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One Happy Washington Capitals Fan!

February 27, 2009

Hello out there Hockey Fans! I am once again blogging about my beloved hockey from the center of the Great Hockey Black Hole, otherwise known as Harford County, MD. I suppose I should simply just face the fact that I keep getting pulled back into the black of hole of hockey because it just might be up to me to fill the void with all of my hockey enthusiasm. Who really knows? All I know is that I haven’t lost my passion for the sport, despite my extended time in a place where people would rather tip over a cow than watch a game of hockey.

Circumstances have lead me back to the rural setting of my youthfull stomping grounds and I have learned to accept that almost everyone I see has not idea that they are missing out on the greatest sport ever to be played. Currently, I lack the technology to watch hockey in any form – other than the NBC game of the week if my friends at the Arnett-Wilson compound provide me with a TV that isn’t playing Elmo or Mickey as entertainment for their son Hunter or being used as a Wii tournament venue.

I do miss my hockey, but it seems as though I filled myself to the brim over the last two years, so there is a calm in knowing that I probably got more hockey in my life in the last two seasons than anyone else on Earth (other than those who are paid to have a life full of hockey).

Well, I cannot comment with any great confidence on the present goalie situation in the NHL right now, but I can gleefully and proudly remind and all who may stop-by and read hear for a bit that the Washington Capitals are making their mark on the NHL and their is no longer anyone who can deny that without being slightly “touched in the head”, as my father would put it.

I am so happy for the entire crew in Washington.  It still saddens me a bit that Kolzig isn’t a part of the ride, but major, kick-ass kudos to the Washington Capitals are still in order.  Maybe, just maybe, all this positive media attention will help me fill the ever-present hockey black hole in which I reside. Perhaps one day, I will feel less isolated by the ever-oppressive,  surrounding hockey-less silence.

One thing is for sure, it will be tough to beat the Capitals when play-off time comes around. There’s a lot of positive momentum on their side. Not to mention the throngs of red shirts that now fill the Verizon Center. It just makes me silly-happy to see. I must also admit that I feel a great inner-sense of  “I told ya so!” Or to be more honest, I think it’s more like “In your face!” I find it hard to refrain from informing anyone who will listen (and even those who don’t care) that I never lost faith in the CAPS. I may have urged them on in my blogs with some very “stratight to the point” language – but I have never lost faith. As a dedicated fan and, more the point, pusher of hockey and especially the Washington Capitals, it is a great season for the Capitals no matter what happens from here on out.

I am hoping that the Universe will bless me with a high-powered, outdoor antenna by the time the play-offs hit network TV. I live in a barn right now, and the metal roof renders all wave frequencies pretty much useless for proper reception. No cell phone. No Radio. No TV. All of that generally equals – no hockey for me. Still, I get my fixes through free wi-fi at Public Libraries and gracious hosts who allow me a seat at their personal computers. I doubt that even death could keep me from my hockey.

I will need to re-build my life from scratch, which is bound to take some time. Having stated that, it should come as no surprise that I will have to shelve my vigilant exploration into the world of the NHL goalie and concentrate on regaining my ability to monitor the happenings of the NHL. However, I will make it a point to blog here as often as I can about whatever hockey info. I may stumble across along my way.

I am sending all my best positive thoughts to the Washington Capitals and hope that they just plain plow over any team that gets in the way of the cup. As I’m sure most of the other long-time Washington Caps supporters feel, it is our time to strut around like proud momma hens and that’s exactly what we’re going to do!

GO CAPS GO!! Don’t forget to check out my other blog on wordpress to sharpen your reading skills. What can I say – I share. That’s jsut what I do! Peace – Mia


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