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Paying It Forward – Looking for CAPS Fan with 400 Level Seat to Trade for my VIP Row B Seat – CAPS-Bruins Game – 4/11

April 7, 2010

Updated 4/8/10 (Game time is 12 noon)

Yes, it’s true – I will make an even trade of my single, Section 109, Row B (second row) seat with a CAPS fan who has a ticket in the 400 Level for the last CAPS home game of the regular season against the Bruins this Sunday, 4/11 at 3:00 12 P.M. No catch – no kidding.

Here’s why – the hockey gods have been very nice to me and I got two awesome CAPS related surprises at about the same time last month. First, Ted Leonsis, Washington Capitals Majority Owner and blogger (check out Ted’s Take) was gracious enough to invite me to see a game with him in the owner’s box. You can read about my great night here. Second, a very kind and thoughtful person at University of MD Medical Center took up a collection for me after I had a brain tumor removed through my nose in February. The collection was meant to help me keep my yearly CAPS tradition of getting a seat as close to the ice as I am able for the last home game of the season. I was fortunate enough to get a single Row B seat for that game, because of the awesome people at UMDMC. Both of those two things were complete surprises and I can’t even begin to express how much I appreciate the  kindness and generosity of Ted Leonsis and the UMDMC medical staff.

I decided last week that I wanted to share in my wealth of CAPS happiness, but didn’t know how. Then I spoke to the person at UMDMC who initiated the collection so that I could see my CAPS and keep my tradition. He wants to remain anonymous, so he’ll be known as John Doe in this post. John Doe and I agreed that it might be nice to try to trade my Row B seat with a CAPS fan who has a seat in the 400 Level for that game. It is only one seat, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to at least try. I have met many, many great fans up in the 400’s over the years and I know how exciting a game can be from ice-level. Maybe there’s one CAPS fan out there who has never seen a game from Row B before?

Here’s the deal – I will accept e-mails from CAPS fans at until 12 noon this Friday, 4/9. Any CAPS fan with a seat in the 400 Level of the Verizon Center on 4/11 who would like to trade that seat for my Row B seat should e-mail and include the following information: 1) Your name and 2) a number you can be contacted between 12 Noon and 4 pm on Friday 4/9. Each CAPS fans who sends an e-mail between now and then who has a legitimate return e-mail will have his/her name put into a hat and John Doe will choose a name at random for the switch. You may send another person’s name, but this is a ticket switch, so the person you nominate should have a 400 Level seat. One e-mail per person please. An alternate will also be chosen in case there is an issue with the first person selected and the alternate will get a special treat as well.

This will be an even trade, but the person who trades seats with me MUST be a CAPS fan and MUST promise to be a respectful and courteous fan while at the game.

Any takers? Go Caps! – peace – mia ( – If you can’t take advantage of this trade – I’d be very appreciative if you could help me “spread the word”! ROCK ON!!!

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