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4/1/11-Post Game CAPS vs. Canes and CBJ Thoughts and My Fan Gloves are PERMANENTLY OFF-I’m In Search of New NHL Team

April 1, 2011


The Washington Capitals lost at home Tuesday night  in a shoot-out against Cam Ward and the Carolina Hurricanes. I was in the crowd to see all the action, but besides getting to be on site for live Capitals play, I got a gigantic kick out of the two boys two rows in front of me who were sitting right next to #30 Michal Neuvirth sitting in back-up to #1 Semyon Varlamov in goal on 3/29/11. Those two boys were just filled with all that excitement we adults still wish we could bottle and keep for use whenever we’d like. They had to come up to my seat to get room to put their hands out in reception of a “tap” from all their favorite Capitals players going in and out of the locker room during the game. The red-head just had to be sure he got a tap from certain players, but when he got his “tap” from Alexander Ovechkin, I thought his smile might curl so high-up his face that his eyes might disappear forever.

That’s not the best of these two young CAPS fans though. The younger of the two tapped on the glass and got Neuvirth’s attention. Then handed him a “Break Away” game program and a marker through the little space between the glass. But wait, he not only got a Neuvirth autograph, but then he tapped on the glass again and motioned that he wanted to share some of Neuvirth’s gum. Yup, #30 even shared his gum through the glass slot with a very persistent little fan.

I may just be a little envious that I didn’t think of doing that. I mean, getting the autograph of a goalie is always a great thing to me, but I really had a hankering to chew some gum!! Good job #30 (VIRT!). I’m sure that kid is the most popular dude in school now!

So, the final score was 3-2 in favor of the Canes. I actually watched the game again as it was re-broadcast on CSN in the very, early morning hours. I could not sleep, and there the game was. It was a “no brainer” in terms of how I would fill those sleepless hours.

I couldn’t see some things while at the game that I could see on TV, so I left the CAPS vs. Canes game a bit upset with the officiating. After seeing the game on TV, I was okay with that aspect. I wished there were a few more RED jerseys in front of the net and sniffing around looking for so-called “garbage” around the net, but it was a good game for the most part in my eyes. Of course, after seeing the game on CSN later, I saw some things happening on the ice that concerned me about the play coming from the DC icemen in red.

For the first time since it was instituted here at SFTC, there was no unified agreement on which of the DC icemen should get the “Head-butt of the Goalie Mask” game mention. Jerry said, #90 Mojo, Sara said #28 Sasha “I can put a puck places goalies don’t even know exist” Semin, and I said Karl Arlzner for D-work (except he did high-stick a Staal pretty good). So, for the first time, we couldn’t even get a 2 to 1 agreement. We decided to start from scratch and really concentrate on one single player who put an obvious, full-hearted effort into the game from start to finish. Both Sara and Jerry had to watch the game again before all three of us got back in touch. This time, we had ONE name each. There was no discussion. All three of us said two words and that, as they say, was that.

Congratulations to #23 Scott Hannan for getting the most confident “Head-butt of the Goalie Mask” SFTC has yet to bestow upon a Washington Capital for his solid, steady work in the CAPS vs. Canes game of Tuesday evening. We skipped over the penalty he received (which was deserved-even if I actually chuckled a little when you did that), and give you our finest, most hardy “Head-butt” of the game. We at Singing from the Crease “Head-butt” you so hard, we’d knock you out cold if it weren’t virtual. (but that’s what smelling salts are for eh?)

I  posted on my other blog recently at Mia’s Musical Musings and will be posting there more often.  I’ve also been working to salvage all the corrupt archives on a damaged external drive from 2003 – 2005. A few of the 2005 archives are now available.

In terms of my reaction to the Capital’s one point win in OT over the Blue Jackets last night, I will have to pull the “I’m the odd person out” yet once again and state that the game bothered me. I was feeling better about the one point loss to the Canes on Tuesday night, than I was with a win last night. The Vlog below will provide more on my thoughts. There were times during the game where I saw “back-sliding” and those good habits and things that work for the team were not translating to the extent they should; given the proximity of the start of the playoffs. The idea that the guys have already clinched a playoff spot should mean nothing right now. A lead in a game should mean nothing in the sense that leads can always be dropped. Even if the team is three goals ahead, the game play should always reflect a playoff ready team. The play should indicate that the good work, mental steadiness, competitive attitude and strong team mentality is engrained in the guys as a standard.

I certainly do understand the problems faced by a defensive core that has taken quite a beating by the hockey gods this season. It should be obvious that I am worried about Dennis Wideman. The fact that John Erskine was held-out of most of last night’s game put even more pressure on the five men left to hold the D-zone together. If anyone actually reads this and/or views the Vlog below would care to re-visit my Vlogs and posts beginning in mid-December of 2010, it will become clear that I have very much believed that ALL THE PLAYERS WHO PUT ON CAPS GEAR AND PLAY IN A GAME SHOULD BE CONCERNED WITH BOTH SIDES OF THE ICE, NO MATTER WHICH ZONE SIMPLY BECAUSE THE PUCK IS THE ONLY THING THAT REALLY MATTERS!! If the puck is in the control of the Capitals, regardless of zone, it is therefore not in the control of the opposing team. Hence, the opposing team cannot score without the puck. If the puck is in the CAPS d-zone, the forwards should be just as invested in getting to that zone and getting control of the puck for TWO VERY IMPORTANT REASONS:  1) They can assist their D and their G by adding to the effort to clog the defensive middle so that other team has fewer chances to score and to add to the number of guys who are using their skills and sticks for the purpose of clearing the puck out of the D-zone AND 2) If a forward gets a hold of the puck in the D-zone, that forward has just gotten CONTROL OF THE PUCK. That then means the opposing team no longer has the tiny, rubber thing they need to score. It also means that the forwards have ALL OF THAT ICE TO DEVELOP A PLAY WHILE THEY HEAD INTO THE O-ZONE WHERE THEY NEED TO HAVE CONTROL OF THE PUCK FOR SCORING CHANCES.

This may all seem very simple and quite obvious, but it does not appear from on-ice play that ALL of the Capitals players have a steadfast, well-developed, tried and true understanding of those concepts. I do love our Washington Capitals team. I do know they are trying to do what needs to be done. What I don’t know, because I am on the outside watching it all as a fan, is if the guys are constantly being reminded of the simple principles that MUST be how they view each and every shift of each and every game. I have put this in previous posts this season, but here it is again:  “NO PUCK, NO CUP.”

Finally and then you can decide if you give a hoot to view the below fan Vlog, I do understand that each and every Washington Capitals fan has every right to say, blog, or otherwise feel any way they so chose. I have no issue with “old” or “new” fans per se. I know some fans have to learn more about the NHL and the CAPS than others. I do, however, have the same rights as a fan and I chose to NOT FEED THIS ORGANIZATION’S MONSTER AFTER THE END OF THIS WASHINGTON CAPITAL’S TEAM POST-SEASON ANY FURTHER. I have a right to be annoyed by the fact that several female “fans” of BROOKS LAICH literally harassed me while I was in line to use the bathroom at a game, simply because the shirt that was on the top of my clean pile and that I wore to the Verizon Center happened to be a “LAICH” shirt. I’ve got many Capitals shirts with many of the players’ names on them. These females engaged me as though for some reason I was not “worthy” of thinking that I had “any chance” (that’s a direct quote) of “getting with Brooks Laich” (another direct quote). These females found it ridiculous that “girls” (yeah, at age 39 – the only people who can get away with calling me a “girl” are me and perhaps older men and someone with whom I am in an intimate relationship) like me think we are a “hockey player’s type” (more direct quoting).

I said nothing to these females to elicit any conversation at all. I did not respond when the tallest female with a set of breasts that had to be at least one cup size larger than mine stepped right up on me in a confident, and her mind I’m sure, threatening manner. My Vlog addresses this type of situation as well. I can assure every last person on Earth that I have never gone to a hockey game to “land me a hockey player.” I am a human female and I will absolutely admit that many NHL hockey players are attractive to me. I certainly do enjoy looking at many of them. I would LOVE TO MEET NHL HOCKEY PLAYERS JUST OUT OF THE FACT I LOVE HOCKEY AND THEY PLAY IT, SO ANY TIME I HAVE EVER TALKED TO AN NHL HOCKEY PLAYER – I AM THRILLED!!

There are still a few more regular season games to play, so I hope the guys can get their good-stuff working on the team-level in those games. I still very much BELIEVE IN THIS WASHINGTON CAPITALS TEAM AS STANLEY CUP WINNERS!! I APPRECIATE ALL THE CAPS FANS WHO HAVE BEEN POSITIVE, FRIENDLY, KIND, FUN, PASSIONATE BUT NOT MEAN AND WHO HAVE AS MUCH LOVE FOR THE TEAM SINCE THE START, FOR A COUPLE OF DECADES, OR MAYBE A SEASON OR TWO. All of you ROCK and it’s not any of you who have been the reason I am looking to be fan of another NHL team next season. Joe B. and Locker will be missed by me in ways I’m sure I will discover next season. They are the best duo in the NHL and I thank them from the bottom of my gigantic fan-heart for every single word to ever leave their mouths while doing what they do for the Washington Capitals.

It has become time for me to admit that I don’t belong in the “monster” (as Ted Leonsis refers to it on his personal blog) that is now the “Washington Capitals Nation”. The amount of season ticket holders who put their tickets up for re-sale on Ticket Exchange far exceeds the same of other NHL team’s fans. The prices that many of the Washington Capital’s game tickets are listed at on Ticket Exchange is categorized by me as nothing but greedy and for simple profit alone. The fact that I paid about the same amount being asked of those who can now purchase a STANDING ROOM ONLY season ticket for next season for a 4TH ROW, LOWER-LEVEL seat for the 2007-2008 season seat has solidified the future for me in terms of my ability to ever see a game played live at the Verizon Center again. The fact that the so-called VIP seats (a.k.a. Row A and B seats) are sad, tiny, little fold-out chairs where there is virtually no leg room, and barely any room to do anything but sit straight-up with arms and legs tucked-in to the body at all times and are being sold for the prices they are being sold by the organization (not the re-sellers of whom there are many) is plain horrible in light of what VIP seating at other venues provide the fan who spends the same, and in many NHL venues, LESS money.

I could go on, but I will stop. It is my choice to make every attempt as a lover of NHL hockey to find an atmosphere that better suits me as a long-time, lover and student of the game. There is nothing keeping me in this geographic region. I have no family and since my government contract got killed in December, I don’t even have a job in this geographic area. It has only been the Washington Capitals that has kept me around these parts for this long. Anywhere I look for work will be in and around NHL cities. There are 29 other places I could possibly be next season.


  1. April 8, 2011 10:23 am

    Plenty of room in Islanders country right now. Lots of smart, dedicated, and enthusiastic fans… very few of the fair-weather types so vexing to actual lovers of the sport. And Long Island is much more pleasant than out-of-towners give it credit for.

    Excellent bandwagon seating still available!

    • Mia permalink
      April 8, 2011 11:52 am

      Hey thanks! Hadn’t really thought about the Islanders, but your comment is greatly appreciated. Gives me something to really consider. I have always enjoyed my visits to Long Island. I’m an especially big fan of Jones Beach which has an awesome outdoor music venue. Can’t say I would ever “Get My Gillies On” since I don’t think his actions were at all good for the sport, but I am always happy when a bunch of people “run around like idiots”, skates on or not. Thanks again and I’ll keep up with your blog to keep an eye on Islanders Country! Great blog!!! Who knows, I may be a part of Islanders Country next season!

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