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1/20/11-SFTC Video Blog Capitals(2)-Islanders(1) Postgame Thoughts and A Special Thanks to JoeB & Locker

January 21, 2011


Behold doubters, the Washington Capitals not only came out strong in the 1st period, they won this evening’s away game against the Islanders too! But wait there’s more – Nick Backstrom scored the GWG! Alex Ovechkin got a helper on Chimera’s 1st period tally. It was another example of good hockey and if I could, I would say I got some “girl wood” watching the CAPS come out charging in the 1st. A win, 2 points, a confidence booster for Nicky and Alex really started showing off the wide-left. NICE!!!!!

So here are my thoughts about the Islanders loss to my favorite DC Reds and in honor of Joe B. and Locker, I have a few bits of thanks to them included in this 4th edition of the SFTC video blog.

Quick note – the Sharks-Canucks game that kept trying to get my attention while I was shooting this video ended in a shoot-out loss of the Canucks. Thornton shed some life-juice, but in the end, his team got the 2-1 upper-hand on Luongo. Ahhh – hockey is just so yummy!

Oh and if someone out there really feels strongly enough about the actual dollar amount of plastic surgery I need “before I put my face” back on the internet – well – put your money where your anonymous typing little digits are. In other words – pay for it or move on to someone else who has time to keep reading your e-mailed opinions about how badly I “need to look in the mirror every once in while and make sure you (I) don’t have something stuck in your (my) teeth.” There’s a little something special in this video blog just for you though, so savor your last bit of attention “anonymous”.

GO ON WITH THE HARD WORK oh Capitals, my fine, favorite, hockeymen – You’ve got this – BOOM! Kudos to Holtby for taking a proactive approach to getting an extraneous enemy leg out your crease – peace – mia –


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