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1st Round of NHL Playoffs, Carey Price Stands Strong and My REM Vibes

April 21, 2008

Hi there! It’s been a great playoff showing so far. I was pulling for the Nashville Predators, but the Detroit Redwings overtook them and are headed to round 2. I don’t know much about Dan Ellis, but Osgood turned on the magic for Detroit and they should all be kissing his ass right now. The Preds showed a lot of heart and it was a good series. Maybe next year!


Jose Theadore as just had a fantastic year. What a great thing to see. Colorado looks a lot different in the playoffs than they did at the beginning of the season. Joe Sakic is prone to the injured list, but so far so good as far as the playoffs are concerned. I think I spent more time checking out Theadore than Ellis, but I’m sure the playoff experience has made an impact on Ellis’s style. We’ll see. So Detroit moves on and so does Dallas.


The Stars-Ducks game was frustrating to watch. I can’t explain exactly why, but I discovered I was annoyed a lot. I’m starting to think that the post lock-out rules and adjustments have lead to a pattern of teams who won the cup the previous year not making it past the 1st round of the playoffs. Pronger took a bad penalty in the third, I’m not sure I agree with 1/3 of the officiating and Dallas had the home crowd, so Dallas will move forward this year. Nabokov and Turco are both experienced netminders who know the ways of the playoffs and it was clear they both brought their “A” game, every game. I also think there were two players, one on each team, who played injured and should not have. The Stars get a look at the 2nd round this year.


Horray for wirey Kiprusoff! At the beginning and even middle of the season, I thought he was having trouble concentrating. I still get the feeling he’s not playing all out, but a 1st round shut-out is nothing to sneeze at. I’m always a fan of Iginla. He’s a player indeed. Plus, he grooms his eye-brows like an expert. But Seriously, I was thinking at the beginning of the series that Calgary would go down in a sweep. Go Calgary! I was wrong about the sweep. I’m not sure what’s up with Cujo.


And yes, there is a game in Philly this evening. The Capitals need to win to get to game 7 at home. I have managed to get a ticket for the game in Comcast Country. Despite it’s affiliation with the Washington Capitals, I am NOT a fan at all of Comcast. In my mind, they have dropped-the-ball and kicked it out-of-bounds entirely too many times to earn the right to my patronage. Anyway, I’ll be in the far reaches, against the wall, cheering on the Caps through the screaming bullies in good old Comcast Country. And yes, I will be Rockin’ the Red. Go Caps Go!


In between all the hockey goodness, I’ve been trying to re-file for a name change, go to court for my present landlords lawsuit against the former occupant of what is now my humble apartment, go to the Internist, go to the dermatologist, go get day long blood tests, go get two radiographs done, go back to the neurologist to find out if I have a tumor near my eye, take two cats to get shots and clean teeth, re-file for a small business loan after the name change FINALLY complete, un-pack assorted boxes, find a replacement for a First Love Animal Services board member who has decided to retire early to take care of his brother who has Parkinson’s, see two different lawyers for two completely separate legal issues, and a whole host of other things that I won’t take the time to type out here. Oh and I have to find a job as well. Or rather something that produces financial gains. One of the major issues with my absolute nightmare of a home sale was the fact that I was instructed to wait to file name change paperwork until the sale was complete. I didn’t see that as a problem four months ago when I signed the sale contract. Of course, as the weeks went by and turned into months, the change of name became quite a problem. Now I have to re-file and change my name for court proceedings and that pile of “red tape” is just not something to which I’m looking forward. Ain’t life grand?


Well, I’m not in the hospital, the Caps are still in for at least one more game, I fixed my guitar so it sounds like the old friend I know and I have moved successfully – I suppose it’s all as it should be at the moment. I’m sending out the WIN vibes to the Washington Capitals and I am happy that I finally have had a chance to hear the new REM full-length release, “Accelerate”. I have been feeling more “alive”, so to speak, since delving into “Accelerate”. I have extra WIN vibes for the Capitals now – thanks to REM. Go Caps! Go Music!


Carey Price, Montreal goaltender, is standing up to the pressure and has been very impressive through the 1st round so far. He’s had some good coaching. It’s good to see a very young netminder get to a game 7. I think Boston is going to have a very hard time edging out Montreal. I’m going with the Habs on this one.


It’s time to suit up in RED and try to out-shout some Philly fans. Not sure I’m to it, but that will probably change once I’m there. Shout your hockey song loud – there’s a lot of noise out there. Sing to your net – It’s a safe bet – peace – mia




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