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2/6/11-Little Girls Dream of Having Their Name Engraved on the Stanley Cup – I’m NOT Kidding!

February 6, 2011


Good morning hockey lovers. It’s a sunny day in the land of the Washington Capitals. The fans are getting themselves to the Verizon Center and the team is preparing to take on the Pittsburgh icemen at 12:30 pm. If you’re going to the game, be sure to leave at least 1/2 hour earlier than normal. There are numerous street closings and a lot of Chinese New Year celebrations under way.

I did not post the SFTC video blog or new music playlist last night as was promised. Also, Malkin suffered an injury and will not be playing today’s either. To me, it is not a good idea to have any extra hope that my favorite DC REDs of the frozen battle front will have an edge over those pesky flightless birds from the “Land of Lemieux”. As a matter of fact, without Crosby and Malkin, the team will be less predictable, truly “defiant” (as said by Head Coach Boudreau) and just downright unruly. They don’t want to lose. There is a difference between wanting to win and not wanting to lose. It’s not just semantics. It’s a state of mind.

The video blog will go up as soon as is possible. I have had to make some adjustments as to how to approach the VB. Currently, it is entirely too long to render and post so that download and video quality is workable for those who take an interest and view it. Plus, with 7:30 games, I end up still working at it well into the wee hours of the morning. Overtime and shoot outs put me even further into the twilight hours. I am also doing my best to discover what works well, what works because it is the only option right now and will just have to do for now and what is a totally FUBAR situation that has to be addressed immediately.  This takes time. It takes trial and error. It takes practice. It takes a commitment to make progress on a labor of love that requires a lot of time, money (yes, those not in the group should know that you can’t video blog without paying for extra space and extra services) and it takes some awareness of technology, video/audio editing and basic lighting, camera staging and a few other little things. I do what I can with what I have at the highest possible state of attention and quality possible given all circumstances presented to me by the universe. Plus, you’re all so “must get it up and out before anyone else does” oriented, so there’s an external pressure to be at least able to present thoughts at least within 24 hours. Most times, even that makes me really late to the party, so to speak.

I do not rush or change what I’m doing to fit the “I said it first” and the “must have it now or it’s totally, like, so yesterday’s news” type of landscape that rules the internet and the age of immediate information. I’m not presenting news. I’m not at all worried about “scooping” anyone. I have learned over the years that being the “first” to do something, does not provide me the time to think, process, research, present a well formulated and insightful argument, opinion, observation or constructive criticism and it only leads to an unhappy me. I prefer to be happy with me.

Anyway, I addressed the manner in which I run this blog to give some idea to those who have e-mailed me about the video quality, the typos and the fact that I am always “behind the curve” when I post my thoughts on games. Perhaps I am behind their curves and I readily admit that if taking their perspective into consideration. I’d appreciate however, if those folks take a moment to consider my perspective. It is possible that I am not even on the same plot graph and hence, your curve and my curve do not have any commonalities at all. I may not be anywhere near your curve, so from my perspective, I am not ahead of it, nor am I behind it. I probably made that a little confusing, but there it is. Thanks to everyone who e-mails. It’s interesting there are rarely open comments on this blog. That’s a topic for another day.

Hockey is the best topic at any time, for any reason, so I’m onto the reason we all blog, comment, talk, “air coach” and so forth. I hope that in my attempts at expressing myself here I have been successful at clarifying that I am not a “critic” in fashion. I simply care more than could ever be put into a single post (or perhaps any combination of posts) about ice hockey, especially the NHL. I care about my Washington Capitals (or rather OUR Washington Capitals). I doubt any person could be more intense with unbound fervor in pursuit of the Stanley Cup. I’ll qualify that by stating that I mean anyone who is not currently a paid employee of the Washington Capitals. I dreamt of getting my name on the Stanley Cup when I was a little kid. I still dream of getting my name on the Stanley Cup. There’s a gigantic galaxy of mountains between me and that dream. I’M A FEMALE. I GREW UP WHERE PEOPLE DON’T PLAY POND HOCKEY. NO ONE GROUP OF INDIVIDUALS ANYWHERE NEAR ME EVEN PLAYED BALL OR STREET HOCKEY. IF I GOT ANYWHERE NEAR ICE OF ANY KIND, THE ADULTS WHO MADE DECISIONS FOR ME ALWAYS WANTED TO PUT ME IN FIGURE SKATES. These are things that I have fought against tooth and nail since I was 4 years old.

When I was 10 years old, I did figure out that if I could make enough money, there was a way I COULD get my name on the Stanley Cup. If I buy an NHL team and I own an NHL team that wins the Stanley Cup, my name IS going to be engraved on the Stanley Cup. Since that time, I have worked, saved, kept assets hidden from EVERYONE I knew personally, worked some more, planned, moved money to get it where it will be safe, yet start working for me. I have worked every kind of job possible, no matter how demeaning, boring, un-challenging, uninspiring, hard, dirty, emotionally damaging and all of that, just so I could continue to keep my money working for me in pursuit of just ONE THING. I have cleaned people’s toilets while they have stood above me claiming superiority. I have had to hide the fact that I had money from the world, because when people know you have money, suddenly you have a lot more “friends” and all the tragic stories of the world get brought to your attention, because they want and/or need your money. I would think any of you who read this and then read this page (thanks to Sara Daniels) about my life, you could try to understand that I am not unwilling to be charitable and generous with my time and money. I simply want AND need something too!

When my mother and I became the only surviving members of the entirety of any family I ever knew, I had to take the biggest hit of my life. I had to liquidate money that had been working hard to help me get my name on the Stanley Cup. I did the right thing by doing all I could to help my mother with all the complicated ins and outs of estate law, medicare law, personal needs, personal comfort, medical care, attention to the upkeep of her home and all the things that come with the territory. No sooner did I start liquidating that money and people around me became aware of that money, I got the “vampire” treatment from all sides and it was more relentless than Matt Hendricks in a fight. I could care less that I lost money in the same ways that others care. I LOST MY ONE AND ONLY CHANCE TO GET MY NAME ON THE STANLEY CUP.

So, now if any of you comment that I am “not of sound mind” because I talk in the video blog as though I know the team personally and I expect that they are listening to me, I will come back with this. I am “talking” to the hockeyverse and the Gods of Hockey know why I do that. They do listen to me (can you prove that they don’t). It’s doubtful I will ever have the ability to rebuild enough wealth to be ready when an NHL team becomes available for purchase. I can’t play the game. Even if I managed to work for an NHL organization, there are only so many slots available and the odds I’ll be in a position to “rate” for a slot are very small. Right now and after being a committed fan who refuses to complain and criticize with a matter of fact demeanor as though the hockey we see played by TODAY’s Washington Capitals is the worst ever (ask those who saw the 1974 team or those, like me who suffered through the ’03-’04 season about bad hockey), I will NEVER DO ANYTHING BUT STAY IN THE FRAME OF MIND THAT THESE GLORIOUS PLAYER’S OF THE GAME I LOVE WILL WIN THE STANLEY CUP!! End of story.

I will video blog sometimes as though I am talking right to the guys. This is not an “abnormal psychology” situation. I am simply an intuitive coach by nature and I have spent most of my life around men in an athletic or other high-level pursuit. This brings me to Ted Leonis’s personal Blog and this entry of Ted’s Take. I take the “Jung-Meyers” personality test, instead of the Meyers-Briggs, but the letter combinations generally end-up the same. I am an INFJ and you can read all about it here. I don’t need to take a test to be self-aware of all of these natural traits of mine, but it does help these sorts of measures exist so that I can simply put a link up here that may greatly help me explain myself to those who find me  – “abnormal”.

If I could literally talk to the Washington Capitals players in person, I would. Right now, I video blog because I can see things from the INFJ perspective that I am simply conveying out loud to the Hockeyverse in a tiny hope that some how, some way, it gets considered by the hard-working, talented, gritty, tough, skilled, silly, serious, players on the team I love who I have placed the almighty responsibility of WINNING THE STANLEY CUP AND BRINGING IT HOME TO DC. I have no other option but to put MY LITTLE GIRL’S DREAM OF GETTING MY NAME ON THE STANLEY CUP into the hands of these guys so that when the prize becomes a reality for Washington DC, I can at the very least say to myself, “my name’s not engraved on the Stanley Cup, but I “air coached” through each and every game for years and years, so It’s my cup too!”

If this doesn’t make sense, I will explain further if asked, but for NOW – the CAPS did a fantastic job sticking to a game plan against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Friday night. I am proud of each and every one of them. I am glad to see the Coaching staff working hard to find ways to win. I am not all giddy with excitement. I am still exactly as I was when the guys dropped the game to the Habs last Monday. Every game means something. Every shift counts. Every of the other 29 teams is working toward the same goal. Some teams know by now that they are probably playing “practice” games for next season, but those teams won’t just lay down and admit defeat either. I am patient. I understand that I do not know what happens in the locker room, the video room, or anywhere else, so I have no choice but to TRUST my team AND the entire organization to leave no possible stone unturned on the way to the Stanley Cup. If they want it even 3/4 as much as I do – there’s no way the Washington Capitals will NOT WIN THE CUP!!



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