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6/8 Good-Bye Facebook and Brief Blogging Hiatus Almost Over

June 8, 2010


After a bit away from blogging here and on my other blog, I am breaking the silence just long enough to let those who were my Facebook Friends that my Facebook page is no more. Despite what some may say, including Ted Leonsis, I don’t feel the need to worry about what information is available to what person, organization and/or entity. For those of you folks out there with jobs that require background checks, or even those who are simply looking for work – is it worth the risk to your career feeling “That (Facebook) is where I need to be because everyone else is there.(?) It is so popular that it must be great. I only want to go to a party that is crowded and hard to get into.” For me personally, the answer is a resounding “NO.”

So, I have removed my Facebook page and now I get far fewer scam and spam e-mails. I also get the comfort of knowing that I will have one less thing to discuss the next time a background investigation is carried out on my life for work. If you’ve ever had an in-depth background investigation (SSBI for example), you’ll understand that I’d prefer the entire process to go quickly and with very few surprises.

Perhaps I’m an anti-social, misanthropic, hermit. Or perhaps, one day, those at the big Facebook party will either discover that privacy is important and does matter, or get tired of being open-victims of unscrupulous people who also spend their time casing the “big Facebook Party” with a keen eye on hapless socialites. Only time will tell – until then, everyone I know is kept well-aware of how to contact me and vice-versa.

I have purchased a new Solid State Drive for my old laptop and plan on having up-to-date technology very soon. Hence, my blogging will soon continue as normal. I have also been approached by individual hockey players and two organizations for my contract services. Negotiating these things is a bit tricky and what they would like to accomplish with my consultation may or may not be realistic, so I’ve been very quiet here in hopes of working out some hockey-related (more precisely – netminder related) consultation deals. I’m so paranoid about “the jinx” that I am now abruptly ending this entire post now. No decisions have been made and I’m still available for consultation as of today (yup – shameless self-promotion will happen here).

Go Flyers – Go Hawks – I don’t have a favorite – Just love the great hockey!!! I AM ALL ABOUT THE HERSHEY BEARS THOUGH!!! ROCK ON WITH YOUR STICKS FIRMLY ON THE ICE GUYS!!!! Love to all goalies out there!! – peace – mia –


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