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8/4/10 Is It Hockey Season Yet? and the “Kolzig” is the Magic Word

August 4, 2010


Short and sweet – I may be forced to be a passive Washington Capitals fan AGAIN this upcoming season. More details later. Regardless – I simply couldn’t ignore this announcement at regarding my all-time favorite, Olie Kolzig. Yup, I can’t really afford even $50 or so bucks, plus gas, plus the inevitable CAPS related merchandise I will just have to purchase while at the 2nd Annual Capitals Convention, but the confirmed attendance of Kolzig is about as potent to luring me to spend money on something NHL-Capitals-Kolzig related as catnip is to my cat. Both my cat and I are simply programmed, instinctually, to go to the source, get all wide-eyed and then run about frantically in a state of euphoric bliss. Let’s hope I don’t lie on the floor of the Washington DC Convention Center and roll from side-to-side like my cat will do when on a serious catnip “buzz”. 🙂 I’m not sure I’d be embarrassed as much as some of the bystanders and anyone affiliated with the Washington Capitals organization who will be obligated to admit that the crazy woman who went all-out bonkers on a “Favorite Goalie” high is one of their life-long, loyal fans.

I have been doing everything I can to keep my mind and focus on getting through the Summer hockey-hiatus. It has been a struggle. I was ready for more hockey by the beginning of July. Luckily, I did get to work with a couple of netminders over the Summer (still working with one to date) and I may be consulting for a hockey team on a trial basis over the ’10-’11 season as well. I spent a bit of volunteer time helping out with a “little dudes” hockey camp last month and I absolutely had a blast. Those kids made me laugh so hard, I sincerely contemplated wearing discreet bladder control undergarments to be sure no one could tell if I tinkled a little from constant giggling and full-on, belly laughs brought on by the antics of small fellas on ice. It’s not just what they say, it’s also the faces they make. I was no good after each day of camp – totally just no more good. ROCK ON LITTLE ICE DUDES!!

Hopefully, I’ll be getting to this blog more and more often now. I can’t make any promises right now – all things are in flux and my plan to be moved and more financially stable had to be adjusted more than I could have reasonably predicted. I’m thrilled to at least know for sure I have a ticket to the Capitals Convention, since I missed it last year. I probably won’t make any CAPS games without charity from fellow fans and a little help from the hockey gods – but hanging out with a horde of “Red Hearts” and in same building as “Godzilla” will suffice. GO CAPS!

Good Goalies Know They’ve Done Well – Great Goalies Know They Could Have Done Better – Mind Your Net – peace – mia –


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