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Hockey and Women – Here’s Some Fodder for “Grapes”

April 6, 2010


Okay – I could not resist sharing some of these “woman at hockey games” type links. According to Mike, it seems that I’m a “Die Hard”, but I don’t have an away jersey, so I must be slacking. Which one are you? Or – which one would you date? I’m single by the way. 😉  I think his comment section just about covers it all too! I am actually finding these links for work, believe it or not. I’ve got to roll-out some “deliverables” so I’m finishing out my “product” with some interesting social commentary. That’s how I stumbled onto these fantastic links.

Of course, there are some laughs involved in all of this, but maybe this female Habs fan has a point? I do think about certain perceptions that others may have about a female hockey fans sometimes, but I usually get distracted by a game and forget all about it. Maybe I’m too “manly” to care?

As a finale – here is a Blue Jackets female fan who is convinced that Columbus doesn’t appreciate the female hockey fan. I suppose I can see where she is coming from, but I have to take the “Mia” defense here and simply state – it’s only a “man’s world” in your minds ladies. Walk the walk and prove yourself and you shouldn’t be “as sensitive”.

Yup, I know – I probably just stepped in it – no matter – Go Caps – love your NHL Hockey no matter your “plumbing” – peace – mia (


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