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Capitals Have to Keep Winning, A Glance at Goalies and My Shovel is Full, but I Do Have a Puffy Shirt

March 17, 2008

Hi there from the Great Hockey Void.  I’ll start today with the sale of my home. Now I really have to be an asshole and just go straight into full-fledge offense. I need to buy my medication. I need to pay my debts. I need to feed my cats. I need to live. At this juncture, I feel just good enough to cause some trouble. Perhaps I wan’t kidding about the mafia reference? I can tolerate a lot of things, but I have had plenty enough bullshit heaped on me of late. It’s managed to inspire some swift and aggressive action. By the time this post is uploaded and made public on the internet, it will have alrealdy happened.

Litigation is truly not my “thing”, in the slightest. Of course, when my means of living is being kept from me; I have no other choice but to reply. Action – reaction. It’s natural that I’d be up your snouts! Those of you that are keeping my money and wiping their butts with textbooks on Ethics. Lesson learned. Let’s move on, shall we. Maybe I’ll just become a prostitute. I hear the money’s good. Besides – sex is a wonderful thing! I will have my money very soon. “It”, as some might say “is on.”

I was very glad to see the Capitals best Iginla and friends from Calgary. For Washington the penalties were a problem over the recent, three-game stretch. Fustrating, no boubt. Olie got his 300th win – Go Goalies – Yay Olie! I think from this point on in the regular season, my posts will all include a “win games” approach to Caps Hockey. I say they go for it with everything they’ve got – and they’ve got a lot. It should be fairly easy to “take out the Thrash” this evening. Atlanta shouldn’t know what hit them. Go Caps. Boston won’t be as easy as they were two games ago. I couldn’t publish this post in time, so the Thrashers did go down nicely and thanks to Federov and Semin (I believe), the Captitals did indeed have a tougher go around with the Bruins, but came out on top in the shootout.

Just as a side note; my laptop keypad indicates that the “Caps Lock” . Yup, they lock out the opposition. That must be what it means. It’s a sign.

In the last few posts, I mentioned the Anthem Idol competition held at the ESPNZone in DC. The Capitals have a neat little thing called “Caps TV” and I am one of the people singing in the video short for Caps TV. It just so happens, that I’ve also mentioned that my face is swollen. Thanks to Caps TV, I have also decided that I’m just plain “puffy” everywhere. I wonder if I put on a “puffy shirt”, what I will look like? So go to Caps TV and check out the condensed version of the evening. I’m #36 – the “puffy” lady with the former “black” Caps t-shirt on, singing a part of a Queen song. I’m all puffed-up! I do have a bit of fat on me and I do have a lot of muscle, but I’m also “puffy”. I suppose I don’t have to explain why I don’t have my picture taken and why I might avoid cameras of any kind! All-in-all, I had fun and so did a lot of other people. Plus, I previously posted about contestant #1. He sounded like he could really do justice to the National Anthem from where I was sitting. He’s also featured in the short as well. It is interesting that I was contestant #36 and my 36th birthday was on the day the winner of the contest sang the American National Anthem.

Before I get into NHL Goalies, I will stick to my last topic enough to mention that I have photographs of myself, taken weekly, from the period of February – October of ’06. Each week, I had to go out and buy clothes that would fit me. I ballooned up enough to add about 80 lbs. All my doctor would do is test my thyroid over and over again, and tell me to stop drinking soda pop. I know I have posted about this in a former blog, but I’d have to sit around, doing absolutely nothing but eating straight lard to gain weight like. I hardly drink soda and I do not recall any point in time when I was stationary for weeks on end, simply eating lard. From then on, I’ve been wandering around from medical professional to medical professional, getting told any number of possibilities.

My feet went first. No sooner did I blow-up to over 200 lbs., my feet called it quits, in a sense. I have high arches, so the extra weight stressed my ligaments and bones entirely too much. Then my heart became unhappy. After that, my sleep became altered and remains as such to this very day. I’ve worked hard at making my feet more able carry a heavier load. I have to keep working at it, because between maybe March ’07 and December ’07 the weight distribution changed from more fat than muscle, to more muscle than fat. I also don’t recall ever being injected in buttocks with any liquid substance, and I have checked my medications several times. I doubt it’s got anything to do with synthetic Human Growth Hormone. I was already bulky for short chick, so I wouldn’t allow that sort of thing even if I could. I can’t help but feel a little leary of hanging out in public. Yikes!

Over the last three or four months, I have chosen not to step on scales unless at a medical appointment. I have chosen not to worry about how I look. It’s not easy to do that in today’s world, but I’ve had a lot of practice, so I suppose I am able to use the “freeing” quality of it to maintain a fairly stable attitude. I can’t say I have let go of looking healthier and much more fit. That’s the unltimate goal. Not much I can do about what people think anyway. I can pester my docs and try to keep trying. I have to admit that I really look like I’ve been on a counrty-crack binge, but alas, that’s just me having a bad-life right at the moment. It makes me sad that people have to go through so much just to feel halfway like a person.

Funnily enough – at one point, I started wondering if I had been passing out, or more likely, blacking out and got into fights. That thought was more like a passing fancy, but it brought to my mind the notion that I haven’t completely blacked-out for many, many years. In my younger days, I sometimes let the party roll until I have to spend time with my face in the toilet, and my screams echoing so loudly in the acoustics of bowl. I have blacked-out before. I sincerely could not do that nowadays, even if I tried. I haven’t stayed-up until 8am either. I guess my point is, the black-out theory doesn’t hold much water, as could be said, but it is a little funny.

It’s at about this time in a hockey season when I hear a lot about how important netminding is in a playoff run. For me, I keep that thought through the entire season, which makes sense in my goaliecentric view of hockey. Every-so-often I have to sit and watch a few recent games of each team to get a grip on the netminding situation for each team. That usually takes me all season. I have spent time with each team so far, but this time of year there are “mini” playoffs within divisions and the trade deadline has passed. This is a good time to revisit the NHL goalies. I suppose it isn’t necessary to explain my thinking process, but it also can’t really hurt either. Why not.

The Thomas/Auld duo in Boston have a good chance of maintaining Boston through the playoffs. In a sense, however, the team’s defensive strategies will have an affect on their netminers’ perforances. More so than many other teams in the Eastern Conference. I’ve been watching Boston-Pens games. My feeling is that the Pens have a stronger netminding “team”. I do like to watch Tim Thomas. Of course, since I didn’t finish and publish this post on the same day in which I started it, I can add in retrospect that I lost track of Fernandez. If he is okay to play, then Boston will be just fine. Conklin works hard. This is a good example as to what different defences can do for a pair of goalies, from what I can tell. I’m still working on Western Conference teams. Of course, out of all the goalie-“qvists”, the Rangers are sitting pretty as compared to the others. I’ve been watching Johan Hedberg, Lehtonen and Nittymaki recently and will get to them in the next entry. Theodore appears to be experiencing a “new wind”, in a sense, and he looks refreshed and ready to for action.

New Jersey is set, as usual. Brodeaur knows his craft, as it were. Ryan Miller can’t stay as solid as he would like and I think he might be getting frustrated. Some of his time in front of the net seems to get affected by his frustration level. I need to watch a few games before I go too much more into my thoughts on NHL goaltenders. I won’t drop the subject before mentioning that I still have great confidence in Luongo, Legace and Biron. Theodore and Vokoun are the two I think can really stand tall, but I am not sure if they know they can. Rock on Netminders! Yay Olie for your 300th win! Secretly, everyone wants to be a goalie. “Nickleback” has got it all wrong. Everyone doesn’t want to be a “Rock Star”, the all want to be netminders.

Music is a great thing. I’m a full-on music “pimp”. I do the best I can anyway. People’s voices are very interesting instruments. Some are crystal clear, while others are deep and scarred. To me the voice is my favorite instrument, because it is something that the musician has use of non-stop into infinity, I guess. Your voice is completely controlled by your own body and it is technically an “invisible” instrument. I don’t suppose there is any good reason for this paragraph, but there’s not sense deleting it now.

The Washington Capital’s majority owner, Ted Lenonsis, has a personal blog. I read his blog entries often. Check it out for yourself. I am considered an “outlier” on most “Bell Curves”, so maybe it’s just me, but some of the summarized e-mails he posts on his blog from e-mails he receives seem out-right unbelievable! I learn a lot from his blog and I respect his position. It is so “off-base” for someone like me to come-up with any kind of good rationale for sending him an e-mail of that sort. There is a topic related to “Ted’s Take” I’d like to expand a bit. I’ve taken entirely too long to get this published, so look for it the next post.

Many people I have known over the years and I have discussed what made us mad at the time of the conversation. It was often surprising what sorts of things piss-off others. Generally, I was the most tame. However, I could have been crowned the “angriest”, in one or two categories. As many people from Tibet will say, “anger feeds anger; it is unecessary”. While I do agree in theory; it’s the practice of not feeling anger that strips me up. One of the categories that could get me pretty well good and mad is “bullshit”. People bullshit all the time. When my shovel gets too full of bullshit, I lighten the load. Wading through bullshit is a long and arduous task. I won’t condone bullshit, but I also won’t condemn it either. Personally, I’d like to find out what it’s like with a lot less bullshit.

Some “bullshit” happens when a group of friends are together. Sometimes there is “hockey bullshit” and other times there is “shoe bullshit”. This is “bonding bullshit” and it is one of the reasons I cannot simply condemn “bullshit”. Some people are better at detecting “bullshit”, while others are better at presenting “bullshit”. The specific nature of “bullshit” clashes directly with certain self-needs of mine that have to do with efficiency. I can now see that I’ve gone off on a bunch of “bullshit” so thanks for stopping here and readin my “bullshit”.

It’s time for me, my puffy shirt and my instrument to take care of some household chores. Hockey Rocks – no bullshit. Say hello to your instruments for me – peace – mia


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