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More NHL Playoff Hockey and My Goalie Thoughts

April 20, 2008

A fond NHL Playoffs “hello” to all. The Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. was rockin’ yesterday afternoon. I know I have never been to a Capitals game that has been so loud before. The last regular season game was almost as rowdy and I wasn’t in attendance for the first two playoff games, but last night was ridiculous. And I mean ridiculous in a very good way. Of the few Flyers fans who were in attendance, I can say for sure that the Caps fans weren’t having any of the Flyers fans’ “hey, we’re louder than you” crap. It was the best atmosphere I’ve ever seen at a Capitals game. It was a grand pleasure being a part of that. Of course, Washington beat Philadelphia 3-2 and that made it all that much better. Yes, the Washington Capitals are still in it and I have no problem pulling the old “I told you so!” at this point. The Caps ROCK!


I watched three NHL playoff games yesterday, but it’s a foregone conclusion that I will start with the Caps-Flyers game 5 in DC yesterday. Let me start with the netminders, Huet and Biron. I really got a good look at Biron and Huet yesterday and although there is a size difference, both are generally capable of all the qualities needed for a great playoff netminder. Huet is extremely nimble and quick. Biron is highly focused and a talented reader of plays. In this case I am totally biased in several ways, so I will sing the praises of Huet. Although to be fair to Biron, the next game, or two will be the ultimate tell.


At some juncture in my endless blogging, I wrote that I thought Huet was the shortest NHL goalie playing this season. Well, I was wrong. I forgot about Manny Legace and I believe there are at least two more whose team stats state that they are shorter than 6’0”. As for goalies over six foot, I’ll start with Marty Brodeur. I have some catching up to do, but I hear that he snubbed Avery after the Rangers knocked the Devils out of the playoffs. Accident, unsportsmanlike, personal issues? Personally, if those two have a beef – they have a beef and that’s all I can comment. The Rangers will move forward.


The Boston- Montreal game last night had a third period filled with all sorts of excitement. I had thought that Carey Price might cave under the pressure, but that hasn’t been the case. There’s a lot of room for improvement, but kudos to Price. Tim Thomas is one of my favorites this season, so it was great to see Boston come out on top and force a game 7.  Montreal didn’t have a super game and Boston seemed to simply just want it more, so onto game 7 they will go. Higgins had a good night and the third period was loaded with goodies. It was a playoff game indeed.


Colorado took on Minnesota last night as well. It’s interesting to be watching Foote, Sakic, Hedjuk and Forsberg playing together with Jose Theadore in net. The Avs outplayed The Wild, but it wasn’t without a fight. I think N. Backstrom (G), could have used a lot more defensive assistance and Theadore is just plain having a great year, so there was a sharp contrast in goaltending last night. Of course, I’m a goof-ball so I still chuckle under my breath sometimes when I see footprints on Adam Foote’s jersey, but Colorado, footprint jerseys or not, had a much more experienced team all-around and it showed. Next year, The Wild might just surprise us all, just like Nashville is doing this year.        


Okay, I’ve got an injured animal at my door so I’m off. Hockey for you, Hockey for me, Music, Music, Music-they’re both for everyone you see – peace – mia  

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