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1/13/11 – Washington Capitals Postgame Thoughts Premier on SFTC – Two Road Games in Florida Drop CAPS in Southeast Division Rankings

January 13, 2011


Welcome to another day in the Hockey-verse fans. CAPS fans are now left wondering how the team is coping with the pressure to score and  win. Well, at least SFTC has that going on this fine January morning. In order to make life easier and more in tune with my nature, today SFTC brings you the premier video blog featuring my thoughts about the Washington Capitals most recent two games on the road in Florida. This VidBlog also includes a perspective from the crease in terms of game play against both the Florida Panthers on 1/11/11 and the Tampa Bay Lightning on 1/12/11.

That’s right – you all get to experience my very first “on the fly” verbalizations touching on Alex Ovechkin and some pretty bad breaks, Capitals penalties that shouldn’t have been, what head coach Bruce “Gabby” Boudreau had to say after each game and why the bracelet I wear each and every Capitals game day has a certain “funky odor” after wearing and adding to it through 5 1/2 NHL seasons (yes, I lost a season in there when executing my inaugural attempt at non-scripted, recorded, mouth movement). This VidBlog will evolve quickly and as we (as in Jerry, Sara and I) do live experiments, we hope to improve each time you are subjected to my strange right eye problem (but cut me some slack – this is a result of having a brain tumor removed through my nose and well, nerve and muscle damage happens. Laughing about it not a problem however) and my fantastically sexy double-chin.

GO CAPS! The Canucks have no business fouling the purity of home ice by leaving DC with a single point. Captain Bob or not – Vancouver can’t stop a Capital train when it’s always moving on track! No way – No Howe – peace – mia –


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