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3/26/11-SFTC Post CAPS(0) vs. Sens(2) Vlog and the Officials in Ottawa Must have Received Pre-game Oral Persuasion

March 26, 2011


Like most fans of the Washington Capitals, I am still absolutely in a state of disbelief over the officiating that took place during the CAPS game in Ottawa last night against the Senators. Forget about the score or who won and focus on the fact that A PENALTY WAS CALLED AND THEN IT WAS RECANTED!!! W-T-F!!??? I thought it should have been a double-minor and four minutes to the Sens. The Vlog below will enlighten you to why I think the calls were at minimum, “questionable” last night. Yes, my thoughts are “adult” in nature, but I kept the terminology “subtle” for all audiences. HEY NHL – REVIEW THE OFFICIATING IN THAT GAME WITH A FINE TOOTH-COMB -IT’S NECSSARY!!!

Simply for the fact that both #26 Matt Hendricks and #10 Matt Bradley were the subjects of questionable, if not just plain poor, calls by the on ice officials last night, the SFTC “Head-butt of the Goalie Mask” game mention goes to the hard-working Hendy and Brads for taking it for the team. Ach, PUCK ‘EM MATT-SQUARED! KEEP ROCKIN’ THE GRIND M-n-M!!!

Here is the latest edition of the Singing from the Crease Vlog with a few more thoughts on the “trapezoid” (behind each goalie’s net), Semyon Varlamov, Michal Neuvirth, Craig Anderson (Ottawa’s net minder with a shiny new contract to be all happy about) the NHL job I realized was available to me as an option last night, officiating and of course those fantastic men of ice from Washington DC – The Washington Capitals. Plus, see how much easier it is for me to give the hockeymen from the Washington Capitals nation a “thumbs-up” with a broken opposable digit!! Thanks for checking this out.

There’s another SFTC Washington Capitals Hockey inspired music playlist almost ready and to be posted here within the hour today as well. AND, another episode of “Talking Crease” is receiving some finishing touches and it’s hoped that will also be available prior to the start of the CAPS vs. HABS game scheduled at 7:00 p.m. (EDT) in Montreal this evening.

GEHEN SIE CAPS! ALLER CAPS!! If you can’t afford to bribe the officials like the Ottawa senators with all their big bucks, you can win your deserved two points by being the masters and controllers of the pucks!!! Let’s show those guys how to REALLY ROCK THE RED!!! – peace- mia – and twitter (@creasesinger) luvylotsandlots


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