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Congrats to the Washington Capitals and Someone Sent an Excellent Prayer to the “Gods of Hockey”

April 6, 2010


It has been quite a busy time in the NHL. Of course, for the Washington Capitals, the busy time is filled with optimism, trepidation and the President’s Trophy. Much love and Kudos to the Washington Capitals for all the hard work. We fans thank you for doing what you do. Now, let’s see if we can’t bring home the Mother of all glorious trophies. And to help that along; I found this awesome prayer to the “Gods of Hockey” and felt the need to spread it around as much as I could. ROCK!!!

The Washington Capitals beat Boston last night at home in yet another overtime game. Way to go Brooks Laich for the winning goal. Not to mention; Jose Theodore held-up like a champ. It’s good to be a CAPS fan. But, there’s no time for trophies or celebration, because the Capitals are in Pittsburgh tonight to see if they can’t shut-down the Penguins in their final match-up of the regular season.

I would love to see (okay-hear-thanks to CAPS 1500) a blow out tonight, but I’m also conservative on my enthusiasm for reasons I won’t dare mention for fear of a jinx. I’m getting all sorts of silly, paranoid, superstitious at this point. I drank my morning coffee from my “away game mug”, so all should be right in the hockey universe!

Go CAPS – Happy Hockey to all – peace – mia


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