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2/11/11-This Washington Capitals Fan has Just Taken off the Gloves-My Switch Flipped at Tuesday’s Game Against the Sharks-Anytime Brooks Laich Wants to “Have Words” about his coach, BRING IT TOUGH GUY!!!!

February 10, 2011

Updated 2/11/11 – I fixed a couple of typos on this post originally uploaded yesterday (2/10/11). Also, to address the constant talk from Washington Capitals player Brooks Laich about what his head coach’s job IS or IS NOT, which he continues to do out loud, here’s my comeback to his thoughts.

“Okay then EVAN – Whose job is it if it’s not getting done? Not everyone is like you and me in terms of discipline and self-motivation. Not everyone has the same personality or understanding of the work ethic that you and I have. If it is not your coach’s job to inspire and motivate your team and you just have to keep making that point in public  (Sports Junkies 106.7 The Fan)- then YOU figure it out and make it work.”

Oh and for the record, I’m a rather vocal supporting of all things Laich. Read my blog and listen to the video blogs. Not only as a Washington Capitals player, but anyone who loves hockey and music (especially guitars) gets a top spot on my list of favorite people. If he feels it absolutely necessary to call Mike Green a “kid” on national television after the Super Sunday win over the Penguins and has to keep diverting attention from his coach without understanding that someone has to be responsible for all the differences in the men (very much including Mike Green) on his team, however, it would appear we have our differences. Technically speaking, I’m older than EVERY SINGLE WASHINGTON CAPITALS PLAYER.  I got Knuble by a few months, but Brooksie, I’ve got you by 12 years.

Like it says in this post’s title – THE MOTHER F’ING GLOVES ARE OFF! I believe in the Capitals (you especially Evan) and it’s their turn to believe. Coach, players, fans and all. ROCK YOUR LOVE OF THE GAME ALL THE WAY TO THE 35 POUND REWARD!


The reason the most recent SFTC video blog has not been uploaded is simple. I trashed it and will start again. Why? Because what I have to say about the Washington Capitals has changed. I want my face and look in my eyes and the tone in my voice to be put up here for all who may run across it out in the world of technological sharing to see and hear.

This is the last season I will be a Washington Capitals fan if what needs to get done, does not appear to be getting done. I’m not referring to Ovechkin wowing us all with fancy moves and exciting, edge of the seat plays. I’m not looking for anything other than exactly what this team is absolutely capable of doing, together, every single time they hit the ice. The nicey-nice is no longer a part of my fandom. It left me while I was at the game on Tuesday night in DC. I LOVE the team, the chance to see good hockey and that will NEVER change. What will change is my investment as a fan if that investment takes yet another hit when THIS team has IT, but nobody has the STONES to put ice in their veins and make it happen. It is possible to win the Stanley Cup.

I am not implying that the guys who hit the ice and play game be responsible for everything. They must be the ones to work it on the ice, but it’s the ENTIRE organization and the ENTIRE sea of RED that comes to the games who must also be cold hard believers in what is real. There should be no talk of going deep into the playoffs. There should only be talk of the Stanley Cup. There should only be belief. That’s it. That’s all.

The numbers, the trends, the doubt, the comparisons of previous years performances, the differences between one team to another are all very unimportant and trivial. There should only be belief in making Washington’s NHL destiny. Every person who suits up and plays as a Washington Capitals CAN play the game and they WILL win the Stanley Cup. That’s it. That’s all. It is not impossible. If the numbers say one thing to ANYONE, ANYWHERE, then F’ the F’ing numbers. The only numbers that count are the NUMBERS on the backs of the Washington Capitals players’ jerseys (or sweaters if ya stay old-school). That’s it. That’s all.

If Bruce Boudreau doesn’t walk into the locker room every single time and BELIEVE in those numbers 100% so that he always has exactly the words to say in motivation 24/7, perhaps his statement that the guys should not have to rely on him for motivation is a sad beginning to an even more sad end. They DO NEED YOU COACH to put your man sacks into the mix every second of every day all the way to the day that they go out on the ice and win the Stanley Cup so that YOU can get your name engraved upon it. IT IS YOUR JOB COACH TO INSPIRE THOSE MOTHER F’ERS ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. You, coach, ARE the General of a strong band of brothers who are in an athletic war. YOU COACH, cannot back down from the cold, hard fact that YOUR men of the game will do anything BUT WIN THE STANLEY CUP. They WILL FOLLOW YOUR LEAD INTO THE BATTLE EACH AND EVERY GAME AND EACH AND EVERY SHIFT. BE NOT A PARENT BEHIND THE BENCH. BE NOT A FRIEND. BE THE MAN WHO STOOD STURDY TO LEAD YOUR BOYS TO TRIUMPH.

There is no room for anything but COLD, HARD, TOUGHNESS and that means exciting may not be a part of every battle won on the way to the Stanley Cup. You do not let your men waver between losses and wins. Both of those two things will happen and neither should be felt by your battle ready team as anything other than another challenge faced on the WAY TO WINNING THE ULTIMATE WAR OF THE NHL SEASON. It is not easy to restrain the rush and happiness of winning and scoring. It is not easy to keep the spirit and morale of your team from dropping when scored upon or a game loss occurs. NOTHING IN ANY PART OF LIFE IS EASY AND NO TEAM IN THE HISTORY OF THE NHL SINCE THE DAWN OF THE ORIGINAL STANLEY CUP HAS OR WILL SAY THE BATTLES WON ON THE WAY TO THE SEASONAL WAR TRIUMPH OVER ALL TAKERS WAS EASY.

Mistakes will happen. Players will miss shots. Breakdowns will happen. Bad goals against will happen. There are no ROLE players. There are only the players. No player is more or less important. No man of the Washington Capitals is more valuable than another. If one man has a bad shift, the others should work at keeping the game steady. If one goes down, the others carry the load. If one defender blocks a shot, the goalie returns the trust. If your men look each other in the eye and open their mouths when they have let one another down, they will understand unity as a team Let them be angry with each other. Let them hold each other accountable. Let them learn and teach. Let them help each other. You coach need to make g’damn sure they do it. That is your job. If they do not do as you have asked, you look them square in the eye and you say only one thing:  “THE STANLEY CUP.”

That’s it. That’s all.

They are the best team in the NHL.

That’s it. That’s all.

The fans who love your Washington Capitals need to believe, despite doubt. That belief will be felt and known to the players who need to win for you. Belief in the face of doubt will OVERCOME ALL ELSE. BELIEVE IN THE NUMBERS – THE NUMBERS ON THE BACKS OF THE JERSEYS OF THE MEN WHO PLAY YOUR FAVORITE GAME IN DC.

That’s it. That’s all.

Ovechkin, Backstrom, Carlson, Laich, Knuble, Hannan, Hendricks, Neuvirth, Varlamov, Gordon, Erskine, Steckel, Semin, Fehr, Chimera, Green, Schultz, Johansson, Perreault, King, Poti, Bradley, Alzner, Sloan. Stanley Cup Champions.

That’s it. That’s all.


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