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“ Says I’m Stubborn, “Peerless Prognosticator” Says I’m Delusional and On Frozen Blog’s Gone the Way of the DoDo

May 5, 2010

5/6/10 – UPDATE – On Frozen Blog  is back from its brief, mysterious disappearance

Happy Mexican Drinking Day everyone. I have two posts I promised previously taxiing down the runway to take-off here soon (one could be complete and up today) – BUT, they have been preempted here for two reasons. The first – I have learned from and Peerless Prognosticator that I am both stubborn and delusional. And second, I had a health set-back on Monday morning and spent two days in the hospital following an urgent visit the E.R. All is well now though.

This post will be quick. As mentioned here, seems to define fans like me as stubborn, therefore weak. Thanks guys – I DID NOT KNOW THAT. I have to concede and state that I am indeed, a glutton for punishment and I deserve whatever disappointment I get from the Washington Capitals. I have no excuse for my weakness. I cannot be strong – I must remain dedicated to the Capitals. Can you help me? – GO CAPS!!!!! (bite me

Also, Peerless Prognosticator feels that I am delusional. I can’t say I don’t see the point being made by Peerless, but by the definition and twice-mentioned description of someone suffering from “serious delusions”; I have no choice but to cop to my delusions and still be STUBBORN enough to stay with the sentiment that I do not see the Washington Capitals season as a complete “failure”. In this instance; my definition differs from that of Peerless. It is true that playoffs, then championships define success – however, the Washington Capitals did not “fail” in the regular season. Considering my long-time “weakness” in being a Capitals Fan – I simply must stick to my “delusional” state and maintain that a President’s Trophy simply can’t be considered a “failure” by any dictionary’s definition. I also was not even expecting the Stanly Cup this year. I expected forward progression. I expected the Capitals to make it to the Conference Finals. On that count – yes Peerless – they did fail.

While suffering from delusions and succummed to my weakness; I noticed that On Frozen Blog is no longer available. Anyone know that story behind the missing OFB?

Rock the Delusional Weakness if ya got it – peace – mia (


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