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10/6 – CAPS Covention II Thoughts and Kolzig’s Facial Hair

October 6, 2010


I can imagine that most NHL fans are ready to go for a new season of ice goodness. I am no exception. But first, I wanted to thank the Washington Capitals for the 2nd Capitals Convention held at the Washington D.C. convention center last Saturday, October 2nd. I did not attend the 1st convention, but I sure am glad I made the effort this time around. I arrived later than I had wanted, because I wasn’t feeling very well in the morning and I accidentally went on “auto-pilot” when I got on I-95. Oops, I didn’t want to be going North! Oh well, after exiting and re-entering the highway going South, TOWARD D.C., I made my way to the convention center. I made it in enough time to be seated just prior to the start of the “NHL Rules and Regulations” portion of the day. Yes, as a rules and regs dork-geek, I was happy about that opportunity, but it conflicted with “Life as Scout”, so I realized I need to devise a plan to be in two places at once. I’ll add that to my list of things to do. 

I’m not sure how I managed to screw this up, but for some reason I thought Olie Kolzig would be doing his thing later in the day, so I missed a little of his main stage time with Bonzai (Peter Bondra #12). Still, I caught enough and I didn’t miss the photo Kolzig shared a photo of his gnarly mustache from way back. I remember that thing. It reminds me of a time when Baltimore had an ice hockey team – those were the days. Seeing Bondra and Kolzig together was pretty awesome and when Wes Johnson (Capitals Verizon Center PA) did an impromptu announcement of the two, I was thrilled to hear it – music to my ears. 

I’ve been living out of boxes and bins for a few years now, so my digital SLR camera with all the telephoto lenses is somewhere in the dark recesses of a storage unit. I borrowed my housemates camera. I couldn’t get the shots I would have liked, but after a few practice shots, I did get plenty of pictures. My favorite photo from the convention is this one:  

A line of beauty


 Of course, running a close 2nd in the favorites department is this one of a “Jacques Plante” practice mask: 

When all else fails - use tape - and a lot of it.


It was a nice afternoon for me in particular. My health is questionable at best from day-to-day and I started the morning thinking I wouldn’t have the ability to make the convention at all. Luckily for me, there is no better a motivator than something ice hockey related. Add-in the fact I’m a Capitals fan and Godzilla was making an appearance, and I doubt the “Apocalypse” could have kept me from attending. I have only one, single, little complaint about my experience and it is miniscule. Paying $3 per bottle of water that is the brand sold at the Dollar Store for $1 a six-pack was annoying, especially considering there are rarely things I can drink or eat at events likes this – including games. I shelled-out $12 just for water alone. Hydration is a high priority for me every minute of every day. Like I said, my annoyance was extremely minor. 

Getting to sit and listen to Boudreau, Evason and Woods answer questions from fans was a great treat for the likes of me. Some of the questions were quite good and I was happy to have had the chance to hear the answers from the coaching staff. If #37 hadn’t been at the convention, I’d say the “Coaches Corner” was the highlight of my day. I bought two books while I was there as well. My signed copy of boudreau’s book got thrown out by my former landlord at some point, so I secured another copy and have read all but the last chapter at this point. I made my way through the store and have added a Laich and Bradley shirt to my collection. I think I now have a Capitals shirt for every day of the week. I suppose I can wear them the same way people wear undergarments with the days of the week written on them. Let’s see – Semin can be Monday, Laich can be Tuesday, Bradley can be Wednesday . . . .  Kolzig can be Sunday. Afterall, that is “God’s Day”.
I enjoyed watching the kids (old and young alike) play in the hockey areas. It was fortuitous timing when I walked by the little “rink” next to the main stage and noticed a really tall kid playing ball hockey. I walked over to see the fun and then noticed that the really tall kid had on a #21 jersey.

I think maybe one team has an advantage

It wasn’t too long after I realized that the big kid with the really long legs was the actual Brooks Laich, did I also notice that the guy wearing a blue shirt, with the pants in desperate need of a belt was Alexander Ovechkin. It pays to wander around aimlessly sometimes, because I got a big kick out of seeing the two of them play with the kids. I had no idea how long Laich’s legs were until I was able to him skateless. I think the kids were ecstatic to be playing with Ovie and Brooksie. I know some of the single ladies were. Maybe I’m just weird and maladjusted or something, but it wasn’t until a couple of the women standing next to me, watching Brooks Laich playing with the kids, made comments about the fact that they couldn’t believe he was single and how they were going to get his attention, did I even think of something like that. Yes, Brooks Laich is an attractive individual, but I’m a “hockey-first” kinda gal I guess. Anyway, I was put-off by the females who were jockeying for spots to get Laich’s attention and they didn’t even seem to know what position he played, so I broke away and made my way over to buy my two books. I then watched a fun-loving couple posing on the Zamboni for pictures.
After “Coaches Corner”, I felt a bit tired and hungry, so I did leave before the close of the convention. If I could have gotten a hold of some yogurt or something I could have eaten, I probably would have lasted, but all-in-all, I left a very happy camper in red. It was a great time for me and I saw tons of people who seemed to agree by the looks on their faces. Too bad for me – I noticed as I was waiting for the metro train to Greenbelt that I had an autograph pass on my convention ticket. Well, some days you get on I-95 going the wrong way and miss a chance at an autograph. It happens.
Okay, so now I’m all distracted by hockey again and with the season at hand, I probably won’t get the right amount of sleep anymore. If only I weren’t addicted to ice hockey, I might not have to crawl on the roof this evening to get the cable in my room before Friday’s CAPS game against Atlanta. The woman who has graciously allowed me refuge and cheap rent in her home has cable but it is only wired to one room and she’s a football fan, so it is imperative I establish a cable connection where I don’t have any chance of missing a game due to football. It’s a good thing for me that I’m not only mechanically inclined, but that I have many, many feet of coax cable, several splitters and a couple dozen connectors available at all times. These are the staples of a person who has moved more times than she can remember, but who will go to the ends of the Earth to make sure the hockey viewing goes off without a hitch. I’m all sorts of excited for the season to begin and this year – I can actually watch the games on TV, so pardon my childlike silliness.
Rock with the dropping of the puck – GO CAPS GO – you guys are the S#%$!
Hello again fellow fans and may the Verizon Center ice be all it can be – peace – mia –
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  1. billdc permalink
    October 7, 2010 9:48 pm

    Good recap. Overall, the convention was a lot of fun. Passed on the current player autographs as too many cooler things were going on and didn’t feel like spending half my time there waiting. Did wait for Gartner and Ted though and those lines moved along well.

    Fired up hockey season is starting up! –Bill

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