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Have Faith in the Hockey Gods and They Will Have Faith in You

March 17, 2010

3/17/10 7:37 p.m. (EST)

Yes, I know – it seemed likely that this blog would die a barely noticable death. Almost, but I have just been blessed with a more reasonable and dependable method of joining the rest of you out here on the net again.

It has been a while, but it certainly had nothing to do with a lack of interst in NHL Hockey on my part. Sometimes, life can throw 16 curve balls at once, then turn out the lights and expect that you will be able to catch them all. Obviously, that’s not what happened. Metaphorically speaking, I got showered with curve balls and couldn’t even see them coming before they put me into the fetal postition, waiting for the last one to hit.

Well, Here I am yet once again. There’s so much I’d love to comment on regarding my beloved NHL Hockey, but I’m going to try to stick to three major topics. One of those topics can be covered by simply stating that my NHL Hockey experience is ever-so-slightly diminished without #37 Olie Kolzig – my favorite of all time. Note that I am not stating he’s the best goalie, now or ever, but he is my favorite and that won’t ever change. Miss ya ‘Zilla.

Now, onto Ryan Miller. There are some excellent goalies in the NHL today. I have been impressed with Bryzgalov of late. The Coyotes have a netminder with a serious HOT-HOT streak going on. Very nice for the goaliephile in all of us. But it’s Ryan Miller I give all due cheers to so far this season. It isn’t just the Olympic performance, which was nothing short of exlemplary, it’s the last two seasons in general. I’ve always maintained that I ‘m not much of a stats kinda girl, so without looking at straight numbers (and I haven’t) the big double thumbs-up goes to Ryan Miller for consistency, excellent play under pressure and just all around goodness in goalkeeping. It’s too bad he took his blog away from his website. I rather enjoyed the little glimpse into the thoughts of a goalie. Buffalo should keep that gem for as long as they can.

Okay, so now I can get to the heart of the post and get to my Washington Capitals. Without being too “in your face” about the whole thing – I have to say to all those hoards of people who couldn’t stop themselves from giving me crap all these many, many years of CAPS fever on my end – Oh ye of little faith – bite me. I realize D.C. hasn’t brought the Cup home yet – but they will. If anyone really wants to tell me that the Capitals aren’t on the path to the Cup, then perhaps I’ve been reclusive for a bit too long. Personally speaking, if the CAPS make the Stanley Cup finals this year – I am putting it out there right now – I will clean your toilets for the entire off-season if you let me come to your house and watch your television. I am not kidding. Sad to say, I can only watch 2 channels and those two channels are 100% hockey-free. Figures. If you want to know more about why my life is so “minimal” right now, you can check out my other blog right here. Anyway, it is a given that the CAPS are play-off bound. Yes, the “x (clinched playoff spot)” is not on the standings list as of right now, but let’s face it – 103 points is quite a lead. Not one of the other 29 teams has hit 100. It’s also safe to say that the Oilers will be hitting the golf balls fairly soon as well with 49 points. Let’s hope they actually get the best draft picks – unike a certain lock-out year “special” situation that no one likes to talk about.

As for Ovie’s 2-game suspension – I don’t make those decisions and neither do most of the people who aren’t happy with it, but it does seem excessive. It was “boarding” without question and a game misconduct is apropos. I didn’t see the game, but I have seen the clips and there are clips available all over the internet that show a much more clear intnet to injure that went virtually unpunished. I wonder what the criteria might be in that decision process? Happliy for all of us “Red Rockers” out there – Backstrom and Laich had the juice to take care of the last two games. I’m still not sure how the thought that Washington is a one guy team still persists. ROCK ON CAPS!!!

On a Capitals related note; I have to mention the maority owner Ted Leonsis. First, he has written a book (check for ordering information) titled “The Business of Happiness”. Well as it happnes, I have more time than has been the standard in my life up to about two years ago or so, and I’ve been reading books and putting a heavy stress on the world of Netflix. I got the book in the mail on Saturday afternoon and had finished reading it by early afternoon the next day. It went quickly and was a good read. I did actually sleep somewhere in there as well. I recommend this book for several reasons. Most importantly, I fully agree with a no nonsense pursuit of happiness myself. I may have had one heck of a difficult life in many aspects, but it hasn’t precluded me from happiness. Goals are good and happiness can lead to success.

As for Ted Leonsis himself; I have to admit that I am a fan of his. He truly is very, very fan friendly. He does answer fan e-mails and he maintains a level of transperancy that just isn’t common at all. I don’t always agree with everything he blogs about. I don’t share the same perspective with some of the thoughts put into his book, but the reason I am a fan of Ted Leonsis is because I have the ability to e-mail him and let him know how I feel about his book. I did exactly that almost as soon as I finished reading his book. First, I prefer to call my “list” the “Mia Life List”. I don’t mention die or refer to kicking the bucket, as in “Bucket List”, but essentially – it’s the same concept though. I also felt a slight personal insult relating to some pervasive thoughts in his book and previously written in one of his blog entries. I was as respectful as possible, because he deserves all proper repsect, but I did put my concerns in an e-mail and hit “send”. Of course, it dawned on me one keystroke too late that I had not really edited or run spellcheck before I sent the e-mail and I was close to highly pissed at myself for not doing those things because there were numerous typos and mistakes in said e-mail. It’s not my style to send something like that with all the many mistakes to someone I admire and appreciate. Afterwards I discovered that the CAPS had just finished a great game and Ovechkin was tossed, so in addition to my rather poorly edited e-mail; I was sure that Ted Leonsis would be too busy reading and responding to the throngs of Capitals fans who were undoubtedly filling his inbox with their post-game thoughts to worry about my error-filled written thoughts. I was just happy I could at least address the actual person who wrote the book and that was good enough for me.

The next morning, I went to work as normal and spent the first few hours doing my usual work related Monday report and teleconference. I usually take a few minutes here and there to check my personal e-mail and scan for the latest and greatest shortly before noon. I also give Netflix a look and try to find something I have not yet seen to add to my queue. (I’m pretty sure the folks at Netflix think I’m a total shut-in at this point). I checked my personal e-mail and just as I was ready to close the browser window, I decided to check my “junk mail” box so I could clean it out in preparation for the next onslaught of unsolicited garbage. There it was – sitting in the “junk mail”, right at the top – a reply from Ted Leonsis. When I read the very short reply to my e-mail, I sincerely could have been knocked over with a feather at that moment. I’ve had health issues and my office mate thought I was having some sort of medical emergency. I am keeping the content of the reply to myself for now, but let me just state that the hockey gods turned their collective eyes on me and smiled the biggest, brightest, most toothy smile ever. I thought that meeting Martin Brodeur and having a chance to talk to him for 15 minutes about all things goalie was about as good as it could ever get – I WAS WRONG!

So, GO CAPS GO and much love to the hockey universe for NHL Hockey and Ted Leonsis. ROCK ON! peace – mia


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