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Caps or Flyers, Calgary or San Jose and My Personal Picks

April 22, 2008

Hey there – we’re rockin’ the red around my parts these days. The Washington Capitals came back in the 2nd last night and beat the Flyers 4-2, forcing a game 7 tonight at the Verizon Center in Washington DC. Woooooooo-hooooooooo!!! What a game. Ovechkin put in two, young Backstrom put in one and Alexander Semin, quick thinking as always, saw his shot and took it, putting the puck behind Biron as well. I was a bit anxious in the first period, so I tried some superstition based activities, but shortly before Backstrom put the 1st puck in the net for the Caps, I decided I would cheer as loudly as I could – through the throngs of howling Flyers fans. I may have pushed it a bit, because my throat is unhappy this morning. No matter – I’ll be closer to the action and with a home crowd tonight – I don’t have to be as loud! The Capitals Rock!! Oh yes, yes they do!


Most of the Flyers fans left me alone, other than to point at their orange and black shirts or telling me that the Flyers rule, or that the Capitals suck. I did have to avoid some pissed-off, drunken Philly fans in the parking lot, but I was in the car and headed home before most of the fans could even figure out what had just happened. It was loud at the Wachovia Center last night, but I can almost bet that the Verizon Center Caps crowd’s gonna be shaking the walls and media trucks tonight. I think the guys are ready and confident. With the home crowd, the way it’s been lately anyway, the Capitals should be saying “hello” to the 2nd round of the playoffs very soon. Go Caps Go!


Wow, did you see Montreal roll-over Boston? I had a feeling the Habs would reign, but a shut-out for Price! So the East is waiting for tonight’s Caps-Flyers game in DC to lock-up the 2nd round and the West is waiting to find out if it’ll be Calgary or San Jose joining Dallas, Detroit and Colorado. Kiprusoff has done a great job, calm and cool all the way, and Carey Price has got to be feeling good with two playoff shot-outs under his belt. Wow! I’m going with Calgary in the West and the Capitals in the East. Go Caps Go!


I’ll keep this entry short today. I’m gearing up the red for the Caps-Flyers game tonight. I would not miss this game, even if I was dead. Somebody would be dragging my dead body to the Verizon Center!! It’s going to be a good game – I’m sure.


Have some music pie, then go make the Flyers cry – peace – mia


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