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10/22 – Capitals/Trashers, Hockey Fights Cancer, Clean Water, Guster Music and It’s all in D.C. Saturday, October 23

October 22, 2010


Is there some sort of hockey “methadone” out there? How does a person overcome an addiction to hockey? If only I knew the answers to those questions (no, don’t tell me – I don’t really want to know). I did very well last year when I had to skip a 17-year tradition and didn’t go the first Washington Capitals home game of the season. I got some help keeping the second half of my tradition and did make it to the last home game of the season with some help from the hockey gods. This season, however, I’m way in it deep. My housemate could do nothing but laugh in cycling, chuckle-fits this morning when she informed me that she could hear me talking to “myself” in my room last night while I was watching the Capitals drop a game to the Boston Bruins. She found that thoroughly amusing. It took me a while to explain that I was talking to the TV (mostly about pulling the goalie when the team is two goals down and Varly), just in case the “hockey-verse” and the Gods that preside over it are hard of hearing. Besides, some of us of the netminding caste spend entire games flapping the gums and chirping when we’re back there keeping the net pure and free from being violated by projectiles adeptly sent by the opposing team. It’s called communication and some us are more gabby than others (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it). I’m sure it is absolutely comical watching me, watch a game. Yup – I don’t care about anything else when I’m watching a hockey game.

Then she did me in altogether. She mentioned that she has a friend who usually has an extra ticket to CAPS games and she heard that there was going to be some sort of festival before the game. She then painted a picture of such splendor involving giving me a ride to DC and hanging around to make sure I was okay in case I started feeling tired or something, that I began to narrow my focus in on having a chance to get to a game. Doesn’t she know? This is not the appropriate way in which to deal with a hockey addict.  I will laser beam in on that single goal (hockey related, of course) and almost nothing will distract me until it has been accomplished, which is a particular personality trait of mine. As one might imagine, I may not have been thrilled about last night’s CAPS game, but I felt less stress before my housemate mentioned all of that.

I have never once checked Craigslist for Washington Capitals tickets before, but today, today I did the deed. Apparently there is a seat available right in front of GOAT. I have earplugs and what CAPS fan wouldn’t want to experience a little GOAT up close and personal, just to understand the actual amplitude of the vocals that manage their way out of him at games. There are also a few tickets left for the Captain Morgan Party Pavillion where they may still serve Johnny Walker. I’m not sure how Rum and/or Whisky will mix with milk, but I’ll be happy to explore that situation if the price of the ticket was, oh-say, $15. Aside from being all kinds of worried about paying for medical bills and the basic staples of life, the only time I miss that fact that I had a fairly decent amount of money not so many years ago is when it messes with my hockey. Comcast found out via a lawsuit that it lost – it is not a good idea to F’ with my hockey. I’ll admit, when the Washington Capitals weren’t so great (and I’m being nice about it), I could get a ticket for free just by standing around outside a few minutes before game time. I’d rather have better hockey, mind you, but on the odd occasion, I miss the days of the $10 seat. I perched in the EAGLES NEST often.

Well, I’m probably going to do the “right” thing (darn sensible thinking) and cease  continuing to look over hill and dale for a way to get me and my well-worn, very slightly odoriferous, Kolzig jersey inside the Verizon Center tomorrow night when the Washington Capitals and the Atlanta Thrashers go “Part Deux”, this time on home ice and with no inexplicably prone crease defenders. I must remember that last season at this time, I was living in a barn with no TV, no phone, no internet and couldn’t watch a hockey game at all. It’s just that the ice smells good – so good. I can smell it before I get onto the main concourse when I go to live games (you’re lying  to yourself if you deny that you KNOW the ice has a fantastic, wonderful scent and you love it as much as I do – I’m not the only weird one around). The atmosphere is pretty awesome too.

Anyway, I may not be in D.C. on Saturday, but the guys from Guster  will be singing and playing guitars at the DAR Constitution Hall raising money for the ClearWater Initiative. The Washington Capitals will be auctioning special player worn jersey’s in efforts to do their part in the fight against cancer. There’s a bunch of fun planned right outside the Verizon Center for young and old before the start of the game at 7 p.m. Ted Leonsis is co-chairing the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Challenge in D.C. with events starting in the morning. It all sounds like the most perfect day in the world to me – how about you? Well, if Laich, Semin and Ovechkin all have at least a 3 pt. game each – that might make the MOST perfect day!

Most likely, I’ll do the responsible thing and settle myself down, all red and comfortable, with my milk-jug cozy (formerly known as a CAPS rally towel) in front of my little TV, tune into Comcast SportsNet wearing a clean CAPS T-shirt (I think Bradely is on top of the clean pile right now) and “air-coach” the Capitals from Baltimore. Still, no matter how hard I try – I’ll always prefer to be all up in the middle of the screaming sea of red, happily anticipating the lighting of the lamp and scrutinizing the goaltenders in live, real-time action (sorry net keepers, I can’t help myself). Maybe later, I’ll get all Bloggy and whatnot.

I hope the Washington Capitals have a productive and strong first period. I hope Guster has a great show. I hope all those taking the EKS Challenge have a great day. Anyone who can get to Washington D.C. tomorrow should make a concerted effort. There’s something for everyone!

Rock with the music-hockey-charity fundraising. Way to bring the musical-goalie types into the spotlight STRETCH!!! GO CAPS!! –


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