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Thanks to the NHL Regular Season #1 Washington Capitals, Kudos to the Habs and Brooks Laich Earns His Keep

April 29, 2010


I have not read a single thing about the Washington Capitals this morning. I did watch the Washington Capitals lose game 7 to the Montreal Canadiens last night. I am not angry. I am not frustrated. I am a Washington Capitals fan and I am now biding my time until next season begins. I would hope that all the long-time CAPS fans are reflecting in a positive light this morning. We long-timers got to see our CAPS win the President’s Trophy, end-up #1 in the NHL, and NOT be fighting for a playoff spot all the way up to the very last game of the regular season. Yeah, I’m growing old waiting for the Washington Capitals to bring the cup to D.C., but I wouldn’t want to grow old with any other team.

Brooks Laich is my new favorite NHL player. Yes, Olie Kolzig will ALWAYS be my all-time favorite (no one will be able to knock ‘Zilla from that top honor in my world), but the very reason I appreciate the hard-working hockey players in the NHL above most others was illustrated with perfection last night by Brooks Laich. He poked, pushed, tried, hacked, whacked, and dug, dug, dug until FINALLY; the puck went in behind the mighty “Hellblock”. If you never give up you will either accomplish what you set out to do or you will have never given up. Simple. Brooks Laich is my NHL Hockey Hero for the year. Thanks for all the hard work. ROCK THE HARD WORK BROOKS!

One Washington Capitals related observation that crystalized clearly for me after the end of last night’s game is that Bruce Boudreau seems to a be a “Jekyll and Hyde” coach. He can coach the hoo-ha out of a regular season Washington Capitals team, but seems far less than even reasonable as an NHL playoff coach. I say this mainly because I am a strategist and some of the decisions he has made over ALL THREE of the playoff years he has coached the Capitals, seem, well, not so smart. In terms of strategy, Jacques Martin kicked Bruce Boudreau’s butt. Boudreau should have made better decisions regarding his goaltenders. When to pull or when not to pull his goalies. Who should start what game and why. There are a ton of things that strategically would have kept the Canadians from establishing their strategy and having it become as resoundingly well-developed by the 6th and 7th game. The only things about this series that makes me unhappy were the many Boudreau unwise decisions. What’s done is done. I’m not the coach.

I hope the team and the entire Washington Capitals organization has a great summer and I will see them next season. I’ll be Rockin’ My Red loud and proud as usual. Maybe Boudreau will befriend an excellent chess player and play A LOT of chess this summer. GO CAPS!!!!

The Capitals may be out, but the NHL playoffs continue. I still have hockey left this season. I can’t root for the Sabres (I would have simply because of Ryan Miller) and I can’t root for the Coyotes (who wouldn’t want to root for them at this point – oh yeah – The Detroit fans). For whom should I root?  The Montreal Canadiens pretty much earned my respect wholesale in round 1, so for now – I’m a temporary HABS fan. A team has to win the cup. It might as well be the Montreal Canadians.

Love to the Washington Capitals – until next season guys…   -GO HABS!!! – peace – mia – (

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