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1/26/11-CAPS(0)-Thrashers(1) Video Blog with Post Game Thoughts and The “Head-butt” Goes to Brooks Laich

January 27, 2011


Atlanta’s Thrashers take a 1-0 win and 2 points from the Washington Capitals who played a road game to wrap-up the week and now head into the All-Star break for some much-needed respite from the seasonal grind. SFTC Has declared that Brooks Laich , #21, gets the “Head-butt of the Goalie Mask” for tonight’s game. We give him this honor for shooting at the net in whatever capacity he could get that puck to leave his stick. Also, he was the ultimate example of “get in front of the net”, because that’s where the puck should be going and that’s where deflections, strange bounces and rebound chances live. WAY TO CRASH THE NET BROOKSIE!

Here are the post game thoughts from a “Crease Singer” and some advice to those who can make very small adjustments to their movements that can equate to fewer GA’s and big changes in momentum. I’m also proud to introduce the “Cheapastrator”, so get ready to have a good chuckle.

I Hope everyone has a great All-Star break. Jerry will be defending his crease tomorrow, so the other two of SFTC are sending our best thoughts and a heavy-duty reminder that if his head is the only thing keeping his net clean of projectiles then “USE YOUR HEAD JERRY!” I gave him that advice a couple of weeks ago. He’s a gutter-brain, so he used the wrong one – OWWWWWWWCHYMAMA! Here’s to all the crease keepers who’ve walked funny for the cause! – peace – mia –


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