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Brooksie’s Mug and the Capitals Need to Stay Strong

March 24, 2010


It just so happened that I ate my lunch late today. I usually skim the site to catch-up on my beloved NHL Hockey. That’s when I saw this story about Capitals favorite Brooks Laich. The consecutive game streak is over. Laich will not be playing this evening against the Penguins in D.C. I have recently declared that the hockey gods have been more than generous to me over the last week or so, but now I am calling on them to watch over Brooksie. If I’m being greedy hockey gods, feel free to reverse my fortune as a punitive adjustment for asking for “one more thing.”

There isn’t much information out there right now, but I for one, am sending the most positive thoughts I can muster to Brooks Laich. I’m not concerned about the lovely mug – I’m concerned about his well-being and the fact that all he probably wants to do is to play hockey right now. As for the rest of the men in red, I hope they show Crosby and rest of the Pittsburgh gang (minus Malkin) how to a great hockey game is played tonight.

Injuries are one of the things that create challenging circumstances for every NHL team. It’s a stress on the entire team, but the Capitals have shown that their ability to be flexible with different players in and out fo the game throughout the season. It’s time for them to stay strong and hit the ice with a single, unifying focus – win, win, win. I know – no pressure guys – right? Let’s all the red rockin’ people out there visualize the puck hitting the back of net, behind the Penguins goalie Fleury (projected starter).

GO CAPS GO – Screw winning one for the Gipper – Go win one for Brooksie!! – peace – mia (


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