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D.C. Sports Bog and Retired NHL Netminder Kolzig – CAPS Hockey Fans

March 26, 2010


Good afternoon to all! To give you a brief background; I have a national security clearance and it is smart to run a web search on my name every once in a while to be sure nothing unexpected appears. For example – it probably wouldn’t be a good idea if a photo from 1995 clearly showing me standing next to two shirtless guys holding a 5-foot glass bong while I’m wearing one of those double-beer holding hard-hats and sporting a t-shirt that says F*&% THE MAN! is available for any internet user to find. Of course, there is no such photo (still in existence) and I am not at all saying there is such a photo, but just in case a photo of me volunteering for a non-profit in 1995 gets Photoshopped by some bored person is out there; I should at least be aware.

I “Googled” myself yesterday and discovered that I made the D.C. Sports Bog way back in December and I HAD NO IDEA. I certainly do remember sending the e-mail. I just got busy with work and never got time to check out the internet until the beginning of March. Well, that is – I did keep up with all the NHL Hockey and my Washington Capitals, but not much else. It’s no secret that I am a fan of Olie Kolzig, but after reading the comments at the end of this particular installment of Dan Steinberg’s Blog; I had to post my reaction to one particular comment here. Yes, yes, yes – I know I am more than 3 months late with this and I am irrelevant and not timely. I am slow and behind the times and all that blah, blah, blah. My blog – My timeline. Anyway, I have posted a particular comment here and will give my thoughts thereafter.

“That Olie comment is ridiculous. How many playoff series did Olie win this decade? Zero. What was his record in playoff games in this decade? 5-12. Let’s not even get into his regular season stats.

Olie’s success has always been over valued because of the 1998 run…which was the only year in which he backstopped the franchise to a victory in a playoff series.

During that same time frame Martin Brodeur won 2 Stanley Cups and appeared in a third and won playoff series in two other years. Heck, Caps goaltending coach Arturs Irbe had more playoff success in the nets than Olie did this decade, he made it to the Finals in 2002.”

Posted by: freakinandpeakin | December 14, 2009 8:45 PM

Okey-dokey “freakinandpeakin” – If it happens that you were referring to what I wrote about former Washington Capital’s goalie, Olaf Kolzig, which is very likely; I think you seem to have either misread, misunderstood or misinterpreted my point. I certainly wouldn’t want to presume that you simply can’t read English correctly now would I? I appreciate you “freakinandpeakin” for enlightening me with your wisdom. Although, I already knew all that and made no mention about Kolzig’s success as a player. As a matter of fact, I believe I clearly stated, “Yes, it’s true “Godzilla” was no Martin Brodeur,” in my e-mail. At no point have I blogged or said out loud that I believe Olie Kolzig was the best goalie, or Washington Capitals player. My point still stands – he was a leader and he went out there to defend the net time and time and time again – in front of one of the worst defenses in the NHL. CAPS defense is far improved, but for years is was thread-bare and weak and everyone knew it – including the Capitals. It  takes character, mental toughness and focus to continue that sort of challenge. Not to mention his charitable work is worthy of note.

One of the main reasons I do not spend a lot of my very precious time posting on discussion boards any more or following a pre-set, standard “this is how you blog about hockey” sort of paths is simply because of comments like that of “freakinandpeakin”. They are numerous and they are not adding to the intelligent structure of good, productive “conversation” via internet. I appreciate input and accept it here, no matter the form it takes, but formulating some logical understanding of the point the person you wish to debate is preferable to me. If “freakinpeakin” wanted to make a case for Irbe, he could have e-mailed like I did. Maybe I’m expecting too much? I suppose…

Go CAPS and comment away, even if people like me blog about it later (maybe that’s what you are looking for in the first place?) – Hockey Rocks – Love your Hockey! – peace – mia (sciencegirl99@excite.c0m)

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