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One “Ted’s Take” Post Got My Inbox Bombarded by CAPS FANS!!!

April 2, 2010


Typically, I get very little traffic to this blog. I haven’t had time to nurture it and “spread the word” so I certainly wasn’t bothered by my lack of readers. However, because of a post in Washington Capitals Majority Owner Ted Leonsis’s blog, Ted’s Take, I got a ton of traffic to my site. That’s great! I received several very nice e-mails from people who have had difficulties in their own lives and someone who has had the same experience at a Capitals game as I did. I got some e-mails from Washington Capitals fans who wanted to know what I wrote in the e-mail I sent to Ted Leonsis. I got many, many e-mails. Plus, I got an e-mail from a Penguins fan who has informed me that “I wouldn’t know good hockey if it hit me in the face like that puck that hit Brooks Laich in the face.”

It was very nice and thoughtful of people to send me e-mails and share with me. I know there are a lot of fantastic CAPS fans out there. I hope everyone stays strong and keeps on Rockin’ the Red!!!! Thanks for getting in touch. I did send replies to everyone who e-mailed, even the Penguins fan. However, two of the e-mails sent to me have prompted me to post in this blog today.

Someone felt it was a good use of his/her time to send me a multi-paragraph description of EVERYTHING that is wrong with this blog and my other blog. Here is what I have learned from this e-mailer: My blogs are ugly and meaningless. I don’t have photos of myself anywhere on either blog, because I probably have one of those “made for radio” faces that only a blind mother could love. I use stupid post titles that make no sense. I should be ashamed of myself for being so blatant about my sob story so that I could sit in the owner’s box. My blog posts are riddled with mistakes and I obviously don’t care about editing and have no idea how to use spellcheck. I should stop trying to get attention. I would be better off putting my efforts into learning more about technology before I try to use it. There are some other things I learned, but those are the key points.

Here’s my mistake-ridden attempt at using the technology provided me in the form of this ugly blog to display publically my thoughts on that e-mail: My sad, pathetic life and I simply can’t match-up to your expectations, so I will have to make due with my “made for radio” face and feel glad that my stupidity doesn’t affect very many people, considering no one cares about meaningless blog. I grew-up with angry brothers – that e-mail was fairly tame compared to some of the things they would say to me, your e-mail couldn’t have bothered me “if it hit me in the face like that puck that hit Brooks Laich in the face.”

The second e-mail I received was very brief. There is a CAPS fan out there who is now wholly convinced that “tits” can get girls anything (as in that’s how I got my nice evening watching a Capitals game from the owner’s box). Now, here’s where that logic fails – if I could use my “tits” to get me something – don’t you think I would have hoisted up my “girls” and put neon signs pointing at them in order to make sure I didn’t lose almost a million dollars? My “girls” just don’t have what it takes to get it done for me like that.

I have had many, many good laughs reading some of the e-mails. There are some funny and clever Washington Capitals fans out there. I found out that “Benjamin” got to see his very first CAPS game and had a blast! Go Benjamin!!! Much love to the Rosen’s who love their CAPS and also sent Ted Leonsis an e-mail.

Lastly, the actual content of any e-mail I send is not open for public view. Except for this one that I sent to the Penguins fan: “Hi (blank), I understand – you think you’ve been watching good hockey all these years as a Penguins fan. You’ve been conditioned to think that Pittsburgh hockey is good hockey – I fear the brainwashing has worked and you may need to seek help from a mental health professional. My best to you in your recovery…”

GO CAPS – GO CAPS FANS – Spread the love – peace – mia (

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