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2/12/11-Washington Capitals Take on Kings in DC Today and There’s No Other Love Like Hockey Love

February 12, 2011


Mornin’ hockey fans. Yes, yes, I know – the Sharks game has given me reason to start getting more, uh, shall we say forceful with my Capitals fandom. I meant everything I wrote in the previous post. Let’s hope our favorite NHL players of DC play the game like they mean it. Like they REALLY mean it.

Anyway, enough of that. As I have mentioned, there were some super awesome things going on at the Verizon Center last Tuesday, 2/8/11. I was about as happy as one can be when I saw all those youngsters out on the ice doing shoot outs. It was more than fantastic that the girls were out there tending to the ice in skates that WERE NOT FIGURE SKATES. Oh yeah – that’s what I’m talking about! I have nothing against figure skates, but there are other types of skates. Has anyone ever seen what the skates on Olympic speed skaters look like? They aren’t for me, but they might be for a you or a young person you know and love.

I just couldn’t help but sit in seat and watch the two goalies out there during the 1st and 2nd period intermissions. That made me very, very happy all the way. The kids were probably just thrilled to be out there and I’m sure those boys and girls from all sorts of varying backgrounds will always remember their night at the Verizon Center. It may surprise some, but just that one stint out there on NHL ice in front of the crowd could fuel a desire to play ice hockey in one or more of those kids for years. ROCK THE HOCKEY EVERYONE! Thanks to the Washington Capitals and especially I will thank the ZEBRAS!!! ICE IS NICE!

There are several other hockey related charity items and one music item I will need to address here soon. For the moment, I’m getting situated to watch the CAPS dethrone the Kings at 12:30 pm (EST). As soon as the game ends, the DC icemen will be off to start a lengthy road trip and I will be off to spend time a Chuck-E-Cheese where my buddy Hunter will be celebrating his 4th birthday. No one wants any overtime or shoot outs here. Hunter will be one fussy little dude if his “girlfriend” Miss Mia is not at the door waiting for him to arrive with a really large mouse.

GO CAPS GO!! Please think of Hunter and get your SOLID win in 3. I am not beyond blaming my tardiness on the Washington Capitals. I will. A VERY SPECIAL BIT OF HOCKEY LOVE IS BEING SENT OUT FROM TODAY TO GREG WEST WHO IS A FULL-ON WASHINGTON SPORTS FAN. HE SUFFERED A HEART ATTACK THIS WEEK AND HE’S FAIRLY YOUNG. ALL POSITIVE VIBES TO GREG AND HIS FAMILY! Also, a Baltimore legend (and the guy who got a hold of an Orioles game ball for my brother to get signed a long time ago) has gone on to square away the baseball diamonds in the heavens. Here’s to 85 years of Baseball love and it’s ambassador Ernie Tyler!!!


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