might want to know that making someone prove to you that they love you is an indication that you’ve put an awful lot of conditions on something that’s meant to be unconditional. It’s just friendly, loving advice from someone who took A WHOPPER of hit that directly correlates to you … and you KNOW IT!

Oh and if my own government really feels the need for some some reason to tap my cell phone or get all up in my personal business, well, I don’t really have anything to hide from you and you can just ask. I mean I am a little weird, but it won’t bother me personally. At least that way you’ll be able to trace the source of the “auto-bot” calls I get and no one needs to spy on me for me to tell everyone, I wear neither boxers or briefs. He, he, he. I’m a girl silly. I wear bloomers and they’re very comely, I can assure you. Would you like to come find out for yourself?

Hey Cancer – You’re Going Down and Out BeeYatch

November 16, 2013


I don’t think much of Cancer, so this poem was written to let it know:

Say Good Bye Cancer

You’re getting taken out in every one of your forms and fashions

You can’t overcome Team Love, together with all of our various passions

We grow stronger hour by hour

You’re getting weaker and losing power

You’re not needed on land or in sea

And you’ll certainly have nothing to do with me

You’re going extinct on Earth, it’s very own face

We’ll relentlessly end you right in your place

No life on Earth wants you here

We’ll live on without you and do it with cheer

You’re a life taker, so you shall not persist

You’ll soon be a word that does not exist

Peace – mia – – it’s what you get “C” word for messing with hockey and children and the music ya bully.

It’s Just Plain Hockey Love

November 15, 2013


Yes, I know that I stated I wouldn’t be posting on this blog anymore. I’ve been slowly working on editing a few posts and getting all the posts I still have from a few different blogs and places all together into one location. That’s happening little by little and I’m in no particular rush to get that complete at this point in my life. So, yes, I decided instead of waiting for that to get accomplished, and it will, I’ll just post on this blog every-so-often. Always know I appreciate any who may take the time to read or link or “like” anything I share on the internet. There’s still an issue with “in-post” links, so that’s the reason there aren’t links in my post at the moment. That’ll change. Thanks for understanding.

Also, I do still have a Twitter account. It’s not @creasesinger right now. There are many reasons I stopped tweeting, but the possibility is still there. I realize there are some Twitter “follow” prompts for @creasesinger on this blog. You can’t “follow” me on Twitter at the moment, but perhaps in the future that’ll also change. I wouldn’t want anyone thinking I disappeared off the face the Earth simply because I’m not Tweeting.

There are some things that “appeared” on this particular blog that weren’t necessarily all “my words”, so I’m taking the steps to make sure what’s been conveyed are my own personal views. In some ways, I’m sure some of the way I see things in the world are very similar to others, so I’m sure some thoughts expressed out there are on the same “wavelength” as mine.

I wanted to let the Tampa Bay Lightning and all of Bolts Nation know that I’m still with ya. All the way! I think they did a great job against Montreal and it’s great to have that wonderfully thing I know appreciate greatly known as “team mentality”. So GO BOLTS! I bought a ticket to go see The Lightning play the Yotes (Phoenix Coyotes) tomorrow in Glendale, AZ. The seat’s on the glass, directly across the visitor bench. I did that for a few hockey-loving reasons. One, of course, I wanted to bring some “Road Thunder” to an away game for the boys. Two, it’s a hockey game, so ya know, why wouldn’t I make a trek out to the “dessert” to see some hockey. Three, I am very happy for hockey, the Yotes fans, and all those who know as well as I do that hockey is a great sport and can do well, even in an Arizona dessert(yeah, I know – it’s spelled DESERT, but a little ice hockey in your dessert might be kinda cool if you really sit down and think about it). I decided for my own personal reasons that I need to take care of a few things and taking a trip to Arizona right this moment while certain other things in my life are happening isn’t quite the best of ideas. I could sell, or transfer my seat, however, I consider that seat to signify a few important things.

That seat, should it remain empty; if the Bolts see that empty seat on the glass, across from the bench and happen to have been made of this blog post, well they’ll just know that means “Road Thunder” for them and perhaps it’ll be good enough for them to help them get a couple road points. Also, if a Yotes fan happens to notice that the seat is empty and manages to make his or her way down there to see the game at ice level, well, I can consider it just a bit of fellow hockey love is all and I hope you have fun at the game. The money goes to hockey and that’s plenty good enough for me. If nothing else, maybe a fan sitting next to that empty seat will have a place to put food or a purse or something and that’s okay with me.

There’s a lot on my mind and I’m sure I’ll post a little more often, for now, the one thing I know for sure is that what some have the called the “NHL Old Boys Club” is where this hockey-loving belongs. I’ll wear you down fellas. It’s inevitable. You love me and you know it. Even now, I think Yzerman’s thinking, “yup, I’m going to the genius hockey mastermind who hired Mia before any other hockey club wised up and did and everyone will know exactly how awesome the Tampa Bay Lightning as an organization really is.” Yup, admit it NHL; it’s possible a woman can hold her own just fine when it comes to hockey operations and some day soon that’s going to happen. Perhaps professional ice hockey is a “man’s world”. Well, this particular woman, whose true passion is ice hockey, likes the fact there are men in the world, so it’s all the same to me no matter how it gets labeled. If it’s hockey love, it’s hockey love. If it’s team, it’s team. It’s just that simple. I’ll happily go through it, whatever “it” may be, through any kind of weather, no matter what it take guys. I’m pretty sure you already know that, so why put of the inevitable eh?

I discovered something about myself recently; I’m perfect. Yup, I’m perfect at being imperfect because I’m human just like everybody else. It happens and I’m okay with that and I hope you are as well.

I’m good for the sport of hockey fellas. Plus, you can all make jokes and say things like “look at us, manly men, who distracted the silly woman with a shiny object called Lord Stanley’s Cup. ” I wouldn’t even care if I had to wear a T-shirt that read “Token Female” on it. Nope, that wouldn’t bother me one bit. As far as I’m concerned, that’s just free clothing and there’s nothing with that. Maybe I let you distract me with a shiny object because I know how you work. Ya just never know do ya “Old Boys Club”. One thing you can be sure of, I love you no matter what anyway and when you do hire me, it’ll be because you guys got some smarts and you know what’s best. ;-)

May love and light find you wherever you are and here’s to you clan goalie, I’m always with you (even if you do weird things no one really understands ;-) )



Peace – mia –

oh and this may make sense to somewhere out there – “The White One”. ILUM

My Pledge As A Tampa Bay Lightning Fan

September 15, 2013


This will be the last blog post on this blog. I know, I previously stated that I was going to change the domain name and that part is still true to some degree. After some thought however, it is best to simply start again instead of having all of this content moved to Essentially, because I know exactly what happened and exactly who is responsible for it, I’ll be taking the safe route on this one and simply removing that possibility. While I understand this may not make sense to some who read this, that’s okay, it doesn’t really need to make sense. Simply know that I’ll blog again and from the “singingfromthecrease” name, which I promised I wouldn’t change, so I won’t. Moving on to the main focus of this last post from this blog, which of course is mostly hockey oriented; I’ll make a statement to the hockey team I will support through the difficult times and the good times. Yes, it’s not a secret my goal is to move to the Tampa Bay area and #BeTheThunder live and person. Until such time though, just know I’ll be listening to “Mish” and I’ll be watching the games. I’ll be vibing my hockey love to you each and every game, each and every game, each and every period. I’ll likely “love chirp” ya here and there and I know you’ll okay with that, because I’ll know that you all know that I know I’m not the one who has to do it. I’ll be cheering you on when your down and I’ll be encouraging you when you’re in the lead, ever mindful of the fact that it’s possible the other team may find a way to regain the lead.  I promise I won’t get all pissed off when you lose a game. I’ll simply think about the good things you did during that game and hope you build on those good things the next game, while still being aware that the next team you play may put some need for you guys to adjust together as a team on the ice. I’ll always know there’s another team on the ice and I’ll always know that sometimes, which is normal in a long season, the other team just is having one of “those” games, despite all your best efforts. I’ll be “air coaching”, as I always do, because I’m just “one of those” kinds of hockey fans. I’ll be focused for the entire game (baring emergencies of course), if you will. Other than that, I won’t be blogging a lot, nor will I be tweeting, at least for a little while. Just know I’m with you and who knows, one day this upcoming season, I might just show up at a game at the Tampa Bay Times Forum. I too want to win a Stanley Cup. It’s a bit more difficult for me, considering I don’t play hockey and I am a woman, but it is still possible. A woman already has her name on the cup and it was in fact, the Tampa Bay Lightning who had a woman in the net during an exhibition game. I’ll find ways to drop hints that the Tampa Bay Lightning should hire me. Some of the things I’ve written in my blogs, tweets and for Bolts by the Bay, go a long way in at least proving I do know a lot about the game, the history of the game and that I’m a straight, relentless, pain in the ass when it comes to my life long dream of getting my name on a Stanley Cup. No one can get his or her name on the Stanley Cup all by his or herself, but if you guys are vibing on winning a cup, well so am I. You know I’m with you. I’ve got limited resources on my own at the moment, that’ll change. I’ll #BeTheThunder from afar until I’m able to move to the area. Any assistance I can get with that would be good, however, I’ll manage with or without it and #BeTheThunder in the way I can each and every day.

As for the Washington Capitals – I DON’T NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS!

Peace, love, hockey and light to you all. Go Bolts Nation – GO! Goalies – I don’t need to type it, but I will – I’ll always think we rule the world, it’s just how we do. ;-) Music is for everyone. Stanley’s cup is pretty nifty. (ps-someone used the WRONG hockey fan – good thing this isn’t a magic blog)

Because You Wanted It

September 13, 2013


Because an angry mob in the Verizon Center demanded “Unleash the Fury,” the fury got unleashed. Now, bear in mind, it wasn’t me asking for the fury to be unleashed. When the fury comes to you, just remember – you did ask for it. I had nothing to do with it whatsoever. And since so many of you are just so stuck on human law and have, on numerous occasions claimed that we “live in a litigious society,” well then…let the litigation begin then. This is going to hurt. I won’t lie about it.

If you don’t know whose daughter your messin’ with, it’s best to not mess with her. If you don’t know whose woman your messin’ with, it’s best to not mess with her. If you are so stuck on money and the ONLY way to get the message across is to HURT you in the wallet, what  do you want me to do about it?

I do have to make a correction about the kind of car I’ve mentioned at least twice, once in my other and once on this blog; apparently, it’s more like “a fine American muscle car.” Who knew? Someone did.

Sometimes good men are straight badasses. Sometimes good women go beast mode. It happens.

I’ve recently been told by a young man that “he packs a punch.” Well, my Daddy didn’t raise no dummy and I can take a punch just fine. The unfortunate part for you who likes to hit women is that when this woman gets back up, she straight knocks you the (bleep, rainbows and unicorns, blah, blah, blah, hockey language, child friendly words) OUT!

Also, ladies, I’m one of you, however, if the fellas got a problem with a pain in the ass, naggy, vamping, man-eating little prissy girl and they don’t want to hit a woman, well, if you’re not a part of the solution, I’ll gladly help the fellas out so they don’t have take the hit for knocking out a girl. I wouldn’t want you guys to be the bad guys if that’s the situation. I’ll hit a woman if she’s a love sucking destroyer of all things good. NO PROBLEM.

Of course, that sort of thing is ALWAYS the last resort. We got to the last resort. Nope, it’s not a luxury spa in the mountains either. It’s not that kind of resort.

What do you want me to do about it?

I also talked to a man recently who asked me if I knew what “even tide” was? Well, the answer to that questions is “yes.” My return question is: “Do you know that the second death is?”

Now what is it exactly that “everybody knows?”

No, Stephen Hawking, I rather think mankind won’t be finding out the mystery of the Universe anytime soon. There will be wonder and discovery and joy and room for dreams and hope and imagination.

If “you” (and it doesn’t matter which “you” you think you are) aren’t ready – no worries. I’m in no big hurry.

Love, kindness, sharing and all kinds of wonderful, lovely sights, sounds and smells are all around you. Check out the porcupine; that one beautiful defense system right there.

I’ve been told recently I can “over winter” in Montana (of course that could have been a huge pile of BS), but it doesn’t really matter either way, because there’s no ocean and there’s no ice hockey in Montana is there? Did you think I was a migratory bird or something?

I asked for help being distracted from hockey for a very good reason. If you love something, it’s quite the right thing to do to let it go. Besides, I’d already written that I knew hockey would continue on with or without me anyway, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As for the music; I’m just one little human woman walking around here, so by all means, don’t take my word for it, but I get the feeling this won’t even be considered a fight. So, no worries eh.

It’s seems to me it’s not wise to celebrate a win until the final buzzer.

Safety always comes first.

For those who subscribe to the idea that there are three parts of the human psyche called the ID, the EGO and the SUPEREGO; doesn’t it make sense that those of you spent your time building your EGO, weren’t spending time building your SUPEREGO? I barely have an ego at all and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I don’t won the road do I? No. I don’t think the world revolves around me do I? No. It doesn’t. I like to share. I like all different kinds. I TRUST IN LOVE.

I could stop breathing tomorrow, but while I’m still breathing…

I think the Lightning are going to be just fine. Go Bolts! I won’t need to use Twitter to cheer you on and I know you know what I mean. I’ll get there. Until then, I’m still with ya! YAY HOCKEY!

Oh, and when I used the term “barn”, it’s a hockey thing – one day, I hope you all understand. The more hockey fans the better.

Be careful whose head you attempt to get in – you might find out you can’t get beck out and you wouldn’t want that. Does anyone know who’s in whose head? Someone does.

I love you all for being who you are and thanks to all of you who love and share and try and give and work and stay with it through thick and thin. It’s not always easy, I know. None of us are truly alone. None of us.

I am the one who wrote “F’ Cindarella.” For one thing, she’s a fictional cartoon princess. Although, if the shoes were ice skates and the pumpkin was shaped like a guitar or something, maybe I’d think differently. I know, it’s a great story and there are plenty of little girls who dream of such, so go for it little ladies – me, well, I rather think my “story” isn’t exactly “Disney” material, but then again, one never knows I suppose.

Enough about me though – I’ve got some Tampa Bay Lightning hockey to think about. It’s getting to be about that time. ;-)

Hey, is it Friday the 13th again?

Peace – Mia

If I could Talk to the President of the United States

September 10, 2013


To all of you who have read anything I’ve written in any blog I’ve authored, tweeted from my former twitter account @creasesinger, and/or watched or listened anything I’ve ever said or sung; I truly thank you from the very bottom to the very top of my heart for taking the time. There are many reasons why I haven’t rushed the process of getting all the content of my other blog, Mia’s Musical Musings, moved to this one blog. There are many reasons why I haven’t been in any great hurry to change the format of this blog. I’ve been working. I’ve been recovering. I’ve been moving. I’ve been thinking. I’ve been singing. I’ve been listening. I’ve been helping. I’ve been learning. I’ve been talking. I’ve been walking. I’ve been living. Now, the time has come.

So many want to express themselves and that’s a good thing. So many, however, aren’t familiar with themselves enough to actually express the truth of themselves. Me, well, if I truly expressed what I thought, all the time, 24/7/365, there’d be a need for a much more efficient process. Plus, as I’ve mentioned in previous post in a former incarnation of my blog, I’m not complicated. I’m an ice hockey fan. I’m a musical type who appreciates the vastness and diversity of music and sound in general. It’s all rather simple and boring in some ways.

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t spend my time in front of a mirror or out in public wondering if anyone happens to notice I have acne on my chin, or if my glasses (which I need to see and drive safely for that matter) suit the trend of the season. No, I don’t really care if one of my boobs is slightly bigger than the other or if I’ve got spots on my arms. It’s not a major concern to me if I’m  “keeping up with the Jonses” or if what I wear is something that any of the rest of you would wear. Quite frankly, any who have some sort thought about what I should be wearing and how and when I do are then required (in my mind) to 1) pay for my wardrobe and all the maintenance required for the upkeep of that wardrobe for the rest of my life or 2) simply see the happiness in the fact that I’m wearing clothes, hence protecting you from having to see me naked. I’m not hideous naked, but I do have a good sense of humor and for the illustration of the point to those who are just so stuck on all those external indicators of what some truly cannot see beyond, I can make light of my bodily “flaws” in this public format with little issue.

I’m in a relationship now as well, so that too is something I feel takes precedent over spending time tweeting and blogging. I’m not the speed dating, burn yourself out with fiery lust, get all crazy stupid about being in a relationship variety. I’ve been down that road and personally, while that is something I wouldn’t want to deprive anyone from experiencing at least once in a lifetime, but I’m all about the lasting relationship these days. That’s not going to change. At the moment, it’s a “long-distance” situation, but I get the feeling that will change and sooner rather than later.

I’d like to express my personal feeling that NOT “everybody wants to be a rock star”. I don’t. NOT “Everybody wants to rule the world”. I don’t. Not “Everybody want to know how it feel.” I don’t. Yes, the quotation marks indicate I’m referencing song lyrics. I want to get my name of the Stanley Cup. I want peace on Earth. I want love to be the only thing all the hearts and minds of all humankind even really knows. I want joy and happiness to be the reality for all kinds. I want world leaders to know that molecules of air they’ve poisoned with the stink of war don’t just go away because they can no longer see them. I want all those who point their fingers at others to know that at any point in time, another could just as easily point a finger at you and from his or her perspective, they’d have a good point , just as you may have felt you were justified to judge another. I’d like everyone to know that I’d gladly hug a tree and say, right out loud to that tree the following; “Thank you not motile life form that also resides on the same planet as I do for being the filter for the air I breathe. Thank you for having roots that keep the soil from slipping and sliding and keeping the ground beneath me firm without sliding away so I lose my footing. I know you can’t run when someone wants to cut you down. I know you shelter birds and all sorts of other life forms so many don’t take the time to notice anymore. I know you provide shade. I know you get attacked by Woodpeckers, termites and all sorts of other life forms, and yet, there you stand. Lovely, strong and real as real can be. May you always know that even though I’m human and all on my own cannot save you and all your lovely friends, I can do this and ask the Universe to show you kindness and perhaps help humankind understand you far better than they do. I need you and I thank you for cleaning the air we as humans have polluted and destroyed. Thank you tree. Thank you.”

If I could speak directly to the President of the United States who is the President of my country, the country in which I was born and in which I live, I’d say “I don’t want any children of the world to suffer and there are those in this world who will destroy their own kind, which truly is sad and not at all something I would ever support, however, your own country needs you. Those who have already fought the wars and yet still do are coming home and need your help to transition to life outside of the war, outside of being in the military. Their family needs you to help them recover. We, who live and work and love in the United States of America, we need you to work on our needs. We need you to be strong for us. We need you here, in your own country where children can’t get good food. Where music needs to be put back into the public school systems. Where farms needs water and where cities, like Detroit, need help to stay a good, viable city in these United States of America. I know that you know the words “In God We Trust” is written upon united states currency. If you govern a country where something like that is written upon money, then the least you can do is trust in God to work with all the powers that be in this good Universe to remove those who bring war and devastation to not just humans, but all life on Earth. Please don’t be the “war machine” anymore. Pray. Meditate. Say the words “Peace to all mankind” once a day. Show strength by helping those who are stuck on land where is war is waged out and let peace the ultimate show of strength this time. Show the rest of the world that you can feed and clothe and take care of those in your own country. It matters very little if we are Muslim, Jewish, Christians, Pagans, believers, non-believers. We ALL want peace. It may not appear as though this is true, but when I say “we” I mean the vast majority of all the world. We, who want peace, far outnumber those who do not. We are they who want our children to live happily and harmoniously and put all the words and feelings of bad things that have already happened and shall not be repeated far behind us and only know love and joy and sharing and happiness. I wasn’t there when our founding fathers wrote all the documents that constructed and built our U.S. Government and surely have no idea if they could see into the future, into the year 2013 to this very moment as I type, but in today’s world, I’d have preferred if the words would have read “freedom FROM religion” and “Life, life, liberty and happiness”. Of course, I can’t second guess why things were written the way they were written, I can simply be in the now, in the U.S. and state my thoughts via my 1st Amendment right as a FREE-BORN American citizen. If the U.S. government cannot budget properly and balance checkbooks, then leading by example, why would those of us who pay taxes, pay with our lives, pay with blood sweat and tears be expected to do the same and if we don’t we lose everything. Lead by example. Be the kind of leader who knows the truth of your own country, before you attempt to show other countries just how great you are. I vote. I volunteer. I care. Be the leader who brings to peace to all mankind. The masses are with you. Trust in that. Oh and if you’re ever in the Tampa Bay area, go check out a Tampa Bay Lightning game at the Tampa Bay Times Forum. They have a real live Tesla Coil there and a massive, beautiful organ too! The security of your own country should take precedence over all other items on your agenda. If you really did quit smoking while taking on the ultimate challenge of running a country, I’d love to shake your hand and tell you that, in and of itself is an amazing feat to me. I couldn’t do it. No way. No How.”

I truly know so many have been kind to me from afar and sometimes up close and personal. I truly know I got a little help just at the right perfect time, so that instead of starting a physical confrontation with an angry mob of Washington Capitals who threatened my life and barely know a quarter about what I know the game of ice hockey, I was able to leave the building still having the joy and happiness of that game in my heart. I know that the nasty, rude “Sea of Red” was not successful in even slightly disturbing my love of the game of ice hockey or my love and support of the Tampa Bay Lightning either. I know my singing voice has become much stronger. I know I don’t have to have any company, any business or any outside source tell me what kind of songs to sing, how long those songs must be or how long it should take me to write, produce and share my music with the rest of the world. I know I will not ever want to earn a living making music. I know I can share it for free, quite happily. I know I will move to the Tampa Bay area and cheer on my hockey team live and in-person, because that’s what I do and that’s who I am.

I want to live in a world in which the word “terrorism” isn’t in any dictionary in any language and I’m not alone. Not even close to alone on that one. Not even close to alone.

I know healing is happening. I know we can all work together, despite differences, just perfectly fine. I know it’s not madness. It’s love and love is real.

Go Goalies Go!

It’s time to get the bad sound out and make sure that SHIT NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN.

Yeah, respect the music indeed. That one I take personally. Like I said, you really shouldn’t mess with an American hockey fan who wouldn’t have made it this far if it weren’t for music and those wonderful artists who have the music in them, big and small and all those in between. LOVE DON’T PLAY WHEN IT COMES TO MUSIC AND NEITHER DO I.   LET’S.BE.CLEAR.


All the way Baby! All the way.

Peace – Mia

I’ll Be Editing My Own Words – Deal With It!

August 21, 2013


I’ve set aside some time to work on editing out the, how shall I put this – “bullshit” that was written in my blog over the last year. There weren’t many posts that weren’t mine and since my twitter account was shut-down by me, for many reasons – there’s not much to do on that count. There’s a security system I’ve put in place called “Phoenix Fire Security Systems”. That security system is something I created to make absolutely sure something like that never repeats itself again. It’s not for sale, but it covers more than just me and my own personal blog.

I had to get a few “cease and desist” orders sent out as well, but that was basically just a safety precaution. I’m doing fairly well and have been spending some time catching up on all the ice hockey goodness. I certainly hope Vinny LeCavalier adjusts to being a Flyer. I’ll miss seeing him with the Lightning. And, yes of course, I’ll also miss seeing “Stinky Cheese” Briere as a Flyer. Welcome to the Devils Cory Schneider! I didn’t see that one coming! Well, things change and I’m sure he’ll learn a lot from “Smarty” Marty Brodeur. Still, a bit sad to see Moose Hedberg leave the New Jersey Devils. All the best to you Moose.

I hope all of you are doing well and living and loving and all that good stuff. I wasn’t what some might call “happy” that some particular (insert hockey language here) interjected your thoughts into my personal blog. It is known who did what though, so quite frankly, all that really happened was YOU alerting “Phoenix Fire Security Systems” to the exact source of the problem, so all is well.

It’s not a wise idea to mess with an American, hockey loving woman. It makes my friends a little angry. Regardless, Let it now be known that those responsible for the situation have either become aware that it was a bad idea or, as you read these words, are now becoming aware it was a bad idea. What can I say – I’m not quite defenseless. And now you who, perhaps thought otherwise, know. It’s one of those “good to know” situations.

As for all those musical types, I’ve been working on some making some more of my own music for a couple of years. I’ve been taking time to recover from the loss of my immediate family. There have been some family estate issues that need resolution and after having to clean out the family house a few months ago, it’s been a bit difficult for me. I miss them and three of us were (I still am) “shutterbugs” and photography enthusiasts. Needless to say, there were thousands upon thousands of photos to sort through. I’m doing much better with all of that, but it’s taking time. It’s the only reason I haven’t moved to the Tampa Bay Area so I can #BeTheThunder live and in person. The estate is a mess, but it’s getting better. My point is, I’ll be sharing some new music of my own soon. Not sure exactly when that will happen, but my goal is to get that accomplished before the hockey season begins. I really did only have $2 to name (that was mentioned in a previous blog post and in fact true), so between dealing with the family estate mess and doing some independent  contractor work I can’t discuss here, it’s been slow going, but steady nonetheless. Me health seems to be improving slowly but surely as well. I know my dentist is going to be able to afford a new car when he’s finished “fixing my grill”. I really was starting to look like a hockey player. I like my teeth and want to keep what I got, but the chips and broken tooth wasn’t  bothering me for any vanity reasons. I simply saw it as, hey, I’m poor – life can beat the shit out ya sometimes and I love hockey so much my teeth were even making that statement. Yup, hockey loves my teeth too! ;-)

I still need some recording equipment and need to learn how to use new recording software, so I suppose it’ll just happen when it happens.

I ask that any who did get all up in business, perhaps because you thought you were helping, simply know that it’s being handled and I’m a hockey fan. It’s just a little “ouchie”. (You know what I mean hockey fans). There was a situation, having little or nothing to do with me and I happened to be prepared for that situation, so no worries.

To all of you out there who do what you do for team love and to keep us all feeling the love – ROCK ON!

As usual, goalies – always with you. #MindYourNets and watch your heads – you need them! and for the fellas, I do mean both heads ;-)

I’ll be making sure my other blog is archived on this blog before I do much to adjust the theme and appearance of this blog, but the basic set-up is already here. Obviously I needed to change the background to blue and make sure the Lightning links were there and working. They are and all things considered, the plan is shaping up nicley.

BRITTANY MCPHERSON – GO GOALIE GIRL GO!!! THAT’S WHAT I’m TALKING ABOUT!! #GoaliesRule (Not doing links in posts right now while “Phoenix Fire” does it’s work and while I’m editing the content that wasn’t mine (or permitted by me), so take the time to look-up the name Brittany McPherson, goalie, girl – AWESOME!

Peace – Mia (yup, still at


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