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2/27 Capitals Fall to Habs in game 6 – Holy Jaroslav “Hellblock”

April 27, 2010


I won’t be one of the many who will most likely disparage the Washington Capitals for their 4-1 loss to the Montreal Canadiens last night. They were shooting the puck – a lot. They were crashing the net – a lot. They were spending a good bit of time in the offensive end. As a friend to all goalies and a netminder enthusiast; I think Jaroslav Halak performed like some supernatural wizard last night. CRAP!!! It was a beautiful thing to see – but it also sucked. A person I work with called me toward the middle of the 3rd period and the first thing out of his mouth was, “It’s like Halak is protecting a row of Ming vases.” I replied with the comment, “The only way the CAPS are going to get one by this guy is if they use pepper spray on him!”

We had some fun and came up with some Halak nicknames and some other silly comments at that point. We weren’t trying to be mean. We were trying to distract each other from nervous frustration. He came up with Jaroslav “He’ll lock” you out of the net and I said something like, “The Capitals have a better chance of getting a goat pregnant than scoring a goal right now.” Then I said, “maybe if Halak doesn’t see the puck at all – it’ll go in.” So both of us concentrated on making the puck invisible. We were being silly, but it did appear that Fehr got the single Washington goal of the night because “He’ll lock” you out of the net didn’t see the puck until is a tad too late.

I thought Semin played a much more focused game and the rest of the guys weren’t just wandering around the ice aimlessly. It was Halak’s night last night. Here I was – all impressed with Flyers stand-out Boucher and Halak goes and has a game like that. Okay there “Hellblock”, that’s quite enough of that! Relax young man – you wouldn’t want to hurt yourself would you?

Many long-time fans probably know exactly what I mean when I say, “I’m nervous”. A game 7 in the 1st round could lead to yet another year of “keeping the faith”. Oh my, I’m getting too old for this. I don’t know if I can take THIS MUCH drama! (Go high on the stick side guys – it couldn’t hurt. And stop pulling the goalie when you’re 2 goals down – has it ever helped – at all?)

Let’s all vibe as hard as we can for a Capitals – Flyers series. I know they’ve got it in them and who wants to go through another 82 games just to get this chance again? GO CAPS GO!!!! Your fans are bleeding RED all over the place. ROCK IT HARD!

Let’s get a move-on to round 2 – GO CAPS! – peace – mia (


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