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1/18/11-Video Blog w/Postgame CAPS-Flyers OT Loss and More About the SFTC 3

January 19, 2011


Another Washington Capitals 3rd period rally lead to an OT loss against the Philadelphia Flyers as the DC Boys continue forward on a stretch of road games. 1 point and an impressive pair of the best looking “ugly” goals I’ve seen in a while. Ovechkin scored the second CAPS tally, but not without a few moments of breath holding while the video got reviewed to determine if the GR8 palmed and pushed the puck behind the goal line of “Bob” the rookie who also happens to speak Russian. The goal was declared good and that was the last biscuit in the basket of the night for the DC RED.

Neuvirth started in the net, but from what has been said thus far, he asked to be removed and is suffering from an injury. Varlamov stepped in to start work in the blue paint right from the get go. He did a great job keeping the crease safe from small, rubber intruders while is skating brothers moved themselves all over the ice in search of a puck with which to play.

Given the reaction I got from my last VidBlog, I suppose I can only warn those who took the time to be total haters and weren’t afraid to share their rather discourteous thoughts with me via e-mail. I thought my favorite dudes in away whites did a great job. Let me guess, the numbers say this and the expectation of the vast majority is to see pucks shoot out of Ovie’s rear and go in the net, top shelf,  while he’s sliding on his head singing the Russian National Anthem. Oh and I’m totally deluding myself if I think anything other than Backstrom is just plain lazy and if GMGM doesn’t trade him right away, then Ted Leonsis should fire GMGM. Of course I also must be just a “plain, retard with rocks in my head who needs at least 50 Grand in plastic surgery before I stick my face back on the internet and talk about a MANS sport like someone could give a crap” (as quoted in an e-mail I received from a random stranger). But yet, I just won’t learn my lesson and since I have rocks in my head, I obviously don’t know no better, so I did this…

GO CAPS! – Now is the time to ROCK your 3rd period right off the starting face-off when you invade the island on Thursday. Every time you go down, get back up just a little faster. Imagine how much fun it’ll be letting them go down first though! Ya know ya wanna watch ’em go down. The view is always better when you’re already up! Puck ’em if they want to defile your crease Varly – Puck ’em. – peace – mia –


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