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Karen- Come on Down! Caps Fans Have Rocked the Love!

April 9, 2010


If you happened to catch this post, then you’ll know why Karen will be getting a different look at the Washington Capitals play the Boston Bruins this Sunday at the Verizon Center. Karen will be moving from the very last row to the second row on Sunday. I will be Rockin’ the Red from up, against the wall in section 430. I couldn’t be happier to be in the building to continue my yearly tradition with the other great fans and I couldn’t be happier for Karen who is excited to see what it’s like in section 109.

It was so awesome to get e-mails from boyfriends, husbands, wives, friends, etc. who all sent in the names of their respective partners as a surprise. That’s some CAPS love right there! There were a grand total of 43 names in the lottery “hat”.

I’d very much to thank the folks at Japers’ Rink, Capitals Outsider and Russian Machine Never Breaks for doing their part to help me get the word out. Rock with Caps Hockey Bloggers! I’d also like to give a big old virtual hug to all those countless many who tweeted, sent texts and forwarded the post link to friends and family to get the word out as well.

Over the Easter weekend, I volunteered at the University of Maryland Medical Center. I helped out with the kids Easter egg hunt and tried to make paper bunnies to fill with goodies for the adults in the brain cancer center who are far away from their families. I made the ugliest, most jacked-up looking bunnies ever – but at least my bunnies made people laugh (they were truly pitiful!) I had to do something after getting such a great hockey-related surprise from some of the medical staff there. I mean, I was absolutely fine with just having a brain tumor removed successfully and being able to walk around with very little problems within THREE days. That was good enough for me, but no – they had to go and be all kind and thoughtful on top of that ;-). I had fun making my ugly bunnies and I hid an Easter Egg so well, I’m told no one has found it yet.

It’s great to be alive. It’s great to be Caps fan. It’s great that it’s Friday and it’s SUPER GREAT that Washington Capitals netminder Jose Theodore has been nominated for the Masterson.

No Pucks Allowed Behind Theodore – Rock on Caps fans – GO CAPS!!!!! – peace – mia (


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