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2/27/11-Capitals(3) Down Islanders(2) Last Night but This CAPS Fan Was More About the Back-up Goalies Ford and Lawson, plus Der Sturm in DC

February 27, 2011


I know CAPS fans probably were much more concerned with seeing a WIN out of the guys last night. I am happy our icemen finally got “inspired” (a.k.a. told they stink by BB) to do what needed to be done as well. The SFTC “Head-butt of the Goalie Mask” game mention goes to #21 Brooks Laich with a “hey, thanks man” mention to #26 Matt Hendricks. Brooksie gets the honor for kicking-off the DC goal scoring and Hendy gets the mention for putting some “fight energy” on the ice in NY. The game itself was something very, very special for the goaliephile in me however. You see, BOTH of the back-up goalies are creasemen I HAVE MENTIONED IN THIS BLOG ABOUT ICEY GOALTENDER LOVE!!! It was so awesome for me to see the Islander’s Nate Lawson and the Capital’s Todd Ford riding the sidelines in NHL jerseys during the same game. Plus, Todd Ford’s mask has Johnny Cash painted on it and yesterday would have been Johnny Cash’s 79th birthday. How much goalie, hockey, music love can be squeezed into one game? A LOT!!!!!!!!! And to make it like a warm, Spring day with bare feet in the grass, a few great friends and a medium-rare NY strip, thick-cut steak on the grill while some cool tunes hang in the background – I also heard that Deutschland ist im Haus!!!   Marco Sturm (Der Sturm gekommen, in der Nation hauptstädte) is now one of the icemen in RED, so let the “blitzkrieg”ing begin!!! Now I can put words in this blog that I can actually spell correctly. ROCK MIT DER DEUTSCHEN EISHOCKEY SPIELEN!!! GEHEN SIE CAPS!!!

Click here to read my small post last April giving props to two net minders who have played in the ECHL (East Coast Hockey League), Tim Thomas (BOS) and Todd Ford (WAS). Tim Thomas has been giving many NHL teams a reason to get frustrated this year hasn’t he? I wonder what prompted the difference between last season and this season? I mean, does hip surgery change a person like that? It’s almost as though he has a totally different mental attitude this season doesn’t he? Hmmm – it’s a mystery. Todd Ford was the ECHL “Goalie of the Year” last season. He’s not playing in the NHL, but it was quite a treat for this particular member of “Clan Goalie” to see Ford in a Capitals jersey last night.

Click here to read some of my thoughts on Don Cherry. I included Nate “The Great” Lawson as an example of a netminder who disproves the “Grapes” view of NHL men of the crease, and who would also one day play in NHL blue paint. GO NATE GO!!! Of course, if Lawson gets the nod in DC against our Washington Capitals on Tuesday night, then from my end, an automatic change will happen and it’ll be all NO NATE NO!!!!

GO CAPS!!! GEHEN SIE CAPS!!! Die Islanders können nicht in den Ecken hängen. Let’s all have a FANTASTIC TIME TOGETHER AT THE VERIZON CENTER TUESDAY NIGHT SHALL WE? – peace – mia –


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