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The Caps Win Two in a Row, Internet Search on NHL Goalies, and my Random Thoughts

March 18, 2008

Not surprisingly, I’m sending afternoon greetings from the Great Hockey Void. It’s been difficult to keep my blog posts as current as I might like. My thoughts are also more scattered recently. Perhaps I can adjust. Until then, onto the hockey I will go. I’ll start with the Washington Capitals “Hey guys, win every game.” That about sums it up for me. Playoffs are fun, profit producing, a fan-favorite and one heck of a confidence booster. What else can I say? GO CAPS GO!!!!!!!!

I have several games recorded that I need to take a look at, but essentially, this time of year I am particularly goalie-specific. I think I had a different approach prior the “lockout” (what a crappy year that was – eh?). It made more sense to be goalie-specific at a different point in the season. It’s always an interesting phenomenon to dive into search enging mode and search for information on NHL Goalies. For example: there are many “Top Ten NHL Goalies” lists available on the internet. The majority of these lists have placed Patrick Roy as the nember one goaltender of all time. Majority or not, I place Martin Brodeaur at the top of the NHL best goalie’s of all time pile. It is doubtfull that someone could change my mind about Brodeaur’s stunning “goalieness”. Perhaps I am favoriting the East Coast, because that’s where I have lived for most of my life. No matter; Martin Brodeaur is a shining example of what I might call “His Goaliness.” He’s still got a few years to play his game as well. Patrick Roy, of course, can take a very, very respectable #2 on my list. Who cares about lists anyway. Probably not “His Goalieness, Martin Brodeaur.” Go Goalies!

At this point, I have only used to search. I’ll be using other SE’s tomorrow. Another stand-out from the perspective seemed to be that out-dated and un-updated sites, blogs and news stories were all featured on the first page of every single search done regarding current NHL Goalies. There were a total of 22 combinations/permutations of searches done, as far as I remember, and there were barely any current, updated pieces of useful information within the first three pages. Considering that I also followed links, two times through for each link, and I still couldn’t find much information; I don’t think it’s an “” problem. It should become more clear when I search again with a different SE tomorrow. Netminders ROCK entirely too much to have so little internet exposure. It just doesn’t seem right. Go Goalies Go!!!

In a general sense, I am very much a “tech-head”. I visit technology related issues often. I have a problem-solving nature, so technology is very interesting to me. It’s great in so many ways. It’s also an inefficient pain the ass in some ways. I think I have a fairly unique view of it all that steps far behind, around, under, above or through tradintional boundries. Who knows really, but I mention technology, because I have been working on the “First Love Animal Services” over the last week or so. The task became a battle of who was more of an idiot – Me or Me. My idea of a mouse-over was totally the problem and I could have saved myself a good amount of time and effort if I had just gotten it right the first time. It turns out that “I” won the battle of the biggest idiot. To quote “George Costanza” – “I am Mia, Lord of the Idiots!”

Thankfully, I got more things accomplished more quickly after that bone-head maneauver. I don’t think I agree with the idea that user’s of the internet should be charged money for certain services. I’m not sure I can touch upon a tangible reason for my thoughts right now, but after what I like to call “swamping through it”, I feel strongly in a certain direction. I plan to keep going until I either get the site up and working, or until I have to take a break to move, whichever comes first. Technology is such a broad-reaching and general word nowadays. I’m am definately not a fan of certain aspects of “technology”.

The National Sleep Foundation is important to me, because they allow me to keep thinking that someone is “on my side” as it were. I was literally pleading into the heavens last night – begging for sleep. Here’s a fine example of a situation I once heard someone refer to as “the Gypsy Curse”. I asked for sleep and I got it. Of course, I discovered that I didn’t want it, because my dreams were amazingly vivid, frustrating, painful and disturbing. Over the last three days, I have felt as though I’m awake and asleep at the same time. It’s the only way I can describe the feeling. Sleep Issues are beating the living snot out of me, metaphorically speaking, and I’m getting less and less able to keep a clear sense of wakefulness. To be bluntly sarcastic about it – “It’s a glorious treat” that makes all else seem so “small” and “big” at the exact same time. I know that the NSF and the Narcolepsy Network are working hard to get funding from the government and can use all the help they can get. If you need to understand why supporting sleep researh is necessary – just keep checking back in on this blog and read about how much of life is currently “unavailable to me” and at points in my day, I can sink to the point of thinking about how messing around with someone’s sleep is probably more effecetive than “water-boarding”.

Beside the fact that my appearance is quite poor, and I feel much worse than I appear, my take on spending a lot of time out in public has become what some may think is “anti-social”. Perhaps it is, but the sense of presense I have regarding the situation is more suggestive of “perfectly satisfied with my social interactions in most areas (except for a couple of really good ones). I also have enough sense to know that I’m entirely too difficult to deal with in the state that I’m in at the moment, so the right thing to do in my mind, is keep myself a far from others as possible. It would take a strong individual to deal with my mouthy, agonized, sleep deprived, puffy little attitude. Seems like too much to ask. If obtaining medical care in the U.S., for the average American, were more efficient and helpful, I might actually have some physical relations. That’s right Hillary, the health care system in this country is so out-of-date and useless, a gal can’t even get sex. What is up with that!

Uh, wait, um, what was I thinking about? Oh, the sleep deprived probably don’t score very often. If that’s not a reason to help support the National Seep Foundation, I don’t what is? I suppose I just outed the fact that I am hoping the National Sleep Foundation can be my proverbial “wingman”. So, send your checks and assistance to the National Sleep Foundation, because Mama needs some hot yummies. I better stop typing now. I need my hands for something else.

In my last entry I mentioned “Ted’s Take”. I still plan to touch on Ted’s blog, but in order to be sure I publish before the Capitals play the Predators at 8pm in Nashville. I have put a deadline policy in place for this incarnation of my blog. I’m still struggling, but I plan to make today’s self-imposed deadline. I would like to take quality time to get into the personal blog of Mr. Ted Leonsis, majority owner of the Washington Capitals. It will appear in the next post which I will work on during tonight’s Caps game against the Preds at 8pm. GO CAPS GO!!!!

Onward to the playoffs the Caps should go, and off this laptop I should go. There’s a cold, cold shower waiting for me – Singers can really stick it – peace – mia


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