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Washington Capitals Need to Win, Win, Win, Goalies Rock and My Guitar’s Bad Day

March 3, 2008

Yes, that’s right – I’m still giving my tidings from the Great Hockey Void. I won’t move until I get my money, so I had to give-up the deposit for the moving truck I was supposed to rent yesterday. I’m not sure how long I can last, but I have a strong policy about letting someone who hasn’t paid me for the home in which he would like to live. Basically, in my world, no one moves in if money doesn’t move into my bank account. It’s fairly simple. I’m getting used to living out of boxes and not knowing where anything is. It’s kind of fun at this point. It has to be – I’ve been doing it for months!

The Capitals play Boston tonight at home and I’m thinking that the Caps should take advantage of the Bruins tough schedule. I’m sure the boys from Bean Town are very tired. I watched Boston play yesterday and they look good, but they also looked tired at the end of the game. It would be nice if we could get Chris Clark back in action. That must’ve been some groin injury – yikes! I have not heard which goalie will get the start for DC, but I don’t think any of the three available to the Caps right now will do badly against the big, bad, bears. I am still deciding if I will make the trip to the Verizon Center to see the game from my season seat at this point in the day.

Before I get into some personal stuff, I will delve a bit into the decision to acquire Cristobal Huet, thus making the current Caps team three netminders deep. One might think that I am such a steadfast and rabid Olie Kolzig fan that I would be upset by management’s decision. In all truth though, I think it was a good move. First, Olie is a great goalie and can play well most of the time. He is an excellent person from which Johnson and Huet can learn over the next few months. I know that there are Washington fans out there who think Olie is too old and is hurting the team right now, so they should at least be somewhat placated by the fact that now “Gabby” has two other choices to start in goal. Personally, I did believe that Johnson and Kolzig could handle a play-off run, but having an extra goaltender is not that bad of an idea. I read somewhere that Kolzig’s agent is unhappy about the decision, but if he really sits down and thinks about, this scenerio isn’t all that terrible. I’m a tad biased in one direction, because the more goalies I see up close and personal, the better. That is, when I can get to DC to see the game live. Bring on the Goalie’s!!! Goalie’s ROCK!! Go goalies – Go goalies – go! Goalies can do it all 60 minutes. Yeah – that’s right.

Since I’m on the subject of my friends by proxy, as it were, I noticed that someone got to this blog through a search using the following:  “Raycroft and Cataplexy”. I can understand how the searcher was directed to this blog. I do blog about NHL Goalies and I have put some of my symptoms from so-called Narcolepsy on this blog as well. However, unless Andrew Raycroft has Narcolepsy, it seems strange to do a search like that. Now I’m curious – maybe the searcher is trying to figure out why Raycroft has had a rough time this season by assigning cataplexy as the cause of Raycroft’s poor performance. Cataplexy is defined as a symptom of Narcolepsy which renders all or just certain muscles in one’s body to literally go to sleep and cease to function. I’m up on the most recent Narcolepsy studies, because I’ve been diagnosed with Narcolepsy, so I have read that it is possible for a rare few who do not have Narcolepsy to have cataplexic attacks. Of those people, virtually all of them become prone to cataplexy due to a lack of normal sleep. Regardless, sleep is the issue and abnormal REM sleep is the main cause of cataplexic attacks.

If you have seen the Duece Bigilow movie where he takes a Narcoleptic out on date to a fancy restaurant, you may remember that Duece’s date fell in her plate of food after laughing hard for a bit. That is called a “sleep attack” and is the most severe form of cataplexy. Many narcoleptics will have a full cataplexic attack, meaning they suddenly lose all muscle control and immediately go into deep sleep, when they laugh very hard, or are startled, or really pissed-off. Each person has a different catalyst for a full cataplexic event, or sleep attack, so there could be someone out there who falls into deep sleep after a sneeze! Can you imagine – wow – that would suck! I won’t divulge what my trigger for a “sleep attack” is in such a public venue as this blog. I know too many pranksters out there who would just love to test out the whole sleep attack thing, so it’s best not to give them any help with that.

But back to Raycroft; I’m curious to know if he has Narcolepsy. Either way, my best advice to anyone is GET GOOD SLEEP! I know in today’s extremely fast-paced world it can be difficult to get proper sleep, but I can tell everyone through my own experience that proper sleep makes a TREMENDOUS difference in one’s quality of life. Although sad and unfortunate, a very real example of a person with a sleep problem who died by trying to fix that problem has recently gained headlines across the world. Have you heard of Heath Ledger? He was suffering from very poor sleep and took a slew of pills from different places. I read the list of medications he had been taking, as released to the public. He was on pain killers, anxiety reducers and sleep inducers all at the same time. People who have to get sleep in order to work and function throughout the day are far more likely to overdose than any other person on Earth.

As a Capitals fan, I have also read in several different places from different sources, that Michael Nylander was having a lot of trouble sleeping due to pain from a shoulder injury. If that is the case, I’m sure he could give a fairly good verbal description of how difficult it is to play hurt and very, very tired. I know I can’t function well after a night of little or no sleep. It’s one of the reasons I do not have a paying job right now. Trust me, if I didn’t fall asleep until 5 am and I had to be at a job at 9 am, no one would want to be anywhere near me. My normal playfull, good nature goes straight into the toilet when I have to function well on almost no sleep. It isn’t pretty – I can assure you. When it gets to three days with practically no sleep, I barely speak and end up crying for hours for no good reason. Sometimes I say very, very nasty things as well. When that happens, all I want to do is stay as far from anyone, including using e-mail or my cell (which is still not working). I have entirely too much difficutly expecting someone else to deal with me when I’m not myself and spewing venom just because I’m miserable and tired. Why should others suffer through me? Hence, I spend an awful amount of time trying to get proper sleep. The one thing I do not do, however, is rely on sleeping pills. It’s bad enough I have to take a prescribed stimulant three times a day just to function. It’s ironic in my case that I can’t sleep when I would like to sleep, but can instantly fall asleep at times when I absolutely need to be awake. I have several extenuating factors that cause pain and I could have some cranial issues that make my circadian rhythm all out of whack, so I also have to be careful of the types of medications I take. I would rather not leave the Earth via an overdose. The point:  SLEEP MATTERS to EVERYONE!

My schedule is in a great deal of flux this week. Not only do I have no idea when I will actually move, or if I even have a place to which I can move, but my 36th birthday is this coming Sunday and it’s a birthday I was told I would most likely not reach. I told myself last year that if I made it to my 36th birthday, I would make it to my 37th and so on. I always listen to my medical advisors, but I don’t always believe what they say. Anyway, I have made it a tradition to go to Ocean City, MD every year around my birthday just to see and hear the ocean. I’ve been blessed with fairly decent weather for March over the last few birthdays as well. I have reservations to go on Thursday and come back on Saturday so I can go to the Caps-Pens game in DC on my birthday. Several wrinkles have presented themselves, so I may have to miss the ocean this year.

The Washington Capitals are having an “Anthem Idol” contest tomorrow. The winner will get to sing the American National Anthem at the Caps-Pens game on Sunday. Now if there is even the slightest chance that I can sing a song I know very, very well, on the same ice as the starting Capitals, on my birthday, I will take it! Today has been sing, practice, sing, practice, sing, sing, sing day. Other than blogging, and possibly driving to DC to see the game tonight, I will be doing nothing but singing. The rules state that the contestants must sing 30 seconds of any song, other than the American National Anthem, for the first round of the contest.

I had three or four songs in mind for my 30 seconds, but this morning I decided that I should just pick one and focus on it until tomorrow at 6 pm, when the contest starts at the ESPN Zone in DC. I read the rules and I believe the song I chose will do just fine. The other songs I had in mind include more range than the one I chose, but if one can sing another country’s national anthem properly and well, the judges could safely assume that he/she can sing their own national anthem very well too. Hint, hint. GO HOCKEY!!!! I am not concerned about singing. I do that all the time and I won’t completely blow it. I feel confident I can make it to the final round. At which time the finalists will sing the American National Anthem for the judges. I’m more concerned with my schedule this week. I may have to move on Saturday and that will tire me out badly. It might prove a gigantic pain in the ass to make it to the game on Sunday to sing (if I win), especially considering that the game has been moved up in time to 12:30 pm and that we are supposed to change our clocks an hour ahead the night before, so I will also lose an hour. It’s also possible that when I get to my doctors appointment tomorrow morning, I will be told I need to check into Hopkins for a set of tests that can take up to a week. If that happens, I won’t even make it to the contest.

As much as a stress reliever it is to hear and see the ocean at least once a year for my birthday, I think I wouldn’t have a major problem  giving that up if I can FINALLY move and/or I can sing on the same ice as the Capitals. That’s been a dream of mine for many years! I suppose, knowing the way I am, I would find a way to be at the Verizon Center and ready to sing on time if I can actually win the contest. I shouldn’t let it worry me – especially given that I haven’t even gone to the contest yet! If I win though, I might cry like a little girl or crap my pants or something. How freakin’ bad-ass awsome would it be to sing the American National Anthem at a Capitals game – on my birthday – in front of tons of fellow fans – at a game that will be broadcast on Network televison. Holy singing sick girl Batman – that would so totally ROCK! I guess I should get back to practicing, so I can win that contest eh?

Before I go, I’ll mention that my guitar and I are struggling at the moment. I have to work on my fingers to get the callouses back and the low E and D strings just will not tune – even after I changed the strings twice. I do have some idea what the problem might be, but I don’t have the proper tools to do anything about it. Since my guitar had such a bad day yesterday, I’ve decided to tune it to the low E so that I have some harmonic consistency. I have played out twice in the last two months. I feel more comfortable singing when I have a guitar, but I really need another guitarist with me  – at least. It’s been bothersome for me trying to find a guitarist. I don’t even expect stellar playing. A basic knowledge of chords and harmony will do. Of course, the older I get, the harder it gets. Maybe one day, I will actually be able to play gigs on a regular basis with the same crew. A hockey-loving girl with a guitar can dream, can’t she? Rock on with the music everyone!!!!

So, I’m off this laptop to sing. Love your music as it loves you and GO CAPS GO! The playoffs would be a great place to be this year, wouldn’t it?! peace – mia


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