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2/19/11-SFTC Washington Capitals Inspired Music Playlist for Hockey Day in America(2/20/11)

February 19, 2011


I’m not sure what everyone else has been doing today, but I’ve been working on the glutes so they’ll be good and ready to handle the 9 or so hours of NHL Hockey tomorrow. That’s right, it’s a Hockey Day in America that begins on NBC at 12 noon (EST). If you’re a Washington Capitals fan you’ll be starting your festivities with a 12:30 game against the Buffalo Sabres. Then we’ll all get the American group hug of hockey love on NBC with a Blackhawks vs. Penguins game. There’ll be no time for napping, because the Heritage Classic outdoor game comes next on Versus. Well, all I can say is, “It’s my time to shine now!” I can do a 9 hour NHL marathon like it’s the reason I was born. This time though, I might not be one of the rare few who actually commits to 3 NHL games in one day. It’ll be a fine day of sharing the Hockey LOVE all over the USA. Wait, I need to wipe the tear from my eye…

As the CAPS get right with all things successful in their game and prepare for a Buffalo team defending home turf, I’ll be getting the Buffalo wings, celery sticks, blue cheese, and stocking the fridge with 2% milk in anticipation of  tomorrow’s icefest across the country. Yup, I know how to bring the party. Sometimes I even go straight whole milk. I’m a wild woman from way back dontcha noh. I decided to assemble the following bunch of tunes to call the SFTC musical playlist. I even thought of those with more “country” in ’em. How many of you still say “call the wrecker” when your Blazer gets stuck in the mud? If I had a Blazer, I’d have to raise my hand on this one. My best friend likes to laugh in my direction every once in a while when do something “farm country-like” and she’ll say, “you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.” I prefer to think of it as the “Corn-Cow-Boonies” though. I know a Buffalo Sabres fan who describes where she lives as being “boonier” then me.

I digress, so onto these hand-picked musical messages as a result of my inspired fandom of the NHL’s DC icemen. There’s one or two chosen songs inspired by the “tremendously tremendous” Hockey Day in America in the mix as well.

Let’s spend the day NHLing our rears off with all that NHL LOVE and then spend the next few days poking ourselves in the back-side trying to elicit the blood flow back into our hinies. At least you know you won’t be the only one! ROCK the 9 hours across the land AND BRING FRIENDS!!

Dave Mathews Band – “The Space Between”

Fuel – “Won’t Back Down (bring you hell remix)”

Stray Cats – “Rock this Town”

Flyleaf – “Fully Alive”

Filter – “Hey Man, Nice Shot”

Rock Mafia – “The Big Bang”

Rodney Atkins – “It’s America”

Saving Abel – “Miss America”

Kevin Rudolph – “Let it Rock”

Heart – “Magic Man”

Bad Company – “Rock Steady”

Boyz II Men – “Thank You (the moog flava mix)”

GO CAPS!! There is no goalie, there is only the space between. IT’S YOUR PUCK!! ROCK THE HOCKEY LOVE UH HUH UH HUH, THAT’S THE WAY I LIKE IT. Mind your nets – peace – mia – luvya



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