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April 6, 2011


Regardless of anything happening in my world today, there wouldn’t have been a chance in H – E  – Double Hockey Sticks that I wouldn’t post warm 41st birthday wishes to the net minder whose #37 is on my “BELIEVE” Washington Captials jersey (as shown on the front page of this blog). Olie Kolzig will always totally rock in my book!

Today is also my last outing to the Verizon Center in downtown DC to see the Washington Capitals play live. The boys from the Nation’s Capitals came away from Toronto last night with a win in the shootout thanks to Mr. Dependable #22 Mike Knuble and also clinched the Southeast Division Title for the 4th straight year in a row. This fan is proud of the players and the Washington Capitals for their success. IMPRESSIVE WORK!!

The home favorites will be playing the Florida Panthers this evening at 7:00 p.m. (EDT) and will then head to Panther’s Land to play them again on their ice this Saturday at the same time to finish the regular season. I’m happy to be getting to the last home game of the Washington Capitals for the 27th year in a row. This trek has been a very important, long-standing tradition for me and this year has not proved to be the exception. My housemate and my long-time friend, Brian, are also thrilled to be attending the game as well.

This year’s Washington Capitals has been through adversity and have seen highs and lows. I truly believe that all of things that happened from the start of this season were never bad, simply the “hockeyverse” doing its best work yet. These guys have been tested. They have lost and won in ways that appear to have helped them become a more unified, resolved, hard-working, determined group of playoff ready mother f’ers (in Bruce Boudreau speak). They should be proud and they should be confident.

The addition of Jason Arnott at the trade deadline was an indication that General Manager George McPhee had an understanding of many very important factors relating to his Washington Capitals. Plus, adding Marco Sturm, Scott Hannan and Dennis Wideman to the team did wonders to reinforce the team, the collective veteran experience in the locker room, on the ice and off the ice and brought much-needed balance to this year’s Washington Capitals.

As for my favorite athlete, former NHL keeper of the crease, I hope he is doing well and happy to have been a Washington Capitals for all those many years. Many of the fans out here in the DC metropolitan area miss “Zilla” and know for sure that one day, the Kolzig #37 banner will be hung in the rafters in honor of his mental toughness, skills, commitment, leadership, community and charity work and most importantly for that commercial where he’s at a fine restaurant and pour the bottle of wine (at least I think it was wine) all over him. Olie Kolzig was not only a south-paw, but he was a true competitor who back-stopped the Washington Capitals through some very difficult times. HERE’S TO OLIE “THE GOALIE” KOLZIG – ALL THREE OF THE SFTC CREW WHO ARE ONE WITH THE WAYS OF CLAN GOALIE AS WELL GIVE YOU THE “HEAD-BUTT OF THE GOALIE MASK” LIFETIME AWESOMENESS HONOR!

Speaking of “Head-butt of the Goalie Mask”, the honor for the Buffalo Sabres game goes to #44 Jason Arnott for hitting two career milestones as a Washington Capitals, being experienced in the ways of the “NJ Devils”, for scoring when scoring needed to happen, for talking a lot with the “Sashas #8 and #28), for going into the locker room from the start and say the “things that some people may not have wanted to hear” and for generally being a great player who has size and skill that adds to the team that WILL WIN THE STANLEY CUP. I, for one, have empathy for the New Jersey Devils this season, but have zero reservations stating that they’ll just have to deal. Jason Arnott is ours now NJ and the hockey gods have spoken. Who are you to question the hockey gods (hey, the CAPS got thrown a gigantic, meaty bone and we needed it)

GEHEN SIE CAPS! ALLER CAPS! GO CAPS!! Let’s send the love to the “hockeyverse” to get all of our DC boys healthy, keep them that way, focused, confident and in the playoff state of mind. KEEP ROCKIN’ THE PRIDE GENTLEMEN!! Thanks to each and every one of you for loving the game. You’ll be rewarded with 35 pounds for your reliable, hard-working, detail-minded, positive, confident, never quit, sacrificing ways. ROCK IT ‘TILL YA LIFT IT BOYS!!! – peace – mia – and twitter (@creasesinger) luvyalotsandlotsfortakingtheshots


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