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8/11/10 – I Carry the Dalai Lama’s Photo in my Wallet, Charity Swim for Cancer with Michael Phelps and Support Me While I Swim Through the Liquid Form of Ice

August 11, 2010


First, I would like to thank Abram Fox and everyone who was involved with the Leap Towards a Cure Charity Event that took place last Friday and Saturday at the Laurel Gardens Ice House in Maryland. I posted about it as soon as I was made aware it was happening. My post was read by one of the organizers, Abram Fox, and he was gracious enough to get in touch with me via e-mail. As I stated in my e-mail to him, I am always more than happy to spread the word when it comes to such great events like that one. I was able to get a few people to take some time and stop the Ice House on Saturday and from what Abram has said, the turn-out was fantastic. Thanks again to Abram and all those who worked to make it a success and I’ll be waiting for next year’s event to help out any way I can. ROCK ON FROGGY!!

As is typical in my daily activities, I checked-in on Ted Leonsis’s personal Blog. (This guy isn’t just the majority owner and chairman of the Washington Capitals anymore – he’s taken over the “phone booth” entirely!) Ted posts almost everyday and today I read this post and began checking for more information on the internet to get more details. If I have to forego an entire hockey season just to get inside the Verizon Center to be anywhere near the Dalai Lama – I’d do it. I have read many, many books and seen many documentaries about the 14th Dalai Lama. As a matter of fact, since January of 2008, I have carried a picture of the Dalai Lama in my wallet. It may be forbidden to have an image of this Dalai Lama in China – but wait – I’m in America and who seriously wouldn’t want to see a truly happy face like this as often as possible.

I Call Him Smiley!

 I have found so many commonalities between the way he thinks and the way I think , it is beyond uncanny at this point. The biggest difference between his belief and mine, a difference that precludes me from ever deigning to consider myself even a “practicing” Buddhist, is simply that he is a lover, not a fighter and he will allow himself to be destroyed by his enemies to maintain his belief in peace. While I am also a lover, not a fighter, I WILL FIGHT for love and I will allow myself to be destroyed in any effort to ensure that those who maintain a belief in peace are left on Earth to NOT FIGHT another day. Some are peaceful warriors and others are warriors of peace. Yin/Yang. Sorry if I got a little deep, but that’s how it is in my world and I am now happily awaiting more information on a visit to my favorite venue from this hopeful human. ROCK PEACEFULLY OUT LOUD DALAI LAMA!

And on that note, I could use as much help from anyone out there who reads this blog post. I may not be able to do much physical activity on dry land, because my bones, joints and mass take an extremely painful beating by gravity in those efforts, but it’s an entirely different story when I’m in water. So, given the fact that I could not attend the charity hockey tournament last weekend in Laurel and in the spirit of the Dalai Lama, I am going to register for this fantastic charity fundraising event. I am not likely to complete the Baltimore-based 3 mile swim (although I’m still open to that idea right this moment), but the 1 mile swim I can handle. I may have to go slow and steady, but this I can do – no problem. So, If you read this and would like to either support me (I need at least $250 to participate in the pool-based 1 mile swim) or want to help me create a team – please contact me so I know register for the 3 mile or 1 mile open water swim or to register for the 1 mile pool swim. I will register with or without contact from anyone and figure out a way to get the minimum participation amount later, but I’m a team oriented person. If you aren’t angry enough at Cancer to help raise funds to treat it locally – then to add incentive – Micheal Phelps will be there too! (Yup, the USA Olympic swimmer who won 8 Gold Medals – the #8 is a “sign” if that’s what you need – Alexander Ovechkin#8 – Cal Ripken, Junior#8). I can’t do much of what I want these days, but as the Dalai Lama tweeted according to Ted Leonsis’s blog, happiness and peace deepen as we work for the benefit of others. I don’t know about any of you, but happiness and peace sound pretty good to me!
As usual, I appreciate all those who take the time to help me “spread the word” and DO NOT HESITATE TO E-MAIL ME IF YOU’D LIKE TO JOIN FORCES WITH ME AND SWIM THROUGH THE LIQUID ICE IN BALTIMORE, MD!!! If you need another “sign” – did you know that the name BALTIMORE is likely to have come from the Celtic term for “GOD’S PLACE”? Think about it – it’s in “The Land of Mary” – Looking forward to quality time with water – peace – mia –

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