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Charity Hockey Tournament in Laurel, MD – STOP READING – GO NOW!

August 6, 2010


No way could I waste one more minute of my life without promoting this fantastic event at the Laurel Ice Gardens in Maryland. Thanks to Russian Machine Never Breaks for sharing the good word too! I will do everything I can to get to the Ice Gardens tomorrow for fun, hockey and to add just a touch of extra positive vibes to this great event!

I think most of us agree that cancer sucks. I think most of us agree that hockey should be available to EVERYONE! I’m an advocate of music, as well as a hockey-lover. Anyone who puts creativity (ART) and hockey together gets nothing but a gigantic, chipped-tooth grin from me! ROCK WITH FROGGY AND HER LEGACY!!!

I want to live in a “Froggy” world – all the time! This is just another reminder why I send all of my hopeful and positive wishes to the Great Hockey Gods to bring ice, equipment and a hockey culture to the Great Hockey Void (a.k.a. – Hockey Black Hole) centered in Harford County, MD. There are days when sadness finds its way to my core, simply because there are just so many little kids around me who have never seen a frozen pond, heard the term “dump and chase” or even considered ice hocky as a recreational option for youth sport. Yet, some of the greatest NHL players come from the same sort of farming communities as found in the Great Hockey Void of Maryland. The only difference is – water doesn’t usually freeze in Maryland. “Froggy” had the right idea – every stick put in a hand, is one more step toward a better tomorrow!

Even if I can’t manage to get to Laurel tomorrow – I’ll be beaming the good vibes in that direction all day. Grab your kids (grab someone else’s kids too – BUT GET PERMISSION FIRST – child snatching would ruin the spirit of the day (laugh now everyone-I’m kidding)), pull the skates out of storage and have some ice hockey fun – JUST TO SPITE CANCER! SCREW CANCER!

Get your ice on Maryland! peace – mia –


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