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Evidence the World Will End in 2012 – I AGREE with Don Cherry and I’m DEFENDING Sidney Crosby

May 10, 2010


It’s been one heck of a weekend for this musical goaliephile. I will be posting about it today or tomorrow in my other blog if you’re interested in paint ball fun (brains vs. braun and Canada vs. USA), 3-D movie experiences with a toddler, guitars, lebkuchen (Germans know how to make some yummy cookies),outdoor photography mishaps and bad pot roast. Along with all the festivities just mentioned, I also forced myself to sit and watch an entire NHL playoff game. I had a lack of NHL hockey enthusiasm problem after the Washington Capitals lost game 7 in round 1 to the Montreal Canadiens. On the upside, it has come to pass that I couldn’t be kept away from my beloved ice warriors for long. I watched the Pittsburgh Penguins play the Habs on Saturday night and really, really, really hoped at some point close to the ending buzzer that Montreal’s Coach Martin would prove me wrong about my feelings on pulling netminders when the losing team is 2 goals down.

I suppose pulling the goalie at two goals down when the losing team is on a powerplay was not something I mentioned in my original thoughts on the topic. I still don’t think it’s worth the risk, but on a powerplay at about 2 minutes left and at 2 goals down, I won’t be as judgemental. I’m not an NHL coach, so that’s a judgement call. The only time I could see myself, if I were an NHL coach, pulling a goalie at about 2 minutes or so left in a game and at 2 goals down would be in a playoff game 7 if my team were clearly on the offense for the previous few minutes. Anyway, I do not want the Penguins to get to the next round of the playoffs, so I really was truly hoping that the Habs would prove me wrong and at least tie for overtime play in game 5 on Saturday.  No such luck. The Pittsburgh Penguins now go into game 6 with a 3-2 game lead over the Canadiens tonight. To make matters more trying for the Habs – they’ve got injuries to players who have made a big difference on the ice in the playoffs. Go Habs Go!

So in Getting to Don Cherry and his ever-so-staunch opinions on all things NHL; I watched “Coaches Corner”, featured on the CBC’s “Hockey Night in Canada”. Most NHL fans are familiar with Cherry and his high-volume auditions accompanied by his wild, Jokeresque wardrobe, more often found in costume shops, rather than on men of a certain age. Typically, he manages to push every “annoy Mia” button and has been wholly responsible for alerting me to “I’m annoyed” buttons I didn’t even know I had. In the very rare Don Cherry public statement; I find some accord with one or two of Cherry’s thoughts. I have not ever run across a “Cherrytribe” (much like a diatribe, but louder and requires sunglasses to view) that I found exactly concurrent to my thoughts – until – May 8, 2010 and this edition of “Coaches Corner”.

I agree about the amount of penalties being called in the NHL playoffs. Many of the calls are subjective and could be viewed in a different light by the officials. I agree that Roberto Luongo’s coach should not have said that Vancouver has the “2nd best goaltender”. I agree with all of Don Cherry’s thoughts on this topic 100%. Luongo is not only the #1 goalie for the Canucks, but he’s also the team Captain. Coach Vigneault is a bad, bad coach if he operates like that. Bad coach – bad. Go Captain Bob Go!!! I also get the sense that the Winnipeg hockey faithful will be feeling the same vindication that the Baltimore area football fans who lost their Colts in the middle of the night felt when football finally returned to “Charm City” in the form of the Ravens. The Phoenix Coyotes will probably be another hockey-related, Canadian victory sooner, rather than later. Both “Grapes” and I are in agreement on the Coyotes move from Glendale, AZ to Winnipeg, Manitoba as well. Maybe a really wealthy American will save the “Desert Coyotes”. (Dear Hockey Gods, it’s me Mia…)

It is not a habit of mine to even think about the Pittsburgh Penguins. Ignoring them is about as good a Washington Capitals fan tactic I can muster. I don’t refer to Crosby as “Cindy”. I don’t make demeaning comments about “Gino” Malkin. The only thing I ever mention about the flightless birds from the 3-rivers PA metropolis is that I agree with a fellow hockey-lover I know from work and often refer to Marc-Andre Fleury as “Marc-Andre Five Hole”. (Hint, hint, hint to the Montreal ;-0) Today, yet another sign of impending doom to all “Habs” of this great planet Earth appeared with disquieting coincidence. This article from describes some of the critisism lobbed in Sidney Crosby’s direction over the weekend because he broke his stick in frustration and used “bad language” on the ice. If I were privy to on-ice audio and I didn’t hear foul language expelled from many different players in at least two different languages – I’d be prone to believe that I had died and gone screaming downward to “Hockey Hell.” This is not a refined, gentlemen’s-club debate team outing in high-society; this is NHL Mother F%#$*ng Hockey. These guys get several teeth knocked-out and respond by pulling out a remaining, calcium-coated straggler of a chicklet, then returning to game in short-order. Check out Washignton Capital’s hard-ass Eric Belanger in action!  There should be no doubt that Belanger didn’t say, “Oh bother, I seem to have been struck in the mouth by a hardened stick and the shattering of my teeth is quite disconserting I must say,” after taking slapshot maker hard to the yapper. These guys should be expected to project verbal foulness and I, for one, condone and encourage such behavior.

Just as the article mentions; Sidney Crosby isn’t the novel example of a player breaking a stick while dealing with inner-turmoil over a game. He won’t be the last. I can use a famous rocker’s public sentiment to hit my point over the fences at this point. Pete Townshend, of The Who fame and the guy who made the “windmill” something you do with a Fender Guitar, once said in an interview somewhere that it was much better to smash-up the guitars on stage than it was to take-out the frustration, emotion and anger on his bandmates by smashing guitars on them. If Crosby, the human being, feels emotion and breaks a stick as a result; I give him a thumbs-up for putting his heart and soul into the game. Of course, tonight – it’s okay to relax and enjoy a liesurely public skate if ya like there “Cindy” (tee-hee-couldn’t resist).

I think the Penguins are feeling their golf game, so how about you boys from Montreal be courteous and give them a hand with that? GO HABS – Go Captain Bob – peace – mia (

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