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1/16/11-SFTC Video Blog w/Post CAPS v. Sens Postgame Thoughts and Goalie Talk about Angles

January 17, 2011


After spending the afternoon at the Verizon Center in DC and watching the Capitals defeat the Senators 3-1. I think both head coach Bruce “Gabby” Boudreau and I will get some sleep tonight – finally. I have not one single written comment about this afternoon’s game. No complaint. No suggestions. I will leave that to all the rest who undoubtedly will or already have complained, broken down all the numbers, created fancy charts and so forth. Me – this is what I did when I got home:  (give it between 10 and 20 seconds to start – I can learn new editing software only so fast 😉 I was just so darn sure I set the region to project or the loop to region or whatever I was so dasrn sure I did before I rendered it – good thing nobody pays me to do this!)

Holy throbbing right elbow Batman – editing and rendering that was less fun than a shoot-out. At least this time, I figured out how to change the settings so that it didn’t take an hour and twenty minutes to render the (bleeping) thing. Oh well – enjoy the double chin and congratulations to John Carlson who had a bad game but took the shot right after Mr. Serious #19 wins the face-off. Why waste time passing and standing around on the PP when you can just do that? ROCK the aiming at the net thing!

Keep GOing CAPS! – Thank you hockey gods! I’ve heard my TV and cat also thank you too! – peace  – mia –


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