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3/10/11-CAPS(5) Beat Oilers(0) at Home Last Night and Go to the Verizon Center for MORE HOCKEY CHARITY FUN TONIGHT

March 10, 2011


Despite the fact that my temperature spiked at about 102 degrees in the 3rd period while I was attending the Washington Capitals home game against the Edmonton Oilers last night, it was a great birthday for me in many ways. First and foremost, I got to meet Big Brother Casey, who attended the game with Little Brother Kevin. I donated the two tickets they used to the Most Valuable Kids DC area program and Jenn, the Executive Director was very helpful in making sure I got to meet Casey and Kevin before the game. I cannot tell you how awesome it was for me to actually shake the hand of a “Big Brother” and be introduced to the actual people who got to use tickets I donated. Casey gets a major “Head-butt of the Goalie Mask” from me for sure. He takes time and care to be there for “Little Brother” Kevin. That is something that means so much more than many folks could ever appreciate or understand. Of course, Kevin is a hockey fan and he got some LOVE from the CAPS last night as well. I’d say a win, several career milestones for Capital’s players and FREE BUFFALO WINGS combine to make a pretty good night. GO CASEY AND KEVIN!!!

I’d very much like to extend my thanks to the DC area’s MVK Executive Director, Jennifer Skolochenko-Platt and the Washington Capitals for helping me give Casey and Kevin from Big Brothers and Big Sisters a couple of goodie bags and a great win at home for my birthday. EVERYONE ROCKED THE HOCKEY LOVE ALL THE WAY!!!!

Speaking of hockey love, I can’t get into a full post today, because I’m heading back to the Verizon Center in downtown DC again today for more charitable, hockey fun. YOU SHOULD TOO!!! Click here to read Ted Leonsis’s Ted’s Take post from yesterday with information and a link about the 3rd Annual Charity Congressional Hockey game being played TONIGHT at the Verizon Center. The proceeds will go to the Fort Dupont Hockey Program run by the most awesome coach ever to walk the face of the Earth, Neal Henderson. Neal made me cry and I LIKED I!!!!

Thankfully, my fever has gone and I am feeling good today, so I’m heading to DC this afternoon to be a fan of HOCKEY LOVE for the second night in a row. Please do your best to get to the game tonight if you can. I’m sure it will be a blast and there’ll be all sorts of great people on hand. PLUS, the Fort Dupont Ice Arena and Coach Henderson will benefit simply because you love hockey and you showed-up!! THE HOCKEY GODS WILL PREVAIL!!!!

I’ve got several posts in draft and will get them up and out soon, but for now, Eric Fehr #16, gets the SFTC “Head-butt of the Goalie Mask” game mention for last night’s Capitals shut-down of the Oilers. A new category strictly for goaltenders was born here at SFTC last night as well. The “Blue Paint Blunder” of the night goes to the “Bulin Wall” for losing all hope of help from his team and doing what we of clan-goalie call “pulling a stupid.” All due respect to Nikolai Khabibulin, but my housemate had a big-old laugh as I was yelling out “stupid goalie” just before he got scored on because he left his post WIDE OPEN and it was a foregone conclusion the Capitals would happily take advantage of a such a welcoming EMPTY NET!! Bad goalie – BAD.

CO CAPS!!! Still more games to play, so stay sharp. SFTC WON’T STOP BELIEVIN’! Kudos to Sasha Semin #28 for single-handedly making a full-on fan of Washington Capitals of my housemate. She’s hooked! Twitter (@creasesinger) luvya


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