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I Say – “Right On Peerless!” – Hey Mike Wise – We Like the Newer CAPS Fans!!!

April 13, 2010


As the Washington Capitals are hunkering down to focus on the challenge that is Montreal, we “old-school” fans are growing beards, reading playoff predictions and maintaining our own little tradition of superstitions. I have had conversations with some Capitals fans of old and some of the newer Capitals fans who are all enthusiastically filling the not-so-long-ago formerly empty seats of the Verizon Center with loud REDNESS! I am an “old-schooler” from way back. As such, I have to tip my hat to Peerless Prognosticator who pretty much conveyed my exact thoughts regarding the Washington Post’s Mike Wise’s contribution  to the sports columns of the internet today.

Here’s my contribution to the matter. I’m not sure who the “Caps high-art crowd” are Mike, but perhaps those 10% (or so you claim) are the diehards who do not represent MOST of the rest of us who are absolutely thrilled to see the Verizon Center filled with a sea of red. Perhaps lumping fans into a single “bandwagon” is a part of the entire problem in the first place. Yes, Mike, some of us have been driving the “bandwagon” for years and years, urging others to jump on board. A lot of the people who have supposedly jumped on the “bandwagon” are actually people who were brought in by the “old-schoolers”.

There’s something else I’d like to mention. Maybe the unwelcoming few Capitals fans have been conditioned over years and years of roller-coaster attendance and interest in the team they live for to believe that all the newcomers (including you and the rest of the local media) will just as quickly disappear as soon as you arrived. Maybe those rare few who you claim are “snobbish” and “highbrow” are simply protecting themselves from the change that will most likely come if the Capitals don’t have such a resoundingly fantastic season in the future. Personally, the more RED I see, the happier I am for the entire Washington Capitals organization and the guys on the team who are out there working hard to make it all happen for ALL the fans, old and new, young and old.

Of course, there are times when some of the “newer” fans express to me that they don’t know anything about the NHL lockout or the history of the Washington Capitals organization and that does give me a little twinge of disappointment on the inside. However, from my hockey-world perspective, that lament does not come from a sense of “I know more than you do and you don’t care about the team like I do.” I am merely feeling something different on the inside than those newer fans. There is more pride and a sense of long-overdue relief in many of us “old-schoolers” that newer fans could never understand. This Washington Capitals success is a sweet, sweet feeling that has been duly earned by hard-core, long-standing fans. I feel a little sad for the newer fans, because they may be on high like ALL the Capitals fans right now, but some of us “bandwagon” drivers are feeling something even greater, more powerful and that Mike is our hard-earned right.

Go Caps – Go CAPS fans – EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!!! – peace – mia (




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