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To “Boo” or Not to “Boo” a National Anthem – Did it Happen?

April 25, 2010


Matt left comments about this post related to the Capitals v. Montreal game last Friday night. Below is my response to those comments (which I do appreciate and I understand the point being made Matt).

I won’t change my story Matt, because there were people who did “boo” the Canadian National Anthem. One of them even e-mailed me to tell me that he “booed” in response to the Montreal fans who “booed” during the American National Anthem. It was a much more positive environment in the Verizon Center on Friday night than it was in Montreal previously. You are right about that and I agree. Good point. But, no less than three people who were at the game sent me e-mails and said that people around them were in fact “booing” during the Canadian National Anthem. Those people would not have made such a claim if it were not true. No Matt, it was not clearly audible like it was in Montreal – but it did happen.

Another reason I am keeping that post exactly as it stands is because there are some Montreal fans who visit the “musical” side of my blog and a few of them have e-mailed me to tell me that they only “booed” our National Anthem in order to throw the Capitals off their game. My blog post clearly states that NO ONE, ANYWHERE should “boo” during the performance of the any country’s National Anthem. This includes the Canadiens fans as well.

Also, when I checked my Facebook page on Saturday morning, there were folks who posted that they heard people around them “booing” the Canadian National Anthem and they were all at the game. I understand your point Matt and I get that the Washington Capitals fans were MUCH more positive than the Montreal fans – but in my world – if even ONE person “booed” – it is sad and makes me unhappy. When I mentioned that there are those of us out there who “would never “boo” the Canadian National Anthem”, I was referring to the MAJORITY of the Washington Capitals fans who DID NOT DO THAT.

Plus Matt, this is personal blog where I am 100% free to express how I feel about EVEN ONE person who “booed” during the Canadian National Anthem. Obviously, I am also sending out my opinions directly to the Montreal fans who disrespected our “Star Spangled Banner” – quite loudly. Thanks for your comment and if I did not get confirmation from a fan who admitted he “booed” and a few folks with whom I work who sat near people who “booed”, I would absolutely change my story.

Love your hockey – respect the music – peace – mia (


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