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10/25 – Dead Bunnies Aren’t Much Fun and CAPS Netminder Mystery?

October 25, 2010


As the Washington Capitals get a three-day break to re-group before facing the Canes in NC, I get the distinct pleasure of admitting that I’m a sissy-wuss who cried for a while this morning. Yes, I’m  “tough, old-bird,” as one of my co-workers like to mention often, but when it comes to certain things – I’m about as soft as a roll of White Cloud toilet paper. My house mate has had a pet bunny named “Gizmo”. Gizmo was out in the back yard as usual. I let the dogs go outside, as usual. This time, however, before I knew it – the bigger dog was racing around the yard with something fluffy hanging out of his mouth.

I may be weak from illness, but my feet propelled me at break-neck speed when the reality of the situation hit me. I was too late. By the time I got to Gizmo, who had been dropped by the dog after I sternly screamed and was charging at him with great purpose, Gizmo had already taken her last breath.

There are three things that really get me all choked-up (besides the movie “Rudy”). One of them is seeing an animal get killed. The dogs are NOT to blame. They were simply playing chase and probably broke Gizmo’s neck. I wrapped Gizmo lifeless little body in a towel and stood in the back yard crying for a while. Poor Gizmo didn’t have a chance, but at least it was over very fast and I even said that through my tears several times out loud as if to thank the forces that be for a quick ending.

And on the subject of quick endings; what’s the Varly situation? He’s  played very little since the start of the season. All indication at the beginning was that he suffered from groin-pull. I’ve experienced that type of injury and for a netminder in particular – that sort of thing will keep you away from active duty and out of a crease for sure. As of this morning, I haven’t read much about Semyon Varlamov’s quick re-treat from practice Saturday morning. Here’s Mike Vogel’s contribution to the subject, but mainly his subject is the re-calling of Goalie Dany Sabourin from Hersey to replace the mysteriously missing Varlamov.

Well, I’ve got to confess that Neuvirth makes me far less nervous when he’s doing his net-protecting thing. He gave me a little case of anxiety when he ventured behind the net during the CAPS-Trash game on Saturday night, but all-in-all, he’s the one out of the three men O’the Crease I don’t worry about as much. He understands how to keep his arms and legs as close to his body as possible. There are some who might think it’s a good idea to stay spread-out at all times. I disagree and thanks to young Neuvy, I now have a perfect example of someone showing the opposite is true. Especially since the lock-out and the evolution of the game each season since, given the changes to rules and regulations.

I’d be more specific here, but unfortunately, I have been given some information from another blogger who brought it to my attention that a few select others out in the “pixel-verse” don’t have a good grasp of what it means to take credit for another person’s intellectual property and original thinking. Those few select others should be thanking their lucky stars that they didn’t copy verbatim anything from the blog of the blogger who noticed certain EXACT similarities to things I wrote previously on my blog on the “few select other” blogs. I appreciate the fact that someone cared enough to bring it to my attention and it’s pretty darn awesome that this person was so angry about it, on my behalf. ROCK WITH THE LOOKING OUT FOR EACH OTHER ATTITUDE!!! Plus, I am looking for work and it wouldn’t be wise of me to do all of my thinking here, for free.

To wrap-up my thoughts on the Washington Capital’s goaltending situation as it stands today, I am hoping that Varly hasn’t aggravated his previous injury. Sometimes, it can be a problem for an entire season. I’ll give the hockey gods a nice thought to help the young keeper of the net find his way back to good – no matter what may be the reason for his mystery MIA status.

Neuvirth has my FULL confidence. Of the rostered, net-defending trio, he’s the one who’ll give the Capitals the best chance of winning games. GO NEUVY GO!!!

Now back to feeling just awful about the passing of little Gizmo – may she be hopping in a nice grassy field in restful peace – mia-


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