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12-12 NY Rangers Demolish Washington CAPS AND I Thought My Woes Were Bad!

December 12, 2010


As I gain personal clarity after becoming unemployed 12 days ago, my ability to stay strong through the course isn’t being helped by a 5-game Capitals losing streak and a current “zip” in the score column for Washington with a big-fat “5” showing for NY. Today, I blame it all on the economy and the poor handling by all controlling parties of a government contract and all related funding. You see, I couldn’t even watch the Colorado game last night. I was so blind-sided by a contract that should have lasted at least another 9 months being dropped like a super-heated spud, that all things in my world went well off-balance. What that meant is simple – I haven’t been “air-coaching” to the hockey universe for the last five games and I asked the hockey gods to send some love to the other 24 people across the country (a.k.a. Team CDTU/MSS) who also got the last-minute horrific news that they too would soon be unemployed for the holidays.

It all went downhill from there and the ripple-effect must be in action. I mean it can’t be as simple as bad play, poor judgement by one or more veteran players, a little less “Flash” and a coach who can’t decide how to mix the ingredients he has on hand to make a moist and tasty “CUP”cake. It’s just easier to blame it all on the government, a contract company and the economy and in combination those things created a “Butterfly Effect” leading to weak scoring chances, stale netminding and opponents scoring short-handed goals. I remember posting about how I recalled the 2003-2004 season when one of my “very own personal favorite” things to yell at the TV while watching CAPS games (sometimes I do it while at games as well) was “No, no, no – it’s YOUR power play, not theirs!” It’s feeling a little to familiar on game days (oh – wait – make that “6” on the Ranger’s score sheet). Perhaps a mid-afternoon nap or mandatory streaking through public streets after multi-game losing skids with “I’m Not Angry and I Don’t Believe in Anything” painted on their chests is in order.

I have no kind words or anything resembling my normal, positive, encouragement for the “barely soft-rockin’ the elevator music reds” this evening. Here’s what I have to say – “Suck it up you sissy wusses! I’ve got Lymphoma, no health insurance, no job, almost no money, lost a fortune in less than year due to circumstance far, far beyond my control AND soon may be living in my car – BUT I’M THINKING THIS ONE LITTLE GIRL FROM THE GREAT HOCKEY VOID COULD PROBABLY PLAY BETTER HOCKEY RIGHT NOW!!! If you can’t focus on the “W” and then go further to focus on the “Post-season” so that you can lazer-in the “red-dot” straight at the f’ing CUP – then get off the ice and quit yanking all your truly dedicated and committed fans around! I’ve got more fortitude in my thrice-broken, left pinky toe for s%$t sake. I think I’m going to spend my days knitting you cute skirts to match your dainty little ice-dancing performances.”

It’s a good thing for the Washington Capitals I am nowhere within earshot of them – they might go home crying. I have no sympathy, nor do I have empathy. Too bad it’s not physically possible for some of the Capitals players to “literally” walk around in my world for a few months. That’d toughen ’em up just fine.

As the third period of this dismal display not even close to an NHL game at this point heads in the 7-0 score and Washington now hits the 6-game loss streak, I’m feeling royally pissed-off that the one thing I’ve still got left to love and enjoy (Washington Capitals hockey) isn’t there for me in my time need. I’m going the whole “selfish needy” route, but as usual – another example of men claiming how great they are – then not really living up to that expectation. More disappointment by men – I’m not surprised.


An urgent sense of “I’m not only the man, but I’m on a team among men who WILL WIN THE CUP,” must become the norm – NOW!!! Forget about the Winter Classic. Forget about Pittsburgh. Forget about the game against the Rangers tonight. Put a picture of the Stanley Cup outside the locker room and picture your stud-selves holding that pure joy over your head EVERYDAY! There is no other ending this season. It’s yours – GO OUT THERE AND MOTHER F’ING GET IT!!!!

Ahhh – I feel better now – anyone want to give me a job? peace – mia –


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