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Washington Capitals Play Matinee in Montreal and My Learning Curve

January 5, 2008

A big “hello” from the GHV. I am still feeling the thrill of yesterday’s game at the Verizon Center in Washington DC. The Senators met the Capitals in a matinee game that turned out to be just fantastic. First, matinee games are a good thing for those of us who have to travel 50 miles or more to get to the games and those of us who have children to get to bed at a reasonable hour. It’s always nice to get home before midnight. Second, I love my section! No matter which home game I attend, there are always a few “characters” sitting around me. Some of them are young and energetic. Some of them are older and sarcastic. And still some of them are young and old and just plain into the game. I could not ask for a better hockey crowd. Third, the Capitals blew the socks off of the Senators with a 6-3 win!

Well, today is actually Saturday and the Capitals play Montreal in another Matinee game. I have learned the hard way that this particular blogger ( differs from my former blogger ( in ways that I did not foresee. I share a wireless connection with my neighbor, so there are times throughout the day when the bandwidth is cut in half, at least. I lose my connection during these times. With my former blogger, the loss of connection simply meant that I would have to hit the “back” button and “update” or “save and continue” when the connection was once again strong. However, this tactic does not work with my current blogger. I lost a good chunk of this entry and then could not easily find the entry “draft”. I thought the entire entry was lost. I discovered the first pararaph this morning and decided to keep it as is. Obviously, some time has passed since that paragraph was written and the Capitals have played the Boston Bruins between then and now. My lessons for the week concerning this blogger are 1) Save only when I know the connection is strong, 2) Always use a title, even if temporary, and 3) all drafts are saved with “new post”. I chose because it is simple and clean. My former blogger was great, but the more simple version is no longer being supported, so I decided to move my entries here.

As for the last two Caps games – it seems the goalies played a big part in the outcomes. My personal “goalie mystery” Martin Gerber seemed to have lost his “hot streak” and allowed three Caps goals in the 1st period against the Sens. Emery replaced Gerber, but he’s had some attitude problems and I don’t think he was on his game either. The Caps did an excellent job getting shots on goal and took advantage of the Gerber/Emery problems. Again, it was a great game to see live.

On-the-other-hand, Tim Thomas was ready for Ovie, Backstrom, Nylander and Green when the Caps met the Bruins in Boston. I, like head coach Boudreau, would like to see wins every time the Capitals play. NHL hockey doesn’t exactly work that way, but wins should always be the goal. The Bruins have been struggling as well, so I expected that we’d (I usually refer to the Washington Capitals as “we”, since I invest a lot of time and enthusiasm to the team) have a tough game. The one thing I did not expect was that we’d be shut-down completely by Thomas. The game was good and both teams played hard, but Thomas gets the big thumbs-up from me for that game. I do love to watch “goalies go”, as I put it, but it is a little disappointing that he had such a great game against my Caps.

In just a short while, the Capitals will be playing Montreal. I don’t have any predictions for this game. This week has been a bit distracting for me, so I’ve spent much less time focusing on NHL hockey over the last several days. I do think that the Capitals won’t be shut-down completely by Montreal though. That is one thing I’m sure of at the moment. I also have a feeling that Ovie really likes to play and beat Canadian teams. I’m sure all the Capitals faithfull hope that we don’t have any more injuries! GO CAPS GO!

I was hoping I would have some photos of the Washington Capitals in action fromt the Verizon Center already up on this blog. I have asked at least two people with digital camers who were taking pictures at a couple of games to upload their best shots and send them to me via e-mail, but so far, no pictures. I have a fantastic camera, but it is a manual SLR and I cannot afford film. I also sold most of my processing equipment and chemicals to pay November’s BGE bill. I was hoping someone might want to share. I’ll figure something out, eventually. In the mean time, I will be happy to credit those who would like their shots on a blog.

Lastly, I would like to thank the Capitals for scoring 6 or more goals, twice, at the Verizon Center. I have a “hockey buddy” who gets the free pound of wings, generously supplied by Austin Grill the day after the Caps score at least 6 goals at a home game. I can’t eat them, but my hockey buddy brings them to my home and just the smell of the yummy wings makes me happy. I pretend that I’m eating wings, instead of the extremely BLAND food that I have to eat nowadays. If those wings taste even half as good as they smell, then everyone should get their wings at the Austin Grill!

Have a beautiful, musical hockey day out there! peace, mia


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