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Caps to Playoffs ?, Good Games, Bad Games and My Last Month

February 29, 2008

Aloha from the Great Hockey Void! It looks like I have developed a pattern of blogging here about once a week, but this time around, I have to condense about a month into one blog. I’ll start with my trip to the Verizon Center Saturday, February 2nd to see the Capitals play the Atlanta Thrashers. I missed the Canadiens in DC the previous Thursday due to some financial difficulties, but I got lucky on Saturday. It was “Kids Night” at the Verizon Center Saturday,  Feb.2 so it was the perfect opportunity to find some hockey “virgins” and get them excited about going to DC to see a Caps game. It took a lot of coordinating and fast-talking, but by Friday afternoon – I had gotten six other people on board to see the game against the Thrashers. It was “Kids Night” that clinched it for Wright and his two kids and it was my saleswomanship that clinched it for Nate. Leif has no choice but to be all up in the hockey, because we’re buddies and anyone who comes to my house gets full-throttle hockey exposure. He’s a convert. He used to be a Bruins fan, but now he’s Capitals all the way. I’m still working on Brandon. He’s still a Bruins fan, but I’ll wrangle him into the Capitals fandom fold eventually. I started that Saturday.

Well, it’s almost the end of February and I still have not received the money for the sale of my home. I’m starting to feel a little better each week or so. I’m going to have to start some ball-busting now! I finally found an endocrinologist that actually gives her patients a full hour of her time for each appointment. She fired her administrative staff in order to do that and I think we’re going to get along very well. I have a feeling I have Cushings Disease (syndrome). I get a slew tests over the next couple of weeks to find out if that’s the case. I also figured out that having a “fake” tooth problem is causing gum problems that in turn are causing mouth pain is the very least of my worries right about now. My phone finally got disconnected by Verizon Wireless. It seems not paying for 2 and half months does the trick. Although, a person who hasn’t seen me in years and years has recently been talking to me about my mother’s situation and in the course of that conversation she has discovered that I’m having a tough time of things at the moment and she sent me a check that will help me turn my phone back on, keep the DirectTV and keep the gas and electric running as well. It was a very touching thing to do and I hope to have the ability to repay her in some way very soon.

I am hoping that I can FINALLY move this weekend, but I am not counting on it. There’s only so long I will allow myself to get strung along before I break bad and annoy all parties involved enough to get what I’m supposed to get, as stated in two contracts I have signed by all parties. ReMax and it’s representatives have shown me no love at all. The buyer couldn’t follow directions or comunicate properly either, so I’ve gotten an extra dose of crap. I think, however, that the grand cherry on the top of the sundae is the investment company through which the buyer is getting financing. I’ll refrain from mentioning them by name – for now.

And now to some more hockey – I’ve been busy keeping up with the Capitals and tracking the points in the Eastern Conference. It’s about this time of year, after the trade deadline, that I start checking in on the Western Conference more often. Once I’ve caught up with what transpired just before the trade deadline, I’ll be in full-on hockey mode. The Capitals can still do it, but they can’t really lose anymore games. For some reason, I wasn’t very surprised when it turned out that the Caps now have three goalies. I think Huet can make a difference if the Caps head into the post-season. I was surprised that Hossa went to Pittsburgh and that Washington got Federov. It’ll be an exciting month for sure.

I haven’t been the Verizon Center in DC to see the Caps play in almost a month. I’m hoping to make most of the games in March and April though. Money’s been too tight. Once I live closer and get some more health issues figured out, I should be muh better off – now if I could just get my money!!!! At least I’ve still managed to hang on to my DirecTV, so I’ve seen every game from home and over the course of the month, I’ve seen really great games, very good games and fairly bad games from the Capitals. I still send out positive vibes – they’ve got it – they just need to use it!!! GO CAPS GO!

Over the last month, I had a fun night out with some of the people who came to the Caps game with me on Feb. 2nd, a yummy bit of Sushi and more time with my voice and guitar than I’ve had in almost a year. My night out was interesting and full of laughs, to say the least. I discovered that once Nate gets started, he never stops and that when Brandon says he lives “right next door” when we’re standing in front the Verizon Center, he actually means he lives about four blocks from the Rossilyn Metro station. Yeah – that’s Arlington, VA to be more exact. Still, even with the whispers of “just smoke near a homeless person when your down in the Metro tubes – then drop it near that person when security comes along,” and “we seriously have to talk business if you really are a supreme cooch doucher,” and of course losing Nate on the Green line somehow, then taking the “No-man-left-behind” approach, we all had a really great time and I didn’t fade or feel icky once.

There is a Japanese restaurant and Sushi bar about a mile from my home and I found the yummiest Sushi ever there. I hadn’t really eaten a lot of Sushi, but after tasting their Special Shrimp Salad roll with avacado and lettuce, I was hooked. Soooo tasty. I have also changed all the strings on my guitar and started playing at least once a day for about a half an hour or so. My voice gets worked out everyday, so that hasn’t changed. It’s been good to play everyday. My fingers feel better more and more often. Rock On. Guitars are my friends – I haven’t met one I don’t like yet! Avacados rock too!

I just got back from another new doctor. This one actually talked to me for quite a long while. Now I get to add another pile of medical tests to my list of things to do and for which to pay. It seems that although I was starting to feel better, I have taken a turn for the worst in certain aspects. The time also came when the dreaded pain management strategies are now my next major bump in the road. So far, two choices have been presented:  1)somehting involving many needles and 2)something else involving many, many needles. I’ve been sent to see someone for another perspective. I’m slowly feeling as though I’m becoming like a medical detective. I have to ask all kinds of questions, go to all sorts of different doctors and take more tests. I’ve heard so many things over the last two years; ranging from “stop drinking soda” to Thyroid nodules to brain surgery through my nose. Needles are everywhere I go now. What a great time to get screwed by other parties involved in the sale of my home. Stupid medical system – get your shit together before more people die trying to negotiate through that pile of maneaur.

I also have a grand old time trying to figure out why my face is all swelled up and recently discovering I have roseaca (the red face thing that Irish have dubbed the “curse of the celts”). So now I have to look in stores for green make-up, according to most internet sources found through I’m not a google kind of gal. I started out using, then switched to googgle and stayed with for many years. More recently though, I’ve rediscovered why I prefer (formerly askjeeves). Seems to work more effeciently for my purposes. Anyway, If I woke up normaly every morning and had to go through the entirety of my various lists of things to “do” and “not do”; I’d say that if my start time were 6am, I could hopefully walk out my door by 1pm. Unfortunately, I don’t sleep normally in any fashion. Now I have to add green make-up to my list. I’m annoyed today. I have no idea how to go about getting a job right now. I don’t see any other way around it, but I would really have to have a good day just to be passable as an interviewee. Trying to sell yourself when your half-dragging your sorry ass around is not something I’m happy about going through at the moment.

I am hoping my phone will be turned back on today. I have no way to coordinate a move, because I still don’t have the money for the sale of my home, so I can’t move yet. I feel like I get hit by an invisible car and no one knows why so they bring out more pills and needles. I haven’t been able to go to DC to see a Caps game in a while and it’s not looking promising at this point for March games. Which leads to the thought that I could see the Caps play the visiting Pens at 12:30 at the Verizon Center. The time for this game changed from 3pm to 12:30pm because it is now the Game of the Week on NBC. It could be the first time I actually saw the Capitals play at home, on my birthday. I’m just annoyed today. I guess I’ll kill some more Gauntlet ghoulies. I’m not a gamer, but from time to time I like to play Gauntlet all the way through, until my thumb just can’t handle making the virtual whack and hack happen any more. I can’t remember which Gauntlet I’m on right now. A friend of mine decided to bring me cheap entertainment, so I’ve also been playing NHL 2006.

I’ve been doing more reading than usual over the last few months. It took me several chapters to really get started on Dan Brown’s “Angels and Demon”, but once I got going, I finished it very quickly. I give oth my thumbs up! I’ve been reading the teachings of the Dalai Lama. Those I read slowly and let it all settle in, before I move ahead. I’m now back to working on Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” series. I had to re-read books 3 and 4, but I’m working through 4 at a good speed, so I think I’ll be on book 5 very soon. I have a back-up of books that people suggest to me and that I’d like to read. I have also been learning from a hockey system and play informational book, I found on a clearance rack somewhere. I spend a few minutes a day nosing through that book, I guess. I recommend “Across the Universe” to everyone. It’s a masterpiece!

It’s about time for the NJ Devils to play the Caps in NJ, so I’m going to settle in to watch the game. I am glad to have more time with my guitar, but missing Caps home games and not having the money for the sale of my home, aside from my general health, has made me frustrated and cranky. I’ll get over it. I did find out that there is an “Anthem Idol” contest through the ESPNZone and the caps. If I can manage to get myself to the contest on the 4th, I might have a shot at a win. If there’s one thing I can do – it’s sing. Especially the National Anthem. I practice with that song all the time. I’ve done in front of a crowd before – who knows. We’ll see how and when I need to move – stupid ReMax.

Hey you just dipped your hockey into my music – No, you just dipped your music into my hockey. Sing it out – peace – mia


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