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1/23/11-CAPS(4)-Leafs(1) with help from Ovechkin Hat Trick (Goals & Blocks) and Hendricks in Saturday Night’s Game

January 23, 2011


Hello everyone. It’s actually Sara in the helm today. I haven’t made my own “author” profile yet, but it will come soon. Today is a bittersweet day at SFTC. You’ll know why shortly.

First, let us be point-blank honest and tell you that we are thrilled Ovie got a hat trick last night in the Capitals win over Toronto. We are also pleased with the maneuvering of Hendricks to net a goal for the DC REDS. We’re a little different from many who watched the game however. The best parts of the game for us, aside from another great win and 2 more points of course, were a tad more obscure. Ovechkin may have scored his three in a “Hockey Night in Canada” game, but he also blocked shots in the defensive middle. For that, we’ve instituted the “Head-butt of the Goalie Mask” game mention to be given after every Washington game.

In the post game video interview, the GR8 mentioned he was “afraid” at first when he went down to block an incoming Maple Leaf shot toward Holtby in his crease. There’s good reason to be “afraid” of that small, black, rubber thing. It hurts. It hurts when it smacks into your lid. It hurts when it hits you in the back. It hurts when it gets you in the crotch (just ask Wild netminder the “other” Nik Backstrom). It hurts when you block a shot. It can also cause serious injury if it gets you in an unprotected area at a high-speed. We of the netminder crew aren’t as “puck shy,” because we are suited to the hilt in the expectation that we WILL get hit with a puck at high velocity. A crease keepers entire job description is basically to have the puck hurled right at him/her. A skater’s job description does not necessarily imply sacrifice to the cause.

We are well aware that many of the Washington Capitals skaters will put their own bodies between the shooter and their goaltender. SFTC gives a tip of the mask to all of you, but today’s “Head-butt of the Goalie Mask” goes to Alexander Ovechkin for doing the right thing for his team’s defensive efforts and blocking despite being afraid. We know Holtby appreciates the sacrifice. A triple pat on the butt for you #8.

In step with the theme of skaters who’ve got the netminder’s back, we also found Mike Knuble at the top of the “hey, thanks man” list as well. He got right up on Holtby’s back inside the blue paint when the puck was still loose and there was a scramble of hacking a whacking threatening the net. Brooks Laich and Mike Green did a fantastic job of keeping the puck and the Leafs far away from the shooting lanes. They both really did a fine job of doing all those little things that eat up time from the opposing team’s shooting chances. Laich especially, had an almost perfect game in terms of taking away the space and time that is so vital to a team who wants to get possession and make a go at the net to score.

Don’t think we have forgotten about the actual man in the blue paint. Braden Holtby held strong through the course. He was so steady with his decisions and didn’t commit before he was sure. That’s not easy to do when the game moves as fast it does. He was spectacular on some of his saves. It’s always a great day in the minds of SFTC when such a great showing happens in the CAPS crease. As Mia would say, “ROCK ON WITH THE MINDING OF THE NET HOLTBY, ROCK ON!”

Speaking of Mia, she has been sidelined from the video blog for an indefinite amount of time. I published an update a couple of days ago and can now add to that update. Jerry spoke with her on the phone last night while he was in Toronto enjoying the atmosphere and Capital’s great win. Even though Jerry is still recovering from too much liquid celebration, he pulled himself together long enough to call me with a report on Mia. She didn’t say much. She went over some things related to this blog and its future. She made Jerry repeat her instructions back to her. Jerry said she sounded deflated and “not at all in normal” fashion. For now, we still don’t know if she has taken a turn for the worse or if she is depressed about losing her job. It could be anything, but SFTC will continue on as she has asked either way. All Jerry and I know is that she asked me to continue posting here. She also asked to have this posted:  “Up follows down. The Stanley Cup is coming to town.”


We’re looking forward to a home-ice charge against the New York Rangers tomorrow night. Bring your best and loudest to the game for the DC icemen CAPS fans. ROCK the BLOCK! GO CAPS! – peace – (mia) Sara –

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