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Ovechkin and The Caps Come up with 13 Years and My Happy Ending

January 13, 2008

Hi There reader’s of the world! It’s another day in the Great Hockey Void. Many of you are already aware that Alex Ovechkin (#8 F Caps) has just worked out a deal with The Washington Capitals for a 13 Year contract. I was present at the Verizon Center when Majority Owner, Ted Leonsis, dropped the official word on Ov’s contract to season tickets holders at the anual Meet the Team Party. I hadn’t even thought about Alex’s contract with DC until that point. I am somewhat left out-in-the-cold as far as hockey news is concerned; unless I get on the internet to find it for myself. I was also busy feeling like total YUCK for the two days leading up to the contract, so I was pretty stunned when I heard 13 years! I was also very, very happy. It’s good to be Caps fan!! However, while I was in the Kolzig, Cassivi, Naylander autograph line (NICE!), I heard people talking about the blog known as On Frozen Blog. This blog is a hockey blog and it quite often focuses on Washington Capitals hockey. I discovered that On Frozen Blog broke a story (planted or not) regarding Ovechkin’s contract a little too soon and ended-up “publishing” the incorrect information. Here’s how you can get some more information on the events of #8’s contract signing and my thoughts. Go to Ted’s Take and read all about it. My comments are posted under Mia G and that’s really all the time I’ll dedicate to Ovechkin’s contract with the Washington Capitals.

So, hot-diggity-dog we’ve got OV for a good, long time. Chew on that Canada! This is a great thing for many people. The greater thing for me during the Meet the Team event was the fact that I got to DC in fairly good time and went straight to section 110. The people who wanted autographs from Kolzig, Cassivi and Nylander lined-up in section 110 (and the next section over). Hell’s Yeah I did! I got an autograph table with TWO goalies and Nylander. Since I knew I was there to get Olie’s signature and the odds of going through another autograph line were not very good, I was just plain a “happy little camper” that it turned out the other two were sitting at the same table. Woo-hoo. I can’t say much about the free food, but I shouldn’t even try to eat that stuff anyway. I wasn’t there for the food! It was good to be feeling more energetic and less yucky so I could be there. GO CAPS!

After some thought, I discovered that I wasn’t at all worried or curious about Ovechkin’s contract. I had very little doubt that Alex was not going to leave Washington. Besides, I could care less how it happened – it’s just very nice to know. My mind also tends to keep Kolzig, a goaltender, in the forefront and I don’t believe I’ve heard anything about his contract. I’m sure people talk and think about it (Kolzig’s next step), but I think as a fan, I’d like to know sooner, rather than later. It seems that I am also not as concerned with the salary cap as other’s who publish about it on the web – in general. Still, I’m a goalie person and Kolzig’s lack of a contract (as far as I know) is looming in my head.

The Flyers will be in DC to play the Caps this afternoon. I won’t be making the trip to DC, but I’ll be watching the game at home. I’m not sure how the Flyers will do against Washington, really, but I get the feeling it’ll be a tight game. GO CAPS and GO Caps Fans – straight to the Verizon Center and see the game.

Some people have a list of things that they have decided they would like to do in their lifetime. I haven’t really written mine in a list anywhere. My list has just been hovering around in my cranium. When I accomplish them, I move onto the next. I’ve blogged about the things I’d like to accomplish in my lifetime here and there. I’ve done really well with my list and I was able to cross-off two things at once on Thursday. I still want to meet and talk to Michael Stipe (REM front man) before I go. I really wanted to play more competitive ice hockey. I get the basics and I played pick-up for a little while and looked into some women’s teams. I feel like I didn’t get enough time to put everything I learned into practice. (and goalies have to be independently wealthy to buy equipment – ummm – pads cost what now?!) Mostly though, at this point in my life, I want to feel a lot better. I’m working on it!

Trying to find a place to live and move is a huge pain in the backside. The gentleman who purchased my desktop computer said that he’d rather be beat-up than move. Yup – that about sums it all up rather well. I still don’t know where I’m moving. I just want it all over and done. I have ten days from Feb. 1 to make it all happen. My friend, Jennifer, bought my big screen TV. She’s letting me keep it until I move, so I can watch hockey on a big screen. I still have the DirecTV as well. I’m hopeful it will all work itself out fairly soon.

I had a good look at Andrew Raycroft over the last week. He’s hung-up on something. His entire approach has been affected. It’s tough to say what’s in store for him. I like watching DiPietro. He holds his own. The goalie-qvists are still minding the nets, but two of them are struggling more than the third. Brent Johnson is playing in Hershey for a while to get his knee back into shape after an injury. I wonder how Cassivi is feeling right about now. I have a book at home that has a forward from Brodeaur. There aren’t very many people who can do anything but respect his goaltending career. He’s an excellent person from which to learn; as far as I’m concerned. Goalies ROCK!

I have a cat named “Ellie” (a.k.a; Elly-Belly, Wildcat, Kittenhead, or Elzer Belzer). She’s a mix of an American Bob-tail domesticated cat and a Bobcat wild-variety feline. She was found as a ferile kitten and she’s more American Bob-tail, except that she does have a full tail and a Bobcat fur-pattern on her underside. She’s basically a normal house cat with some small, wild tendancies. She’s a very affectionate cat. She’s afraid of certain types of people and she doesn’t usually get very close to anyone but me. I also think she prefers to be around quiet people and likes women better than men. She’s a bit of a loner.

I bring her up, because it’s hard for me to see how some people have so little respect for certain animals. It bothers me, so I try to help out in whatever way I can. I am waiting for settlement on my house and my move elsewhere to put more focus on getting First Love Animal Services moving forward. I have another cat named Emma who was trying to keep two kittens alive in the midde of winter behind a bush. She has asthma and be-be in her armpit skin. She had no fur on her when she was found, but she’s got a good coat now. During Emma’s first month living with my other two cats and me, I accidentaly scared her to the point where she managed to get every, single claw she had into my skin and cause some bloody, arm trauma. I learned a valuable lesson that day. That type of thing has not happened since. She’s awsome in certain ways. I get great company from my cats. They are a part of my life, so it’s difficult to understand how other’s can treat their pets so poorly.

Something else on my list of things I like to accomplish in my lifetime is a well put together non-profit with certain off-shoot possibilities. I’m working on it very carefully. First Love Animal Services already, technically, exists. I just have to determine the weight of certain factors before I make certain moves. Now if could just get a new address…

Good health to you all – AC/DC is great driving music, YUMMY! and FLYERS vs CAPITALS in DC today and you know what that means? Hockey is good for you – peace – mia


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