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Washington Capitals Play the Senators as 2008 Refreshes Us All

January 1, 2008

Happy New Year from out here in the GHV (Great Hockey Void, otherwise known as Harford County, MD). 2008 brings us all new hopes. The Washington Capitals go into the rest of the season showing improvements and the ability to do great things. I lost the ability to be in contact with my mother, who is the only family member I have left alive. However, the price paid was well worth it, because I now have the assurance that she and her cat have 24 hour care and will receive all the proper medical care and attention she needs to continue her life with everythings she could ever want or need. My head is about 1/2 pound lighter and my hair-care maintenance-time has been decreased greatly. I had 12 inches of my hair cut-off two days ago so that I could send my hair to Locks of Love. Hopefully, a child’s head will now be warmer in 2008 and that child will have more confidence when out in public. My animal rescue stats were very good for 2007, considering my personal family, health, financial and relationship problems of last year. I spent last night totalling the rescues in which I was directly involved. In 2007 I helped save 44 cats, 17 dogs, 3 racoons, 3 fox, 2 snakes, 2 birds, 2 hamsters, 2 deer and 1 very big moose named Mariachi. My services concerning rescues were all free, so I am feeling good about those rescues and hope all the animals are thriving and happy as well. One of my very close friends and I decided to end our friendship last year. I am saddened to lose him as a friend, but going into 2008 I am sure we’ll both find our way and develop other lasting friendships, having learned how to be a better friend from each other. My home is under contract and my financial difficulties will soon ease. I’ll be back in black very soon. The sale of my home will also give me an opportunity to move away from the GHV and closer to my place of birth, and home of my favorite hockey team, Washington DC. In 2007 I discovered that certain health problems may shorten my life a great deal, but going into 2008, I feel more able to negotiate through my days fairly well and my spirit is still strong as ever. Last year the thought that I could still have children of my own disappeared, but my thoughts at the beginning of this year have stayed the same regarding the fact that I love kids and there are plenty in the world who don’t need to be related to me to be very special and worthy of my attention. The children I see today are the people who will one day become the adults who have the potential to change the world.

I’m having a good day today, and so is my very rusty and shaky ’94 Jimmy, so I’m gearing up to take the trip to the Verizon Center in Washington DC to see the Capitals take-on the Senators for the second time in a week. There’s a good chance this’ll be an exciting game to see live. I think the Sens are going to be on their game right from the start. I doubt they’re happy with their last performance in front of a sell-out home crowd. I’ve ragged on Gerber (Sens G) in the past, but he started this season in very good form, causing me to re-think my opinions with regard to his play. However, he showed everyone why I have ragged on him in the past during the last meeting of the Sens and the Caps a few days ago. I’m interested to see how he’ll do this time around. I am currently assuming he’ll get the start tonight, because I haven’t checked out any game notes for today yet. GO CAPS GO!

I’m sending my best to everyone out in the world. With every new year, comes a chance to begin anew. May we all have less trauma and drama (and more 2 point wins!). Sing it loud. Play hard. peace-mia

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    very interesting.
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