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10/8 – A Goalie is Down. I Repeat, A Goalie is Down.

October 8, 2010

10/8/10 – Updated 10/9/10

Three posts in the same day is almost unheard of here at Singing From the Crease. I don’t want to be posting right now, but as a friend to all netminders, I had to get some positive thoughts going as soon as possible for Atlanta Thrashers keeper of the crease, Ondrej Pavelec. I am hoping his sudden fall to the ice and no movement while sprawled out on his back is a minor issue. He wasn’t hit and he tried to motion to the bench as he was going down.

It is a rare happening in the NHL when a player allows himself to be taken off the ice on stretcher, but I don’t think Pavelec had any say in the matter. I doubt he was talking at all. CAPS fans, let’s put aside the fact that he’s the opposing team’s goalkeeper for long enough to send out some good thoughts toward Atlanta this evening.

As of 8:00 a.m. (Eastern), the only news I could find with any word is that same as last night. He regained conscienceness sometime before the game ended and asked for the score of the game. Most reports say preliminary tests came back negative (what tests,  I do not know) and he was said to be held overnight at a local Atlanta hospital for observation.

As a Capitals fan, I was looking for a season-opening win from the D.C. boys, but I’m good with the Thrash getting a win in front of their home crowd last night. I’m viewing as a victory for Pavelec and I can’t see my way to feeling anything but relieved that the downed goalie got immediate medical attention and was reported to be interested in the score.

Plus, Washington Capitals #21, Brooks Laich, scored the last goal for the CAPS last season and the first goal for them this season. Go Brooks Go!

Hang tough Ondrej, you blue paint denizen – The net can’t defend itself – ROCK ON GOALIES – no netminders stay down in my world – peace – mia –


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